December 1995, Volume 15 Number 4


  • Recorder Rhythm

    A "How-To" follow up article from Peter Bowman to "Tonguing on the Recorder" (14/4). Focus on expression of rhythm, teaching rhythm to young students and the role of articulation. Diagrams and examples.

  • The Birth of a Truly Contemporary [tenor] Recorder

    Maarten Heider's tenor recorder has tuned harmonics enabling solid low notes and nice high notes: a 3 octave range.Van Hauwe says, '...he has created a professional, superbly working instrument.' By Peter Bowman.

  • The Recorder Music of Alan Bullard

    John Turner with a catalogue, description and examples.

  • High Notes and Harmonics: a new Bell-key design?

    Denis Thomas creates a new sliding bell key to create harmonics for the treble recorder, improving on the Dolmetsch version.

  • Efforts to Modernize the Recorder

    Recorder maker Friedrich von Huene of the New England Early Music Shop on his efforts (and successes) in "modernizing" the recorder to avoid being over-powered by other instruments when playing chamber music. Photos.

  • An interview with Ross Winter

    Ross Winter in discussion with Andrew Mayes

  • Respectable Groove: the making of an album

    Barbara Law gives the inside story of the making of Respectable Groove's debut CD.


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