Summer 2011, Volume 31 Issue 2

100th anniversary of Carl Dolmetsch's birth

Investigating indications for use of the lip key in Carl Dolmetsch's annotation performing material

Andrew Mayes looks at performance practice in works for recorder composed for Carl Dolmetsch between 1939 and 1989

The Key: Enlightenment in the upper register
To celebrate Carl Dolmetsch, an extract from Daniel Waizman's article "The Bell Key", first published September 1968.
Meeting the Dolmetsch family: from Le Mans to Haslemere
Muriel Bellier writes about her association with the Dolmetsch family
Brian Bonsor: Obituary

Stephen Bonsor, Anne Martin and Derrick Smith remember the late inspirational and much respected composer

NYRO: the first ten years

Diane Charles looks back on the first decade of the National Youth Recorder Orchestra

Zero Gravity: Evelyn Nallen in search of a new sound for recorder orchestras

Tamara Novis reports on the distinctive new recorder band

Centrespread: The Monmouth Rag by Ann Marshall

A cheerful piece of ragtime, part of a future suite. Not difficult, but it's important to swing the quavers well and not to over-detach the notes.


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