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From Edition Tre Fontane

ETF 3127 Christmas Quartet - Misc arr van Nieukerk for 4 A/S A/T T B, £18.50
On European Christmas songs, arranged according to the Christmas story. Parts are supplied on a CD for printing.

ETF 2050 Agnes Dorwarth - Articulator X for treble recorder solo, £9.50
This has some modern experimental techniques.

ETF 3131 Isaac Makhdoomi - Catching Moments for treble recorder solo, £8.75
Some modern techniques including multiphonics.

ETF 3102 Alan Davis - Merely Players for SAT, £12.00
Based on the speech 'All the Worlds a Stage'; e.g. 'The Nurse’s Arms', 'Unwillingly to School'. This is suitable for moderate players onwards.

ETF 3079 Farzia Fallah: Besorgnis der Sperlinge for 1 S & electronic, £15.65
ETF 3112 Orlando de Lasso: 3 geistliche Motetten for 4 SATB, £16.55
ETF 3129 Martin Heuser: Sunrise on Pluto (with CD) for recorder orchestra, TTTTTBBBBBBBBBGbSb, £22.00
ETF 3139 Agnes Dorwarth: Kummerkasten & Trostspender for 1 descant or tenor recorder, £11.50

ETF 2196 Three Brazilian Scenes by Dimitri Cervo for descant recorder and keyboard, £15.50
The first movement depicts a delightful melody over syncopated Brazilian rhythms. The second is slower and uses tradition rhythms from the north east of Brazil and the third movement is a freely invented toccata which, with its irregular metric and thrilling melodies, concedes the piece brilliantly.  

ETF 3122 Metamorphoses of the Snow-white Bird  by Paul Van Hoof for SATB,  £15.50
A Fantasy on a Dutch folk song. "There was a little Snow-white Bird". The song tells the story of a young man who wants to send his beloved a letter and who asks a little bird to be his messenger. The piece has 5 movements.

ETF 3145 Spring Music by Bjorn Hagvall for SATB, £11.50
Moderate level with cuckoos and other bird song!

ETF 2083 Isosceles by Alan Davis for 3 SAT, £14.00
Written for a group including twins which suggested the proportions of an isosceles triangle. This provided the inspiration for various aspects including structure, texture and some harmonic and rhythmic content.

ETF 3080 Lullaby by Edvard Grieg, arranged for recorder and guitar by Michala Petri and Lars Hannibal, £18.00
Elves' Dance (descant), Lullaby (tenor), Cattle Call (tenor), Stumping Dance (Sopranino), Leaping Dance 1 (descant), Leaping Dance 2 (descant).

From Mayhill

MHE 10122 Hungarian Peasant Songs (Set 1) arranged by Steve Marshall for recorder orchestra, SAATTBGbCb, £12.00
Bartok arranged 15 traditional folk melodies for the piano and later arranged some of them for orchestra which Steve has arranged for recorders.

MHE 10222 Taynton Suite by Ann Marshall for ATB, £8.00
Five varied and interesting movements of moderate difficulty. This is May Hill's 500th publication!

MHE 30222 The Highnam Suite by Ann Marshall for SATBGbCb, £11.00
The four movements are varied and not difficult, lasting about six minutes.

MHE 40222 Four Pieces by O'Carolan, arr. Ann and Steve Marshall for SATB, £9.50
Ann & Steve have chosen three of their favourite harp pieces by O'Carolan for these arrangements.

MHE 20122 Sinfonietta No 3 by Steve Marshall for SATB, £11.00
Steve aimed at writing a symphonic piece that could be tackled by modest players. This piece is the result. The four movements work together somewhat like an early symphony. The group for whom it was written enjoyed it!

MHE 20122a Sinfonietta No 3 by Steve Marshall for SATBGbCb, £13.50
Great Bass and Contrabass have been added to MHE 20122.

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MHE 10422 Llyn Dulyn by Steve Marshall, for SoSATTBGbCbCb & theremin, £16.00
MHE 10522 Revelry by Rosemary Robinson, for SoSSAATTBBGbCb, £24.00
MHE 10622 Water in Motion by Ann Marshall, for TTBGbGbCb, £12.50
MHE 20522 Tota Pulchra Es by Anton Bruckner, arr. Steve Marshall for TBGbCb, £6.00
MHE 30522 Ann’s Choice Vol. 15 by Various arr. Ann Marshall for 3 ATB, £8.50
MHE 40522 Two Motets by Juan Gutierrez de Padilla, arr. Steve Marshall for 4 TBGbCb, £8.00
MHE 50522 Brook Green Suite by Gustav Holst, arr. Steve Marshall for SATTBGbCb, £17.50
MHE 60522 Jazz Fugue and Postlude by Steve Marshall, for TBGbCb, £11.00
MHE 70522 November Suite by Ann Marshall, for 2 AT, £10.00
MHE 80522 Recorder Septet No 4 by Ann Marshall, for 7 SAATBGbCb, £15.50
MHE 90522 Spring Sinfonietta by Ann Marshall, for 7 SAATTBB, £14.00

