Summer 2000, Volume 20 Number 2


  • Interview with Nicholas Lander

    Andrew Mayes talks to the creator and developer of the world's most extensive recorder music internet site

  • Quantz "dediddled"
Anthony Rowland-Jones discusses Quantz's advice on "dl" tonguing
  • Removing the Recorder's Block and Replacing It
Advice from Alec Loretto
  • Conventions in the Notation of Contemporary Recorder Music
Peter Wells discusses fingering indications
  • Obituaries of LaNoue Davenport &
  • Ken Kenworthy

All issues of Recorder Magazine carry

  • reviews of recorder sheet music, CDs and books,
  • reviews of recent recitals and courses,
  • letters from readers,
  • numerous short recorder-related items in Footjoint, and
  • news from SRP and ERTA
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