Cheap Trills music is edited and produced by Charles Nagel in the USA. They are budget productions of high quality and clear to read. Many of these pieces are also suitable for viols.

TR1 - Pachelbel: Fuges, arr. for Recorder Quartet (SATB)
Three fugues, arranged from organ works, ranging in mood from energetic and playful to introspective and thoughtful. Intermediate difficulty.
Score & Parts........£5.45

TR2 - Barsanti: Old Scottish Songs, arr. for Recorder Trio (SAT)
Thirteen songs selected from the composer’s 1742 collection for solo instrument and continuo, published when he was living in Edinburgh. Familiar tunes in delightful and unexpected Baroque settings. Intermediate.
Performing Score........£3.95

TR3 - Corelli: Two Triosonatas, arr. for Recorder Trio (ATB) with optional keyboard
The fourth and tenth sonatas from the famous Opus 2 Sonata da Camera in mellow arrangements well within the range of intermediate players enjoyment. Although the sonatas work quite well as unaccompanied trios, an optional keyboard realization of the rigured bass is included in this edition.
Performing Score & Parts........£4.20

TR4 - Bâton: Suites for Recorder Duo (AA or AT) or Treble Viols
Originally composed for the hurdy-gurdy, these three suites in the style gallante are harmonically more interesting and musically more satisfying than the better-known ones by Chedeville and Boismortier. Intermediate.
Performing Score.......£3.95

TR8 - Palestrina: Two Motets for Recorder quartet (TTTB or AAAT) or Viols
Lush Renaissance polyphony in which all voices are equally important in the musical conversation. A transposed bass line, which may be played on tenor recorder is included. Intermediate.
Score & Parts........£4.60

TR9 - de Rore: Quartets, Vol. I for Recorders (ATTB), Historical Winds, or Viols
This composer, described by Monteverdi as “one of the first of the moderns", was enormously popular even long after his death. The four quartets in this volume have been selected from an anthology of his quartets, published in 1577, intended for instrumental performance.
Score & Parts........£4.60

TR10 - de Rore: Quartets, Vol. II for Recorders (SATB), Historical Winds, or Viols
Four more quartets from the same source as Vol I, having a somewhat higher tessitura.
Score & Parts........£6.10

TR11 - Nagel: Meditation, Canticle and Dance for Recorder Quartet (ATTB) and bass dulcian (or viola da gamba, bassoon, or cello)
A moderately difficult modern piece in conservative idiom. It accelerates from a dreamy, introverted first movement and lyrical second, to a rowdy finale.
Score & Parts........£5.20

TR12 - G.B. Sammartini: Symphony #4, arr. for Recorder Trio (ATB) with optional keyboard
An early work, more a triosonata than a “symphony.” Although composed for modern strings, the piece is well suited for the transparent timbre of the recorder. Lighthearted and elegant, of moderate difficulty.
Score & Parts........£5.25

TR13 - Telemann: Two Fantasias, arr. for Recorder Trio (ATB) or Recorder (A) and keyboard
Two extended pieces in binary form selected from the composers three sets of invention-like fantasias for the harpsichord. Two performance possibilities are offered; page turns are avoided in the keyboard option by the inclusion of a turnover sheet. Intermediate.
Score & Parts........£3.95

TR14 - Telemann: Es Segne Uns Gott, arr. for Recorder Quartet (AATB) and continuo
A fragment of a motet expanded and arranged for recorder quartet. This work opens with a darkly compelling adagio redolent with suspended dissonances, explodes into a robust fugue, and ends with a brief, serene coda. Moderate difficulty.
Two Quartet Scores, Continuo Score, & Viol part.....£3.55

TR15 - Bach: Prelude and Allegro, arr. for Recorder Trio (ATB)
A gently flowing prelude from the set J.S. Bach composed for W.F. Bach, is paired with the relentlessly energetic first movement of his fifth organ “triosonata.” Difficult but satisfying music.
Score & Parts........£3.95

TR16, TR17, TR18 - Michael East: The Muses: Three-Part Fancies from The Seventh Set of Books, for Recorder Trio (TTB) or Viols (TrTrB), in three volumes
The nine fancies from the last publication, in 1638, of one of Elizabethan England’s most popular composers. Unlike the better known Airy Fancies of Four Parts from the same source, these pieces represent a fully developed instrumental style, described by East on the tittle page as being “so made that they must be played and not sung.” Moderately difficult for recorders, a real work-out for viols.
Score & Parts........£6.25/volume

