March 2019, Volume 39, Issue 1

Fred Morgan – a legacy
On the 20th anniversary of his death, Evelyn Nallen looks back at the man, the recorder maker and the personal friend who influenced generations of performers and makers.

Bob Marvin 1941–2018
Tom Prescott reflects on his life and contribution to recorder making.

Michael Grinter 1953-2018
Evelyn Nallen
remembers to the Australian recorder, Irish flute and whistle maker who died in a road accident in December.

Paetzold: Eco–friendly innovation
Jo Kunath tells us about Paetzold's latest development and their commitment to minimise environmental impact.

The OHMI Trust: music making for the physically disabled
Rachel Wolffsohn discusses the creation or adaptation of musical instruments to make them playable by the physically disabled.

Using the recorder for corporate team-building
Award-winning music student Kate Allsop was asked to deliver a team-building exercise to 30 employees of a company in Madrid through to performance.

Between Hamburg and Kampala - Sören Sieg
Tom Beets talks to the German composer about his life and works - including the African pieces for which he is famous.

Centrespread, Ubomi bumnandi (Life is beautiful) - Sören Sieg

Love at first sound?
A number of recorder players tell Barbara Laws about their favourite instrument and how they acquired it.

Jeanne-Marie Dolmetsch, 1942-2018
The late SRP Vice-President and inspirational educationalist remembered.

Recorders Incorporated
Rose Atkinson tells us about the annual get-together of the international recorder orchestra founded by the late Eileen Silcocks.

On Conducting Recorder Orchestras
The Edinburgh-based composer and conductor Michael Graham explains how his conducting work fits in with his wider musical interests.

My journey with SPARK – the Classical Band
Daniel Koschitzki introduces his group and shares his vision and musical journey.

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