March 1995, Volume 15 Number 1


  • Interview with Markus Zahnhausen

    Composer and recorder player Markus Zahnhausen in conversation with Andrew Mayes

  • Swinging Dances: a rough guide to playing baroque dances - Part 1:the tempo

    Malcolm Davies looks at the problem of the appropriate tempo in baroque dances.

  • The Present State of the Recorder in England

    Evelyn Nallen responds to Peter Holtslag's article in the September 1994 issue.

  • Leg Technique

    Andrew Robinson discusses how leg position can alter the notes achieved.

  • Don't Judge a Book by its Cover and Don't Judge Recorder Bores by Outside Shapes!

    Alec Loretto responds to Anthony Rowland-Jones (14/3) with a discussion of bore profile from medieval through to Ganassi. With diagrams.

  • The Recorder Works of Daryl Runswick

    Robert Highcock and Peter Robertson discuss the late composer's life and works, with a full listing of the Daryl Runswick Collection.



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