TR19 - Wade: Fugue, Dream and Dance (March 1, 1994) for two Recorders (AT) and two Viols (TnB)
An exciting and well-wrought fugue is followed by a tocatta-like free fantasia with a recurring ostinato figure. The final movement is a gently lyrical Sarabande. Difficult.
Score & Parts........£3.75

TR20 - Bach: Ruft und Fleht den Himmel An, arr. for Recorder Trio (SAT) with keyboard and optional bass instrument (recorder, bassoon, cello, etc.)
A joyful section from Cantata BWV 63, one of numerous cantatas Bach composed for the Christmas season. The first publication in our Baroque Ensemble Series, which will add to the sparse literature currently available in this genre, selected and arranged to be approachable by the intermediate player.
Score & Parts........£5.25

TR21 - Bach: Wohl Mir, Jesus ist Gefunden, arr. for Recorder Trio (ATT) with keyboard and optional bass instrument (recorder, bassoon, cello, etc.) (Baroque Ensemble Series)
A duet with violin obbligato from Cantata BWV 154, this serene but lively piece gives all players satisfying lines to play, with the second tenor providing a musical commentary on the dialog between the alto and first tenor parts. Moderate difficulty.
Score & Parts........£4.40

TR22 - Telemann: Der Got Unsers Herrn, arr. for Recorder Quartet (SATB or SATT), keyboard and optional bass instrument (recorder, bassoon, cello, etc.) (Baroque Ensemble Series)
A cheerful motet arrangement somewhat more extended than previously published TR14 and complementary to the sombre mood of that motet. The extended fugue that comprises the second half of this motet is filled with the mood of rejoicing. Moderately difficult.
Score & Parts........£3.75

TR23 - Palestrina: Madrigals and Motets for Five Voices (ATTTB) Vol. I
There is ample evidence for the 16th-century practice of using voices and instruments interchangeably, but in this century practical editions of vocal music suitable for the latter is sparse. The two works in Volume I and the Three works in Volume II are suitable for either recorders or TrTnTnTnB viols. Of satisfying length, they explore the remarkable polyphonic inventiveness and expressive range of this prolific composer. Intermediate.
Score & Parts........£3.95

TR25 - J. S, Bach: Two Cantata Movements, arr. for Recorders (SAT), keyboard, & optional bass instrument (recorder, cello, bassoon, viol)
A serene, extended slow movement in d minor from Cantata BWV 128 is paired with a joyful fast movement in C major from a cantata for Michaelmas (BWV149). Although intended as a pair, either movement stands well on its own in this addition to our Baroque Ensemble Series. Moderately difficult.
Score & Parts........£3.95

TR26 - William Byrd: Sections from Mass for Four Voices, transcribed for Recorders (ATTB) or Viols (TrTnTnB)
This masterpiece of late Renaissance polyphony is a breathtaking blend of complexity and serenity. Five sections of the mass have been transcribed; any one could stand alone, and together they form a suite of satisfying length. Intermediate difficulty.
Score & Parts........£3.80

TR27 - Bâton: Suites, Opus 1 Nos. 4 & 6, for Recorder (A) & Continuo
This edition replaces the old TR5, which included only the fourth suite. The two extended, multi-movement suites in the current edition are quite different in character, #4 being the most elegantly classical. The witty sixth suite's movements bear titles including Fanfare, Les Cascades (The Rapids), and Fantasie. The latter is a bravura piece that sounds dazzling but actually is well within the reach of most intermediate-level players.
Score & Parts........£7.40

TR28 - Boismortier: La Matignon, Op. 33 No.1; Recorders (AA) & Continuo
In 1731 Boismortier, the most popular composer of his time in France, published a set of six Gentilesses, three-movement works for recorders or other instruments that could be played either as triosonatas or, by following the composers solo and tutti indications in the score, as concerti grossi. Delightful melodies and only modest technical demands on the performer make his popularity very understandable. Intermediate.
Score & Parts........£5.50

TR29 - Buxtehude: Cantate Domino, arr. for Recorders (SAT) and keyboard, with optional bass instrument (Recorder, Viol, etc.)
A sunny setting of the celebratory Psalm 149, Make a New Song ... This addition to our Baroque Ensemble Series includes two sections, the opening setting of the first verse of the psalm and the concluding fugue, are included in this arrangement. Intermediate.
Score & Parts........£4.00