Rosemary Robinson:
MHE 10321 Little Suite for 5 SATTB, £11.50
MHE 60421 Ashby Trio for 3 SAT, £12.00

Ann Marshall
MHE 10521 All Day Long for 1 A, £6.00
MHE 10521a All Day Long for 1 T, £6.00
MHE 10521b All Day Long for 1 B, £6.00
MHE 20521 Arcalia for 6 AATTBB, £12.50
MHE 40421 Sinfonietta No 2 for SoSAATTBBGbCb, £17.00

Various composers, arr. Ann Marshall
MHE 10421 Ann's Choice Vol. 12 for 4 AATB, £9.00
MHE 20421 Ann's Choice Vol. 13 for 3 AAA, £8.00
MHE 20421a Ann's Choice Vol. 13 for 3 TTT, £8.00
MHE 20421b Ann's Choice Vol. 13 for 3 BBB, £8.00
MHE 32210 Five Ayres from the Baroque for 3 ATB £8.00

MHE 41120 Giovanni Artusi - 4 Madrigals, arr Ann Marshall for 4 AATB or TTTB, £7.00

Steve Marshall
MHE 30421 Fortuna Desperata for 6 SSATTB £8.00
MHE 40521 Fantasy No 12 in 5 parts, AATTB 8.50
MHE 50421 Just a Minute for Solo So,S,A,T + TBGbCb £12.00

MHE 30521 Vince Youman - Tea for Two arr. Steve Marshall for SATTBGbCb £7.50

More ...
Ann Marshall
for AATB

MHE 21021 Miniature Suite No 1 £10.00
MHE 31021 Miniature Suite No 2 £6.50
for SATB
MHE 41021 Musical Poems No 4 £9.00
MHE 61021 Time for Dessert £9.50
MHE 11021 Deep in the Forest £9.50
MHE 51021 The Dymock Diary £8.50

Steve Marshall
MHE 50521 Fantasy No 13 in 5 Parts £8.00
MHE 10621 Fantasy No 14 in 5 Parts £6.50

By Ann Marshall
MHE 10120 - Ann's Choice: Volume 11, for 4 SATB, £9.00
O Occhi, Manza Mia / Sometime She Would / Musiciens Qui Chantez a plaisir / The Elves' Dance. Arrangements of four madrigals. What they have in common is that they were written in the late 1500s or early 1600s, that they are (mainly) about love, and that they sound really good played fast.
An ongoing series of poems with musical interludes, sympathetic to the verse:
MHE 20520 - Musical Poems No 1: Two Little Kittens for 4 SATB, £8.50
Uses a work by the poet and novelist Jane Taylor (1783-1824). There are six musical interludes of straightforward but interesting music. A performance of words and music lasts about six minutes.
MHE 30520 - Musical Poems No 2: The Cat and the Moon for 4 SATB , £8.50
Uses a poem by the famous Irish poet W B Yeats (1865-1939). There are eight musical interludes of straightforward but interesting music. A performance of words and music lasts about eight minutes.
MHE 40520 - Musical Poems No 3: The Lion and the Mouse for 4 SATB, £8.50
Uses a poem by the poet and author Jeffreys (sometimes Jefferys) Taylor (1792-1853). There are eight musical interludes, of straightforward but interesting music. A performance of words and music lasts about eight minutes.

MHE 30120 - Recorder Septet No 3 for 7 SoSATBGbCb, £15.50
Equally suited to one-to-a-part playing or several-to-a-part orchestral playing. Total playing time is about ten minutes.
MHE 20620 - A Wind for All Seasons for solo treble, £4.50
MHE 40620 - Free Spirit for solo treble, £4.50

Herbs and Spices (MHE 40221) - £5.50 for Tenor recorder
Eight favourite ingredients, all guaranteed to put some big flavours into your meals, and some zing and variety into your tenor playing! Ann wrote and played these pieces on tenor, but you could also play them on a descant. Herbs and Spices is a generous, ten-minute, culinary experience.
Herbs and Spices (MHE 40221A) - £5.50 for Bass recorder

