June 1997, Volume 17 Number 2


  • Obituary: Rosemary McGillivray 1939-1997

    A brief biography of the dynamic woman who wrote: "Mrs. McGilivray's Welcome: Bass Recorder Tutor" (published by Hawthorn's)

  • The Iconography of 2-3 Recorders, Part 2

    Anthony Rowland-Jones continues his discussion of recorder symbolismib 15th-17th-century paintings from Italy and the Low Countries ("Held Recorders - Pourbus, Rubens and Giorgione")

  • Test Pad: Part I -Descant Recorder Grades 1-5

    Peter Bowman on the use of the music of Jacob van Eyck as technical exercises. A "How-To" article; examples included.

  • Why Play the Recorder'?

    A former student of Paul Clark, Linda Hardwick shares the secrets of her success in tutoring groups of small beginners.

  • Music from Another Sphere: The Recorder in Cyberspace

    Nicholas Lander guides us to the "Recorder Home Page" where a WEALTH of information is available.

  • Sloppy Joints on Plastic Recorders

    Brian Butler of South Downs SRP provides solutions to this re-occurring problem.

  • The Foundation of ERTA in the Netherlands

    Peter Bowman reports from Utrecht


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