TR30 - Palestrina: 10 Trios from the Magnificat, transcribed for Recorders (ATB) or Viols
Examples of three-part music composed during the late Renaissance are somewhat scarce. These pieces, settings of verses of the magnificat, are of low intermediate difficulty, short (about 25 bars, generally) but pleasing representatives of Palestrina’s contrapuntal genius.
Performing Score.....£4.50

TR31 - Krebs: Erforsche Mich, Gott, arr. for Recorders (SAT) and Keyboard, with optional Bass instrument
From a composer described as the most Bach-like of J. S. Bach’s students is this work in our Baroque Ensemble Series. An extended development of a straightforward theme is followed by an intensely chromatic, almost romantic fugue reminiscent of those found in Book II of the Well-Tempered Klavier. Difficult to sight-read, but satisfying. Upper Intermediate.
Score & Parts........£4.40

TR32 - Baroque Trios, arranged for Recorders (ATB)
A Fugue selected from a concerto grosso by Handel is paired with a Largo and Allegro from a concerto grosso by Corelli. Both are in the key of F major, and although each can stand alone, they work well together as a miniature suite. Intermediate.
Score & Parts........£3.80

TR33 - Bach: Wir Danken, Wir Preisen, arr. for Recorders (ATTB) and optional keyboard
This addition to the Baroque Ensemble Series from cantata BWV 134 features a brisk contapuntal discussion of the attributes of thankfulness and giving praise. It may be played as a recorder quartet, as a trio (ATT) with keyboard, or as a full ensemble. Upper Intermediate.
Score & Parts........£4.25

TR36 - Will Ayton: Miniatures for Martha, composed for Recorders (SATB) or Viols (TrTrTnB or TrTnTnB)
Eight gentle pieces in conservative idiom, small in size but rich in ideas, that would be an ideal introduction to 20th-century music for someone who imagines he or she doesn’t like modern music. Individually the pieces are very satisfying; a few favorites performed as a suite create the musical equivalent of a stroll in the English countryside on a summer’s day. Intermediate.
Score & Parts........£6.40

TR37 - Will Ayton: Settings of Traditional Jewish Melodies, composed for Recorders (SATB) or Viols (TrTnTnB) [Et Shaare Ratson and Yom Ze LYiral]
A deeply emotional melody associated with a 12th Century poem recounting the Binding of Isaac is the basis for the first setting, and a celebration of the joys of the Sabbath is the text for the second melody, whose dance-like character is infectious with its good cheer. Intermediate.
Score & Parts........£6.00

TR39 - Two Christmas Pastorales, arr. for Recorders (SATB)
Although J. S. Bach is not known to have written a “Christmas Concerto,” these two serenely flowing selections from cantatas would have been perfectly suited to serve as final movements for such a piece: a musical portrayal of shepherds at night on a mountainside just before the joyful angelic visitation. Intermediate.
Score & Parts........£4.50

TR40 - Will Ayton: Incantations for the Solar Year, composed for Recorders (SAT) or Viols (TrTnTn)
Four pieces reflecting the moods of the changing seasons: A lyrical Song for the Winter Solstice, a merry Dance for May Eve, a stately, Celtic-inspired, Summer Canticle, and a whirling Rune for the Autumns Wind. Each piece stands on its own, and played in sequence, they form a deeply satisfying suite. (Two alternate parts in alto clef are included for tenor viols.) Intermediate.
Score & Parts........£6.50

TR41 - Louis Antoine Dornel: Sonata Opus 3 No. 4, arr. for Recorders (ATB)
Corelli meets counterpoint! Dornel was composing in Paris at a time when Italian influences were much in vogue. He modeled his wonderfully melodious triosonatas after those of Corelli, but with his background as a church composer, he added the depth of skillful contrapuntal interplay between the parts.
Score & Parts........£5.00

TR42 - Antonio de Cabezon: Himnos, arr. for Recorders (ATTB) or Viols (TrTnBB)
A set of four fantasias on religious tunes transcribed from the organ works of one of Spain’s most important late Renaissance composers who deserves to be more widely known. The pieces have a meditative quality with rich polyphonic invention, and no part is stuck with the job of trying to stay awake during an endless cantus firmus. Intermediate.
Score & Parts........£4.40

TR43 - Will Ayton: Settings of Songs of the British Isles, composed for Recorders (SAT) or Viols (TrTn,Tn/Tr,TnB)
Twelve tunes selected from the treasure trove that comprises the great heritage of English music. The settings are essentially musical reflections on the thematic material, expanding and illuminating the melodies. Intermediate to Upper Intermediate. 
Performing Score........£5.00