Three Fantasies (MHE 70221) - SATTB £10.00
Written solely for the pleasure of composing. The three pieces are by no means virtuosic, but are a little more difficult than some of Ann's usual output.
The Chichester Miniatures (MHE 50620) - SAATTB £10.50
Ann wrote this set of six pieces for Jean Campbell and her Chichester U3A Recorder Group. The pieces are inspired by events or places in and around the city. The music is generally straightforward, but there are also some moments of difficulty (mainly rhythmic difficulty).
Made for JADE (MHE 51120) - ATB (or Bass quitar) £10.00
Ann wrote this for the music group 'JADE', which comprises two recorder players and a bass guitarist. The recorder parts are moderately difficult, and the bass guitar part is definitely difficult featuring, as it does, quite a lot of high double stopping. The bass recorder part is made from this and is of similar difficulty to the other recorder parts. Although all parts are full of rhythmic vitality - in other words a bit tricky!
Weston Wind (MHE 60221) - SATTB - £9.50
Ann wrote this set of three pieces for the Weston-super-Mare recorder group Toot Suite, who managed to meet up at various times in 2020.
Three Short Anthems by Purcell (MHE 80221) - SATB - £5.00
I Will Give Thanks Unto Thee; Lord, Have Mercy Upon Us; Allelujah. Ann arranged these short pieces for an 'easy' session on a course. Purcell's music cannot often be described as 'easy', and so the participants enjoyed the experience of playing music by this giant of English music. Despite the easy notes and the brevity of the pieces, there is much to work on, given a generous number of dynamic markings and some unexpected chords.
Two Songs by Hubert Parry (MHE 81120) - SATB - £6.00
Love Is A Sickness; The Sea Hath Many Thousand Sands. Ann arranged these two songs by Hubert Parry (1848-1918) for a recorder event, and all were very pleasantly surprised. It took quite some time to arrive at playing in the right way for this music - for example, to make enough (but not too much) of the frequent changes in dynamics, both sudden and gradual.
Five Hoddesdon Miniatures (MHE 30221) - SAATBGbCb - £13.50
Written for the Autumn Recorder Orchestra weekend, held at Hoddesdon for use at an easier intermediate session. Each miniature uses a small range of rhythmic figures, which occur in most or all parts. It is hence possible to rehearse those figures, so that the performance becomes more secure.
Two Traditional Songs for Orchestra (easy) (MHE 71120) - SSAATTBBGbCb £9.00
Greensleeves; She Moved Through the Fair. Arranged to supply the need for music for easy recorder orchestra. Although easy to play they produce a huge sound and are very well-received by the players!
Power of Dream (MHE 10821) for tenor recorder with voice and body percussion, £5.50
Written as a fairly straightforward way into using extended techniques. Four techniques are used: simultaneous singing and playing, shading the windway, foot stamping and fluttertongue.

By Steve Marshall
MHE 50120 Trad: The Trumpet Hornpipe for 4 SATB, £4.50
The Trumpet Hornpipe is a genuine traditional dance - perhaps one of the best-known dances. Its fame arose in the 1950s when it was used as the theme music to the hugely-popular children's cartoon series Captain Pugwash. It's a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for recorder orchestra audiences.
MHE 40120 Ponchielli: Dance of the Hours for SoSATBBGbCb opt SubCb, £14.50
The Dance of the Hours is a ballet that forms part of the opera La Gioconda, composed by Amilcare Ponchielli (1834 - 1886). It soon became popular as a stand-alone piece, and it is one of those pieces that most people will recognise, even if they can't put a name to it. Not only did it form part of the 1940 animated film Fantasia, but it has been used in countless films, TV programmes and comedy routines. This arrangement ignores how the piece has been mistreated over the years, and presents it as faithfully as is possible, given that recorder orchestra are very different from symphony orchestras! Performance time is about six minutes.
MHE 10620 The First Spring Day for solo descant or tenor, £5.00
The First Spring Day is a set of fairly straightforward solos, inspired by verse of the same name by the English poet Christina Rossetti (1830-1894). The inspiration was rather indirect, by taking eight fragments from the poem that suggested musical ideas. Performance time of all eight pieces is about nine minutes.
MHE 30620 Four Moods for solo treble, £4.50

Colonel Bogey March by Kenneth J Alford (MHE 90221) - A/Sno.ATTBGbCb £12.50
A real crowd-pleaser (and player-pleaser) and is not difficult. The only moderately tricky moment is in the last minute, when one of the trebles picks up a sopranino to play some whizzy figures.

Symphony No 10 (MHE 10121) - Sno.SSAAATTTTBBBBGbCb £36.00
Prelude; Nocturnal; Minuet and Trio; Finale. Steve says: "This symphony is the product of a lot of ideas that started ten years earlier … I wanted a big sound for a particular large-scale playing event, and I worked the ideas together into this symphony. There are quite a lot of contrasting musical ideas in the piece - sometimes it's haunting, sometimes rumbustious, sometimes rather formal, and sometimes free. But it feels to me as if it holds together well! Total performance time is about thirteen minutes."

