Winter 2021, Volume 41, Issue 4

News in Brief

Dorothee Oberlinger
In conversation with Barbara Law

Examinations for the 21st Century?
Chris Orton discusses the new ABRSM Recorder Syllabi

Make the recorder great again!
Olivia Petryszak proposes ways of improving society's perception of the recorder

The Bressan Consort
Recorder maker Tim Cranmore discusses some Bressan puzzles and how he ended up with a Bressan/Stanesby consort.

Melika Fitzhugh
This month's Centrespread Composer talks to Michael Graham about herself and her centrespread.

Centre Spread: Sicilian-ish by Melika Fitzhugh

35 years of the Recorder Centre in Bremen
Margaret Löbner

Alan Davis
Remembered by Emily Baines

SRP News (expanded)
A message of support from Vice-President Sarah Jeffery, reports from the branches via Jean Campbell, an interview with Cornwall SRP's new young musical director Samuel Constable and a tribute to conductors.

Music Reviews
From Joanna Brown, Andrew Collis, Marg Hall, and Moira Usher. Click here for the music titles.

Recent CD Releases
Fiona Hook reports on some new releases.

Leipzig 1723
Stefan Temmingh discusses his new CD presenting the works of the four front-runners for the position of music director and cantor at Leipzig in 1723: Bach, Fasch, Graupner and Telemann!

Gstaad Baroque Academy 2021
Olivia Petryszak & Marko Blanusa tell us about their experiences.

On graduating and launching a career during a pandemic!
Kate Allsop explains how she did it.

Click here for recorder music reviewed in this issue.


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