TR46 - Byrd: Graduals and Motets for Four Voices Vol. I, arr. for Recorders (SATB) or Viols (TrTrTnB)
This volume contains six masterpieces of Renaissance polyphony composed and published late in the composer’s life when his genius was at its peak. In his hands the “Gradual” (from the Latin “gradus,” meaning “step”) rises above its role as a little filler sung on the steps of the alter while the officient moves from one place to another, becoming a deeply expressive meditation. Particularly moving are those written for the Christmas season. Intermediate. 
Score & Parts........£5.80

TR47 - Byrd: Graduals and Motets for Four Voices Vol. II, transcribed for Recorders (ATTB) or Viols (TrTrTnB)
The four pieces in this volume are extended works that range in mood from the glorious tone-painting in “From the Rising of the Sun” (Ab ortu solis) to the reflective “to us is given, to us is born” (Nobis datus). Probably intended for use in the small (and highly illegal) family chapels during a time of religious conflict, they have a more intimate feel than works intended for grand cathedrals. Intermediate. 
Score & Parts........£6.00

TR48 - Will Ayton: Gifts and Celebrations, composed for Recorders (SATB) or Viols (TrTnTnB)
A set of three pieces composed over the course of several years as birthday presents, these works are satisfying on many levels. They have been described as “grateful,” in that each of the voices has something interesting to contribute to the ensemble. In addition to being fun to play, here is a good opportunity for the timid player to get to know and become comfortable with playing nontradtional compound meters. Intermediate. 
Score & Parts.......£5.80

TR49, TR50 - Robert Campian: Ayres to the Lute, arr. for Recorders (SATB) or Viols (TrTnTnB) and optional voice
Robert Campian combined his talents as poet, composer, and lutenist to become one of the most prolific composers of songs to be performed with lute and viol accompaniment. These miniature gems range in mood from the profoundly spiritual “Ever Weather-Beaten Sail” to the tongue-in-cheek naughtiness of “A Secret Love, or Two.” Each volume contains seven pieces arranged from the lute tabulature; complete text is included. Low intermediate to intermediate. 
TR49, Volume I-Performing score.....£3.60
TR50, Volume II-Performing score.....£3.60

TR52 - Will Ayton: Reflections on American Shape Note Hymns, composed for Recorders (SATB) or Viols (TrTnTnB)
The early American hymn tunes set out in the “shape note” system are a unique part of our heritage, one of the very foundations of what we regard as the uniquely “American” character of music in the United States. It is to celebrate this robust tradition that these musical meditations, or “Reflections,” on some tunes from this vast treasure trove were composed. (Evening Shade, The Midnight Cry, Fulfillment) Upper intermediate. 
Score & Parts........£6.60

TR55 - William Byrd: Marian Hymns for Three Voices, arr. for Recorders (ATB) or Viols (TrTnB)
These settings of poems in praise of the Virgin Mary, from Byrd’s “Gradualia I” (1605), were most likely intended for private devotions in secret chapels during the English Inquisition. Each consists of multiple verses and may be performed without interruption as one large work, or one or two individual verses may be played as musical miniatures. Intermediate. 
Score & Parts........£5.80

TR56 - Morales: Motets for Four Voices, arr. for Recorders (SATB) or Viols (TrTrTnB)
Morales (ca. 1500-1553) was the first Spanish composer to achieve international renown. His works were widely perfromed throughout Europe and Spanish-occupied Mexico. This collection includes an extended work asking the aid of St. Giles, who among other attributes, was considered a protector against the ravages of the Black Death. Also included is a sweet motet to the Virgin Mary and a charming bit of shepherd’s dialog from a Christmas play. Intermediate. 
Score & Parts........£6.50

TR57 - Lotti: Two Missae Breves, arr. for Recorders (SATB) or Viols (TrTnTnB)
In addition to holding the prestigious post of maestro da capella at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice, Antonio Lotti, with his wife who was a famous soprano, was a popular star in the brilliant Venetian opera scene. His operas are charming, and his church compositions, while displaying a superb mastery of late Baroque counterpoint, are lightened by anticipation of the developing Classical style. Intermediate. 
Score & Parts........£6.50

