June 1995, Volume 15 Number 2


  • Interview with Peter Bowman & Kathryn Bennetts

    The husband and wife team discuss a wide range of topics with Andrew Mayes, including influences, French baroque, ERTA, contemporary works, national musical style, and the recorder in schools.

  • Perfect Unison

    Theo Wyatt talks of the joy of hearing the recorder in unison. This year was his first experience!

  • A Short History of Partial Venting

    Anthony Rowland-Jones looks at the different techniques available and results achievable as shown in pictures and tutors from the 16th century on.

  • The Art of Breathing

    Peter Bowman explains how breathing can be taught through the use of games and exercises so that development occurs naturally and unconsciously.

  • Swinging Dances: a rough guide to playing baroque - Part 2: A practical guide

    Malcolm Davies continues his guide with examples.



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