Summer 2021, Volume 41, Issue 2

News in Brief

Women in Early Music: Past and Present
Mary-Jannet Leith reflects on barriers faced by women in the world of music in past centuries and today.

Temperament and the Harmonic Series
Emily O’Brien explains, with diagrams, about different tuning systems or temperaments and the harmonic series.

Tom Prescott – a fifty-year journey
Barbara Law interviews the celebrated recorder-maker as he approaches retirement.

Introducing Marin Marais’s Pièces en Trio
Annemarie Klein
looks at the work of the 17th-century composer, who was the subject of the film Tous les Matins du Monde.

Fulvio Caldini
The prolific composer is interviewed by Michael Graham

Centre Spread: Due Capricci - Fulvio Caldini

Ross Winters, 1951-2021
The late well-known composer, player and teacher is remembered by Annabel Knight, Ashley Solomon, Peter Bowman and Colin Touchin

SRP News (expanded)
With Chairman's Chat, reports from the branches, memories of the departed, and a report by Steve Marshall on the SRP Composers Competition 2020. Reports on the SRP Conference and SRP Virtual Festival in April 2021 also feature.

Music Reviews
From Peter Bowman, Chris Blanch, Anne Martin, Debbie Porro, Joan Reeve and John Turner. Click here for the music titles.

Recent CD Releases
Van Eyck, Der Fluyten Lust-hof with François Lazarevitch - Claire Boisteau,
Vivaldi’s Seasons with Arte dei Suonatori - Bolette Roed, Flanders Recorder Duo, FR2 -Tom Beets & Joris Van Goethem talk to Soren Sieg, Le Plaintif, Doleful Music of the French Grand Siècle with Cordevento - Fiona Hook, Territorial Songs - Works for Recorder by Sunleif Rasmussen with Michala Petri - Barbara Law

Book and Essay Reviews
By Georgina Murphy Clifford, Olwen Foulkes, Michael Graham and Mary Tyers

An Erasmus Term
Olivia Petryszak describes her rewarding time at BLOK in Amsterdam with Jorge Isaac under the Erasmus scheme. Sadly this opportunity is now unavailable for UK youngsters.

Click here for recorder music reviewed in this issue.


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