TR58 - Victoria: Settings of Ave Maris Stella, arr. for Recorders (SATB) or Viols (TrTnTnB)
When Spain’s most famous 16th century composer turned his attention to one of the most popular 8th century Gregorian chants, the results were remarkable. Victoria’s mastery of late Renaissance Italian polyphonic idiom is infused with the emotional directness and intensity associated with the music of his native land. Intermediate. 
Score & Parts.......£6.75

TR59, TR60, TR61 - Michael East: Songs Full of Spirit and Delight
The fifth set of part books published by Michael East in 1618 was his first “instrumental” offering, in that no texts were provided. The twenty lovely pieces in this aptly named set demonstrate why he in his time was arguably one of the most popular of the Elizabethan composers. Complete new edition, from the original source. Intermediate. 
TR59: Vol. I - for Viols (Tr,Tr,Tn/B) or Recorders (TTB) Score & Parts........£6.80;
TR60: Vol. II - for Viols (Tr,Tr,Tn/B) or Recorders (TTB) Score & Parts........£6.80;
TR61: Vol. III - for Viols (Tr,Tr,Tn) or Recorders (SST) Score & Parts........£6.75;

TR62 - Dowland: John Dowland “Lite,” arr. for Recorders (ATB or STB) or Viols (TrTnB)
Having trouble assembling a quintet to play Dowland consorts? Here are eight of our favorite Ayres (including “Lachrimae”) distilled down to their essence, to be enjoyed by three players. Texts are included, in case a vocalist wants to join the fun. Intermediate. 
Performing Score & ........£3.75

TR63 - Will Ayton: Fur Persons, composed for Recorders (SATB) or Viols (TrTnTnB)
A gentle, polyrhythmic lullaby the composer imagined a mother raccoon might sing to her kits is paired with a short tone poem, “Cats,” describing in four continuous sections a day in the life of a small household friend. Ending with the triumphant capture of a mouse, the latter is a real crowd-pleaser. Upper intermediate. 
Score & Parts........£6.00

TR64 - Orlando di Lasso: Motets for Four Voices, composed for Recorders (ATTB) or Viols (TrTnTnB)
Six gems by one of the most prolific composers of the late Renaissance. The same gift for composing melodies and polyphonic texture that made his madrigals extremely popular is evident in his writings for the church. Curiously, no purely instrumental works by this composer survive, but these pieces work perfectly on either winds or strings. Intermediate. 
Score & Parts........£6.50

TR65 - Will Ayton: Renaissance Revisited, composed for Recorders (SATB) or Viols (TrTnTnB)
In the grand tradition of composing fantasias on popular tunes, here are three lovely fantasias on songs that were smash hits during the Renaissance. Fantasias on Tant que Vivray, Adieu mes Amours, and Scaramella range in mood from a tender love song to a sad farewell to a sixteenth century satire of military pomp, an Italian “Yankee Doodle.” Intermediate. 
Score & Parts........£7.25

TR66 - Short Restoration Songs, arr. for Recorders (TTB) or Viols (TrTrB)
After the horrors of their Civil War, taste in England shifted away from the elaborate counterpoint of madrigals; the preferred idiom was the musical equivalent of short declarative sentences. These catchy tunes are light and easy to grasp at one hearing, running the gamut from patriotic to romantic. They are easy to play and invite experimenting with ornamented repeats. Priced so that all players may purchase their own copies. Intermediate. 
Performing Score.....£3.50

TR67 - Songs for a New Nation, arr. for Recorders (SATB) or Viols (TrTrTrB)
Generally regarded as our first native-born musical genius, Billings’ first published book was engraved by his friend, Paul Revere, and has been described as a “musical Declaration of Independence.” The composer deliberately rejected European “Classical” models and developed his own vigorous and highly personal style. Intermediate. 
Four Performing Scores in a folder.....£8.75

TR68 - Will Ayton: Reflections on Spirituals, composed for Recorders (SATB) or Viols (TrTnTnB)
The music that emerged from the mingling of folk traditions and profound devotion is a golden thread in the tapestry of American music. The composer has selected four of the most beloved melodies as the basis of thoughtful musical meditations. Upper Intermediate. 
Score & Parts........£7.50

TR69 - Nagel: Cupedia Musica for Recorder Quartet (SATB) or Viols (TrTnTnB)
“Cupedium” could be translated as “light refreshment,” and these five original compositions, of intermediate difficulty, are intended to be just that, music to be enjoyed as a pleasant break from more “serious” music-making pursuits.
Four Performing Scores in a folder.....£6.50

