Autumn 2008, Volume 28 Issue 3 
A Right Royal Recorder Orchestra

Anthony Rowland-Jones reports on the Royal Wind Music of Amsterdam

Interview with Chris Orton

Andrew Collis talks to the winner of the 2007 Moeck/SRP Recorder Prize.

The Recorder in Taiwan

Yayi Yang MA teaches at a primary school in Taipei County, Taiwan and has sent this account of the use of the recorder in the Taiwanese school system.

Thoughts on Being a Recorder Player

Annabel Knight hopes for a better sense of shared identity amongst recorder players, and Peter Bowman responds.

A Question of … Building a Library: 2

Peter Bowman looks at solo repertoire from the 16th, 17th, 18th and 20th centuries.

Obituary for Wilfrid Mellers

John Turner remembers the endearing and unforgettable composer and musicologist.



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