Burlesque (MHE 40121) - Hps & SnoSSAATTBBGbCb £18.50
Steve says: "I played in a recorder orchestra that included the renowned keyboard player Rosemary Robinson. Perhaps surprisingly there is not very much music for such a combination of instruments, and Burlesque was one of the pieces I wrote to fill the gap. The orchestra was a good one, Rosemary is a fine player, and everyone wanted to be tested to an extent, and so this quirky and vigorous piece is not at all easy.
Three Chorales and Improvisations (MHE 21120) - solo sno.SATBGbCb £9.00
More for 'Easy Recorder Orchestra'. The chorales are particularly easy - the 'twist' is that each piece includes a line for a solo sopranino. These solo parts are not virtuosic, but they are high, need dexterity, and require some degree of courage because they are frighteningly prominent!
Polyphonica's Christmas Bauble (MHE 10221) - ATB - £6.00
A little bit of Christmas fun, written for the trio Polyphonica. The music cracks along, including several well-known Christmas favourites. The only slight snag is that Polyphonica are very good players, so the music is rather difficult.
Anniversary Fantasia (MHE 10520) - SATBGbCb - £8.50

On Quiet Reflection
(MHE 90121) - SATB - £6.50
Steve wrote this piece for the quartet I Flautisti. The group is rather virtuosic, but they had already recorded one of his easy and gentle Pavans, and he wanted to write something else to showcase their beautiful sound. The notes in 'On Quiet Reflection' are not particularly difficult but it will need good breath control to pull off this five-minute piece well.
On Quiet Reflection (orchestra version) (MHE 90121a) - SATTBBGbCb - £8.50
More powerful and sonorous than the original.
Introduction to Under Milk Wood (MHE 11120) - SATBGbCb - £8.00
Mood music, sympathetic to the opening paragraphs of 'Under Milk Wood' by Dylan Thomas.
TVRO at Ten (MHE 20221) - SoSSAATTBBGbSubCb - £14.00
Written for the tenth anniversary of her Thames Valley Recorder Orchestra (TVRO) and essentially a set of variations on the inevitable 'Happy Birthday', moving through a bewildering selection of musical styles. The piece is reasonably difficult to play, at the standard of a typical British recorder orchestra.
Dora's Mood (MHE 50121) - SSAATTBBGbCb - £12.00
A relaxed piece of jazz for ten recorders, written in straight quavers and the tempo is modest. There are opportunities for improvisation for descant, treble and bass, although written-out alternatives are also provided.

Partita for Solo Recorder - descant/tenor version MHE 20206 - T or S - £6.00
Partita for Solo Recorder - treble version (MHE 20206a) - A - £6.00
Partita for solo Recorder - bass version (MHE 20206b) - £6.00
Sometimes calm, sometimes fast and rhythmic, but always interesting for player and audience alike. There are six varied movements which will challenge even a good player.

Fantasy on London's Burning (MHE 20121) - SA - £4.50
Steve wrote this for Flauto Dolce to surprise a recorder-sceptical audience: it begins simply and becomes much "cleverer".
Bach To The Future (MHE 30121) - SATBGbCb - £14.00
Minuet in G BWV Anh. 114; Schaff's mit mir, Gott BWV 514; Musette in D BWV Anh. 126. Written for a massed playing session at the 2019 Autumn Recorder Orchestra Weekend: if J S Bach had had the opportunity of listening to some 20th century jazz and blues, some of his music would have turned out a little differently.
Miniature Suite for Harpsichord and Recorders (MHE 11206a) Harps.SATBGbCb - £16.00
Intrada; Lament; Dance. Originally written for harp and recorders and rearranged the suite for use at the 2012 Northern Recorder Course, when Rosemary Robinson was the harpsichord player. The recorder parts are of moderate difficulty only.
Microsuite for Sopranino and Eight Foot Orchestra (MHE 70121) - Sno.+TTBGbCb - £13.00
Written as a contrast for an easy day for playing at eight-foot, where the highest instrument was the tenor and the instrumentation of most pieces was TTBGtCt. With Microsuite, the orchestra was joined by Helen Hooker as sopranino soloist. The solo part is modestly difficult, and the orchestra parts are quite easy. Total performance time is about six minutes.

By Steve & Ann Marshall
Taking Centre Stage (MHE 61120) - SATB £10.50
The Calm Tenor of Life; Go on, Lend us a Tenor; Love me Tenor; Tenor Penny.
Steve says: "Ann and I wrote this set of pieces for a course at an easier intermediate playing standard. There were a lot of tenor players on the course, so we thought that with that safety in numbers we could write tenor parts that were rather harder and rather more exposed than tenor parts tend to be at that level. The tenors would hence take centre stage. There are four pieces in this eight-minute suite."

See You Soon (MHE 60121) - SATBGb £7.00
Steve says: "Ann and I wrote 'Gweld chi cyn bo hir' as an end-of-course piece at a yearly event we run in mid-Wales. We used the Welsh title on the course but, much as we like the Welsh language, we thought that publishing it with the title in English would be a little better for sales. The music is of easy-moderate difficulty and includes a great bass part (we had several greats on the course)."

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MHE 21222 Five Folk Songs arr. Rosemary Robinson for 3 AAB, £11.50
The Lark in the Clear Air; A-Roving; Ca' The Yowes; Flowers in the Valley; The Raggle-Taggle Gypsies-oh! First performed at the October Recorder Festival 2022. Total playing time is about ten minutes. Inventive and not difficult.

MHE 60822 Two Chansons by Crecquillon arr. Ann Marshall for 4 ATTB, £5.50
Quand me souvient de ma triste fortune; Response: Un triste coeur. Thomas Crecquillon (1505–1557) was born in the Low Countries and, as far as we know, lived there all of his life. The total playing time of these two beautiful pieces is about four minutes. Straightforward and beautiful.

