Spring 2022, Volume 42, Issue 1

News in Brief

Adriana van den Bergh: A Recorder Prodigy in the Dutch Golden Age
Thiemo Wind introduces us to this forgotten talented young musician.

Winning Combinations: at the SRP/Moeck Competition
Barbara Law tells us about the top winners, Charlotte Schneider and Martin Bernstein.

Alternative views from history
Tabea Debus
explains her and Gareth Moorcroft's new suite of arrangements, transcriptions, and free “recompositions” based on Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque-era models.

Centrespread Composer Victor Eijkhout
in conversation with Michael Graham

Centre Spread: Flow Counter Flow by Victor Eijkhout

Donald Bousted, 1957-2021
Peter Bowman & Kathryn Bennetts remember the late innovative composer, best known for his microtonal music.

SRP News (expanded)
Vice-President Tim Cranmore speculates on a virtual music future, Chairman Jim Grant discusses the rise of the ukele in schools, there's a report on the SRP/Moeck 2021 solo recorder competition and the branches report via Jean Campbell. The Weald of Kent branch said goodbye to Peter Bowman, Georgina Murphy Clifford discusses the limitations of tutor books and new technical aids to recorder playing are discussed.

Music Reviews
From Jackey Birch, Marg Hall, Michelle Holloway, Alyson Lewin, Dietrich Schnabel, Terry Smurthwaite. Click here for the music titles.

Recent CD Releases
Fiona Hook reports on some new releases.

Click here for recorder music reviewed in this issue.


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