June 1996, Volume 16 Number 2


  • Peter Crossley-Holland

    John Turner celebrates the composer's 80th birthday and life'w work

  • Why the Duets from "Der Fluyten Lust-hof" are not by van Eyck

    Thiemo Wind analyses 5 duets (1644-1649) and concludes that these duets were not Jacob van Eyck's -- "Simply because they cannot be."

  • Test Pad : A Series Exploring the Examination Syllabuses

    Peter Bowman suggests studies as an alternative to scales and arpeggios, with examples & suggestions.

  • Pills to Purge Melancholy: a personal meoir of David Munrow

    John Turner looks back at his life and achievements

  • The Recorder in Evolution

    Renowned recorder maker Carl Dolmetsch describes his inventions which attempt to overcome some limitations of the recorder.

  • Teaching Beginners: Taping over the thumb-hole

    A simple but significant improvement in the teaching of beginners, from Andrew Robinson.

  • Christopher Ball and his new recorder concerto

    The composer tells Marijke Miles about his early life and new concerto


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