MHE 31222 Suite in the Olden Style by Rosemary Robinson for SATTB & spinet, £16.00|
Intrada; Lament; Courtly Dance; Estampie.First performed at the October Recorder Festival, with the spinet part played by the composer. The movements use elements of Renaissance and Medieval style, while still sounding like 21st-C music. Total playing time is about nine minutes. Piano can be used instead of spinet.

MHE 40822 Traditional Tunes from Gloucestershire; Anon arr. Ann & Steve Marshall for SATBGbCb, £12.50
The tunes in this six-minute medley are a mixture of vigorous dances and gentler music, and they were all collected by Cecil Sharp in various parts of Gloucestershire between 1907 and 1913.

MHE 50822 Air ‘on the G string’ by Bach arr Steve Marshall for SATBGbCb, £7.00
The much-arranged favourite by J S Bach, this time arranged for six recorder parts. Ignoring any consideration of ‘authenticity’, it works well one-to-a-part or as an orchestra. Playing time is about four minutes.

MHE 11022 Four Warwickshire Portraits by Steve Marshall, for SATTBGbCb, £23.00
The Great Fire of Warwick; Stoneleigh Abbey; The Ribbon Weavers; Crackley Wood. Written for the SRP Warwick branch’s 50th anniversary, inspired by places or events in the history of Warwickshire. A substantial (fifteen-minute) work verging on a symphony. It is, however, of no more than moderate difficulty. Although the great bass and contrabass parts are desirable, the piece also works well without them.

MHE 30822 Four French Chansons by Lassus arr. Ann Marshall for SATTBBCbCb, £14.00
Gallans qui par terre; Avec le jour; Bonjour mon coeur; Un jour vis un foulon. Four-part French-language chansons from 'The Lassus Collection' (MHE 30813) converted them into larger-scale works for orchestra. A great sound! Total playing time is about six minutes.

MHE 10822 Melancholy Introduction and Fugue by Steve Marshall for SATTBBGbCb, £10.00
Written for courses with a ‘harder orchestra’ stream, to give the players something challenging, but not completely beyond them. The introduction is slow and fairly straightforward, but the difficulty is in the fugue, where the subject is angular, fast and not always in a friendly key. Total playing time is about five minutes.

MHE 20822 Concertino by Steve Marshall for SATTBBGbCb & soprano saxophone, £18.00
This ten-minute, three-movement concertino hence had its first performance at a massed playing session late in 2022. The saxophone part certainly has its difficulties, but is not virtuosic, and the music for the orchestra is no harder than moderate. First performed by Helen Jones.

MHE 11222 Culford Suite by Rosemary Robinson for SoSATTBBGbCb, £18.00
Prelude; Under the October Twilight; Ceilidh. First performed at the October Recorder Festival in 2022. Total duration of about ten minutes.

From Tinderbox

By David Moses:
TBRG0009 Kalamatianoi & Syrtoi - £6.50
Two of the most common types of circular folk dance found throughout the Greek Islands and mainland. Each dance is based on a three step pattern. The 7/4 meter of Kalamatianoi suggests two short and one long step. This pattern is reversed for the calypso-like 4/4 rhythm of Syrtoi.
TBRG0010 Phrygian Fandango - £5.00
The grandeur and passion of Flamenco dance are captured by the stately and hypnotic rhythm of a fandango written in the Phrygian mode. All parts sit comfortably within range and the slow tempo means that semiquavers move precisely, but at a steady pace.
TBRG0011 Rocky Road to Dublin - £5.50
This boisterous traditional slip jig (in 9/8 as opposed to the 6/8 meter of an ordinary Irish jig), has lyrics which relate the adventures of a country lad whose journey southwards to Dublin ends up in Liverpool.
TBRG0012 Waltz for a Quadruped - £6.00
The most obvious rhythmical feature of a waltz is that every bar contains one more beat than each dancer has legs. This haunting and lyrical piece is no different to any other waltz in that respect.
TBRG0017 Dune Tune - £3.00
A piece inspired by music of the Mande people from West Africa. This simple piece was written at the suggestion of Steve Marshall. It had to be short and simple enough for inclusion in the Recorder Magazine centre spread.

5 recorders
TBRG0013 Ambling for 5 AATTB £6.50
Ambling is a process of setting out on a leisurely journey with no very clear idea of one's destination, but with the intention of being delighted with whatever one finds. This journey is unmistakably through parts of rural England.
TBRG0014 Only Joe King for 5 SATBGb £7.50
The best remembered compositions of New Orleans cornet player Joe 'King' Oliver are Chimes Blues and Doctor Jazz. This arrangement has optional parts for contra bass recorder and ukelele
TBRG0015 Jonesville Jump for 5 SATTB(Opt.Gb) £7.50
Tony Dorsey was a famous trombonist and band leader whose music was popular during the 1940s. One night he came to David Moses in a dream and dropped this big band swing tune into his head.