TR70 - Will Ayton: Christmas Letters, Vol. 1, composed for Recorders (SATB) or Viols (TrTnTnB) & opt. Voice
Three less familiar Christmas melodies in rich and intricate settings that illuminate the beauty of the tunes. Beautiful as purely instrumental pieces, stunning when performed as consort songs with a singer. The melodies used in this set are “’Twas in the Moon of Wintertime,” “I Wonder as I Wander,” and “Immortal Babe.” 
Score and Parts....£7.50

TR71 - Glorious Glorias for Recorders (SATB) or Viols (TrTnTnB)
The “Gloria” movement of the ordinary mass, setting the text of an anonymous hymn of praise, has inspired composers to write some of their most sublime compositions. Four brilliant settings of the the same words, by Palestrina, Hassler, Guerrero, and de Lassus, offer an opportunity to compare the individual styles of these Renaissance masters.
Score and Parts....£7.75

TR72 - Guerrero: Motets for Four Voices for Recorders (SATB) or Viols (TrTnTnB)
Francesco Guerrero (1528-1599), unlike his other famous countrymen, spent his entire career in Spain. With Morales as one of his teachers, he absorbed the “international” renaissance style while retaining the highly energetic flavor of his national idiom. The four motets in this collection, of intermediate difficulty, are sunny and engaging.
Score and Parts....£7.75

TR73 - Hassler: Motets for Four Voices for Recorders (SATB) or Viols (TrTnTnB)
Hans Leo Hassler (1564-1612) was the first important German composer to study in Italy. In Venice he absorbed from his teacher, Andrea Gabrielli, an Italian lightness which he combined with solid German craftsmanship to produce music both robust and brilliant. These four motets, particularly in some of the “Alleluia” sections, are not exactly like music Palestrina might have composed in a Bavarian Biergarten, but the description comes close. Intermediate.
Score and Parts....£10.50

TR74 - Will Ayton: Sonatine á 4, composed for Recorders (SATB) or Viols (TrTnTnB)
The composer affectionately revisited an 18th-century form to create this substantial and satisfying piece of music. A lyrical first theme is followed by a more introspective second one, and their subsequent development involves all players in an engaging musical conversation. Upper Intermediate difficulty.
Score and Parts....£5.00

TR75 - Croce: Motets for Four Voices for Recorders (SATB) or Viols (TrTnTnB)
Giovanni Croce (1557-1609) was composing when the Renaissance style was hovering right on the edge of the Baroque. His style was less grand, more down-to-earth than others of his time. Although he did write virtuoso polychoral pieces for St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice, where he was maestro di capella at the time of his death, he was extremely popular in his day more because of his beautiful melodies and the modest technical demands of his music. Intermediate.
Score and Parts....£6.00

TR76 - Palestrina: Madrigals for Four Voices for Recorders (SATB) or Viols (TrTnTnB)
Madrigals by Palestrina? Yes indeed! The romantic side of this composer has been sadly neglected. These six melodious madrigals display a surprising passion and intensity that are rarely found in his church music. Intermediate.
Score and Parts....£9.60

TR77 - Will Ayton: Salish Sea Images, composed for Recorders (SATB) or Viols (TrTnTnB) or (TrTrTnB)
Four exquisite miniature tone poems that capture the haunting beauty and mystery of the Pacific Northwest: Song of the Sound, The Mountain, Song of the Orca, and The Otter’s Dance. Each movement is complete on its own, and together they’re a stunning suite. Upper Intermediate.
Score & Parts........£6.80

TR78 - Victoria: Hymns for Four Voices, arr. for Recorders (AATB) or Viols (TrTnTnB)
In the late Renaissance, it was common practice to set the first and subsequent odd-numbered verses of hymns to a chant and compose an elaborate polyphonic setting for the second and other even-numbered verses. Victoria embraced this convention and carried it to new heights in the four brilliant examples included in this collection. Intermediate. 
Score & Parts........£6.80

TR79 - Victoria: Trios Extracted from Larger Works, transcribed for Recorders (ATB) or Viols (TrTnB)
To create a contrast in texture, Victoria frequently embedded trios in his works for larger ensembles. These exquisitely composed miniatures are in themselves worthy of attention as stand-alone pieces. Intermediate. 
Three Performing Scores, including one in alto clef ........£6.80

TR99 Victoria: Motets for 4 voices Vol. 1 (ATTB) £7.50