Spring 2021, Volume 41, Issue 1

News in Brief

“Remembering Vienna”: The Recorder Music of Hans Gal
Chris Orton talks to Sabrina Frey about Hans Gal and the special sound of Vienna.

Coordination - of Air, Fingers and Articulation
Lobke Sprenkeling
gives detailed advice.

Martinus Ræhs and the Flute Sonatas
Clara Guldberg Ravn
tells us about a forgotten 18th-century Danish composer.

RM Ongoing Call for Scores
Michael Graham appeals for more Centrespread pieces.

Centre Spread: Spring Caprice - Marg Hall

Vivid Consort
Christine Gnigler, Sheng-Fang Chiu
and Lorina Vallaster introduce themselves and their work.

New CD projects
Presenting Quadriga, Lunaris & Syrinx Call

SRP News (expanded)
With Chairman's Chat, praise for the magazine, reports from the branches, the success of Zoom and consort videos in keeping playing going, plans and two new officers for training and publicity.

As always, new recorder music and CDs are reviewed as are two books.

Click here for recorder music reviewed in this issue.


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