6 recorders
TBRG0003 Portative Parallels for 6 AATTBB £5.00
David's use of parallel fifths and C14th cadences evokes the sound of portative organ. Although this is an entirely original piece, lovers of Early Music will feel completely at home.
TBRG0005 Twilight Garden for 6 AATTBB £5.50
David uses one of his songs for children as a basis for this melodic and reflective evocation of a summer evening. The mood is calm and warm. Melodies and harmonies are soft and inviting.

7 recorders
TBRG0004 QuintEssentials for 7 SAATTBGb £12.00
A stimulating, challenging and rewarding exploration of some different ways in which quintuple metre is used in Balkan music. The variety is surprising, ranging from wild and frenetic through sedate and folksy to graceful and stately.

8 recorders
TBRG0002 Poios den exei agapesei for 8 SoSATTBBGb £8.50
Lively traditional Greek folk dance in 9/8 time. Each bar is subdivided into 2 2 2 3 beats to facilitate the short short short long pattern of dance steps. Once you get the hang of the rhythm, it's very jolly and not too challenging.
TBRG0016 Three Gardens for 8 SAATTBGbCb £9.00
Giverny (Monet's garden), Sissinghurst (created by Vita Sackville-West in Kent) and Ninfa in the province of Latina, south of Rome, provide the inspiration for these three pieces which attempt to capture the essence of these beautiful but wildly different gardens.

Recorder orchestra
TBRG0007 Hubble Bubble Blues for SoSAATTBBGbCbSCb £7.50
A 12 bar blues for recorder chamber orchestra, with a loping 7 beats to the bar. Melodic references to Arabic music suggest that a dhow might have strayed onto the Mississippi.
TBRO0001 Rigs, Jigs and Reels (revised 2009) for SoSSAATTBBGbCb £22.00
An arrangement in three movements of Irish traditional music for recorder orchestra (sopranino, descant 1 & 2, treble 1 & 2, tenor 1 & 2, bass 1 & 2, great bass, contra bass). Written for the first London recorder orchestra and performed more recently by the National Youth Recorder Orchestra, the piece lasts for approximately fifteen minutes with lively jigs, reels and hornpipes weaving in and out of beautiful ballads and laments.
TBRO0002 Latin American Suite (2010) for SoSSAATTBBGbCbSCb £15.00
Milonga, Songo and Samba for recorder orchestra (sopranino, descant 1 & 2, treble 1 & 2, tenor 1 & 2, bass 1 & 2, great bass, contra bass and massed feet). Passionate and highly rhythmic.
TBRO0004 Five Strong Colours (2010) for SoSSAATTBBGbCb £15.00
A reworking of the 2003 suite for recorder orchestra and massed feet. Lush harmonies and poignant melodies intermingle with wild and jaunty dance tunes to evoke the earlier part of the 20th century
TBRO0005 Block Out for SoSSAATTBBGbCb £12.00
Big band jazz for recorder orchestra. The rhythmic and harmonic language is that of bebop rather than the gentler swing era.
TBRO0006 Toot'n the Blooz for SoSSAATTBBGbCbSCb £10.00
If a recorder orchestra were minded to play in a Dixieland style, it would sound like this.
TBRG0007 Glory Days & Hallelujah Nights for SoSSAATTBBGbCb £14.00
Let the recorder orchestra sing and shout. A celebration of the many diverse styles which get grouped together under the heading of African American Gospel Music
TBRG0008 Khayelitsha Sunrise for SoSAATTBBGbCbSCb, £12.50
Khayelitsha is one of South Africa's fastest growing townships, home to people from different cultural backgrounds. This music reflects the tensions, vitality and hopefulness of this dynamic community.

By Scott Joplin, arr. David Moses
TBRO0003 Gladiolus Rag for SoSSAATTBBGbCb £12.00
TBRO0003a Gladiolus Rag for SoSSAATTBBGb £12.00
Joplin at his most refined and melodic. Surely one of the most attractive of all his ragtime compositions.

TBRG0006 Maurice Ravel - String Quartet in F for SoSAATTB£BGbCbSCb £15.00
The first movement employs the full range and resources of a recorder chamber orchestra to cover Ravel's four string parts.

