Stephan Blezinger started his own workshop in 1988 and is now recognized as one of the finest recorder makers. All his instruments are based on historical models and we hold a stock of his handmade baroque instruments in low and high pitch. If you would like to visit us to try these instruments, please give us a ring and we'll tell you what's available - 01422 882751 - or email

You can find Stephan's website at (late baroque altos)




Alto recorder after J. Steenbergen, 440 Hz

This alto recorder unites the complexity of tone and richly expressive nuance of late baroque original instruments, with easy and clear response in all registers and exact tuning, which completely suits them to modern requirements.

The recorder is externally an exact copy of an instrument by Jan Steenbergen in Frans Brüggen's private collection.

The internal design of this instrument is based on comparative investigation of late baroque originals from England and Holland.

It has modern (English) fingering and double holes for the lower two vents.

If requested, four-part imitation ivory mounts are available as on the original instrument.



Alto recorder after J. Denner, 415 or 440 Hz

The son of the instrument maker Joh. Chr. Denner, J. Denner was a contemporary of G. Ph. Telemann who, it can be assumed, was familiar with the work of J. Denner since his works for recorder pre-supposed just such instruments.

J. Denner's alto recorders are reknown for their powerful, overtone-rich and very brilliant sound with great response and an excellent high register.

As the model for my copy, we chose what is probably the best of his surviving instruments: that in the Musikhistorisk Museum og Carl Claudi