Winter 2022, Volume 42, Issue 4

News in Brief

The consort music of William Byrd
Anne Martin
discusses the significance of Byrd's surviving consort music in the development of chamber music and its historical context.

A Celebration of Queen Charlotte in Music
Mary-Jannet Leith
tells us about the musical events held by Charlotte and George III, recreated in Ensemble Hesperi’s “Then I play’d upon the Harpsichord”

New generation, new recorders
Friesian recorder maker Tom de Vries talks about design and experiments.

Bedknobs, Broomsticks and Recorders ...?
West End theatrical flautist Daniel Swani gives fascinating insights into the use of recorders in theatre and film.

New CDs projects
Bach for Recorder: Challenges - Erik Bosgraaf
Finding old and new ways to new repertoire - Max Volbers
And other CD releases

Centrespread Composer Devon Packer
Michael Graham interviews the young Canadian composer, arranger and performer.

Centre Spread: Orage by Devon Packe

Emma Murphy
remembered by Philip Thorby
Adriana Breukink remembered by Juho Myllya
Colin Touchin remembered by Barbara Law

Chris Orton
discusses the National Plan for Music Education and talks to ERTA members Lizzie Knatt and Rebecca Austen-Brown

SRP News (expanded)
Vice-President Evelyn Nallen talks about her introduction to the SRP, Jim Grant expresses appreciation for SRP volunteers, and Michael Sharman, Colin Touchin and Emma Murphy are sadly remembered. There are reports of branch activities and performance groups, Michael Graham discusses his role as a visiting conductor, Brian Bonsor is remembered and Anne Daye offers Tudor and Stuart Dance Workshops. Helen Hooker supplies quick everyday practice tips for recorder keep fit.

Music Reviews
From Ulli Burchette, Peter Bowman, Chris Burgess, Janice Ormerod, Dietrich Schnabel, John Turner. Click here for the music titles.

Book Review
Michael Graham reviews Alon Schab's Performer’s Guide to Transcribing, Editing, and Arranging Early Music

Information for Young Players

Click here for recorder music reviewed in this issue.


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