From MUST Music

EMR 23298 - Bach, J S - Badinerie from the Orchestral Suite BWV 1067 - 1 A & pno £6.30
EMR 25293 - Chopin - 2 Preludes - 1 B & pno - £6.30
EMR 25374 - Bartok - 3 Romanian Folk Dances - 1 S & pno/org - £7.30
EMR 25459 - Caplet - Adagio - 1 A & pno/org - £6.30
EMR 25746 - Carulli - Andante Affettuoso - 1 A & pno/org - £6.30
EMR 27138 - Massenet - Elegy - 1 A & pno/org - £5.20
EMR 27254 - Bizet - Carmen Act III (Entr'acte) - 1 B & pno/org - £5.20
EMR 27360 - Bizet - I Love You - 1 S & pno/org - £5.20
EMR 27584 - Cui - Lullaby - 1 S & pno/org - £5.20
EMR 27644 - Berlioz - Hungarian March from The Damnation of Faust - 1 T & pno/org - £7.30
EMR 27702 - Verdi - Triumphal March from Aida - 1 B & pno/org - £7.30
EMR 27814 - Rachmaninov - Nocturne - 1 B & pno/org - £7.30
EMR 29202 - Debussy - Reverie - 1 A & pno/org - £6.30
EMR 29258 - Bellini - Romance in F major - 1 A & pno/org - £6.30
EMR 29434 - Dvorak - Romantic Piece op 75/1 - 1 A & pno/org - £6.30
EMR 29492 - Donizetti - Una Furtiva Lachrima from L'Elisir d'Amore - 1 A & pno/org - £6.30
EMR 30231 - Joplin - The Sycamore - 1 A & pno/org - £6.30
EMR 30699 - Donizetti - Una Furtiva Lachrima from L'Elisir d'Amore - 1 S & pno/org - £6.30
EMR 30937 - Satie - 3 Gymnopedies - 1 S & pno/org - £7.30
EMR 31272 - Thomas - Gavotte from Mignon - 1 T & pno - £6.30
EMR 34076 - Clarke - An Autumn Day (Scherzo) - 1 A & pno - £6.30
EMR 34547 - Clarke - The Best of Herbert L Clarke - 1 B & pno - 22.80
EMR 35026 - Gourlay - A Scottish Cradle Song - 1 B & pno - £7.30
EMR 35175 - Joplin - Magnetic Rag - 1 S & pno - 24.90
EMR 37011 - Gershwin - Slap that Bass - 1 B & pno - £6.30
EMR 37814 - Lehar - Gold and Silver - 1 A & pno - £6.30
EMR 38039 - Youmans - Tea for two - 1 A & pno - £6.30

From Mayhill

MHE 10519 Ann Marshall - Contraband (2 CbCb) £5.00
Steph Sutherland asked me if I could write something for her, using the unusual instrumentation of two contrabasses. The result is this five-movement, six-minute suite. The most obvious problem with music for two contrabasses is that simple human need to breathe, and reasonably often too. There are a reasonable number of short rests built into the music, but in any case contrabass players are a resourceful lot, and will no doubt find a way to make it work. Unsurprisingly the piece also works fine on two basses.

MHE 30717 Ann Marshall - Ann's Choice: Volume 10 (3 AAB) £5.00
Sit Down and Sing (Weelkes). Ah me! My mistress scorns my love (Bateson) Where Art Thou, Wanton? (Morley) There is not much music for adults that is both interesting and easy. I hope that 'Ann's Choice' will help to fill the gap. Volume 10 comprises arrangements of three three-part English madrigals for TrTrB recorders. The madrigals are by three giants of madrigal composition – Weelkes, Bateson and Morley. In these pieces they demonstrate their ability to write very interesting music that is straightforward to play and that is in only three parts.

MHE 11118 Steve Marshall - Low-Down Blues (3 TBB) £8.00
Steve says: 'I wrote this miniature suite at the request of the trio Polyphonica, to whom it is dedicated. They wanted something jazzy for low instruments, lasting no more than five minutes so, in accordance with the brief, the five tiny pieces in Low-down Blues last precisely five minutes, and it is for tenor and two basses. But it is not easy music! Nevertheless, if you are up to it, I think the suite is exciting, and a bit of a crowd-pleaser!'

MHE 10518 Ann Marshall - The Monmouth Rag (4 SATB) £4.00
This is a bright and breezy bit of ragtime, which I wrote for the centre spread of the Recorder Magazine. The piece is not particularly easy to play, because the quavers are swung, and the rhythms may be unfamiliar to some recorder players. But persevere –“ the Monmouth Rag always goes down well with audiences!

MHE 10818 Rosemary Robinson - Avon Valley Suite (5 SATBGb) £13.50
Pageant - Fantasia - Spinning Song - Elegy - Jig. The Avon Valley Suite adds to quite a short list of modern pieces where the lowest instrument is the lovely great bass. This ten-minute suite is dedicated to Ruth Burbidge.

MHE 40117 Ann Marshall - Three Pinwood Miniatures (6 SAATBGb) £8.50
In Stoke Woods - By Pin Brook - Dancing at the Arena. Ann says: "This suite is dedicated to Ashley Allerton, who has been a constant supporter of my compositions for many years. Ashley is a great bass specialist, hence the rather unusual instrumentation of these pieces, and I ensured that the great bass plays a very important role in proceedings. The titles of these short pieces refer to three places just to the north of Exeter. Total playing time is about six minutes."

MHE 10416a Orlando Lassus, arr Ann Marshall - Two Settings of Da Pacem Domine (6 SSAATB) £7.00

MHE 11116 Ann Marshall - Hoddesdon Suite (Spinet SATBGbCb) £16.50
Ann says: "By 2016 I had been involved in several performances featuring recorder ensembles together with the spinet playing of Rosemary Robinson, including Rosemary's own marvellous Divertimento. I was inspired by the gorgeous sound of spinet and recorders, and wrote my three-movement Hoddesdon Suite for a performance at the Autumn Recorder Orchestra Weekend held in November 2016 in Hoddesdon, near Hertford. The soloist, naturally enough, was Rosemary, and my suite is dedicated to her. The orchestral parts of this eleven-minute piece are of no more than moderate difficulty."

MHE 10918 Steve Marshall - Bagatelle for Clarinet and Recorder Sextet (Clarinet, SAATTB) £7.50
Steve says: "I was asked if I had any music for clarinet and recorder ensemble. I realised that '˜Fun Little Tunes for Harriet's Bassoon' (MHE40808), for bassoon and recorders would work well, with some reworking, and here it is –“ reborn as a Bagatelle. The clarinet is capable of many moods, but this piece concentrates on the quirky and playful side of its personality. It does get a bit romantic in the slower middle section, but quirkiness is quickly restored and lasts until the very end, when the piece confidently ends in what is more than likely the 'wrong' key. Four minutes of musical fun!"

MHE 10418 Steve Marshall - The Bold Pirate (6 SATBGbCb) £9.00
Steve wrote this set of variations at the request of the Bristol-based sextet the Bristowe Consort, as part of their twentieth birthday celebrations. The tune on which the piece is based is the traditional 'The Bold Pirate', and its many verses begin with ''Twas on the 12th of March, my boys, from Bristol we set sail'. Total playing time of this moderately difficult piece is about six minutes.

MHE 10119 Rosemary Robinson - Dunholm Suite (6 SAATTB) £12.50
This piece was commissioned by the Durham and Newcastle Branches of the Society of Recorder Players, for that organisation's National Festival, held in April 2019. This nine-minute suite is beautiful, and is not difficult to play. At the festival itself a version of Dunholm Suite for eight-part recorder orchestra was used.

MHE 20119 Rosemary Robinson - Dunholm Suite (8 SATTBBGbCb) £13.50
Intrada - Farne Song - Round Dance. This piece was commissioned by the Durham and Newcastle Branches of the Society of Recorder Players, for that organisation's National Festival, held in April 2019. This nine-minute suite is beautiful, and is not difficult to play. A six-part version (without big basses) is also available, as MHE 10119.

MHE 10219 Steve Marshall - Inspired by Elizabeth (TTBGbCbCb opt.SubCb) £16.50
Sweet Suffolk Owl - Balulalow (Lullaby) - The Female Highwayman.
Steve says: "I wrote this set of pieces for the Mellow Tones Recorder Orchestra (METRO), Helen Hooker's eight-foot recorder orchestra - hence the unusual combination of instruments. METRO rehearses near Stevenage, and I found that the composer Elizabeth Poston was born, lived and died in that town. So writing music related to Stevenage became a possibility, although the relationship turned out not to be all that obvious, and is too involved to go into here! Suffice it to say that I was variously inspired by Elizabeth Poston's choice of sources, and I hope that I managed to unite everything into a coherent suite by using a definite hint of jazz, and some similar and exciting rhythms. Please note that I used none of Elizabeth Poston's own music - just as well, because she will remain in copyright for some years! Performance time is about eight minutes.'

MHE 10416 Orlando Lassus, arr Ann Marshall - Two Settings of Da Pacem Domine (8 TTBBGbCb opt. SubCb) £9.00
Da Pacem Nobis 1582 - Da Pacem Nobis 1556. Ann says: 'I made these arrangements for the first season of the Mellow Tones Recorder Orchestra –“ the eight-foot orchestra set up and conducted by Helen Hooker. For the uninitiated, the smallest instrument included in an eight-foot recorder orchestra is the tenor, and such a group makes a wonderfully mellow sound. I thought that the two settings of Da Pacem Domine by Lassus would give the orchestra an opportunity to play something of great beauty. The total playing time of these settings is four minutes at the marked speeds. but the pieces also work extremely well when played more slowly.'

From Orpheus Music, Australia

by Lance Eccles
OMP292 - Ambush in the Garden for AT, £11.66
Based around the imagery of ambushes in a garden! 1 Praying Mantis 2 Assassin Bug 3 Tiger Beetle 4 Dragonfly 5 Leaf-curl Spider 6 Ant Lion 7 Spider-hunting Wasp 8 Robber Fly
OMP293 - Three Chorales for recorder quartet (SATB & opt extra Bass, £15.00
O Come all ye faithful; Guide me, O thou Great Jehovah - John Hughes; Now Thank We All Our God - Johann Cruger
OMP295 - 8 Quartets on The Bird Fancyer's Delight - SATB, £19.40
Canary Bird No. 1; Canary Bird No.2; Linnet No. 1; Linnet No.2; Parrot; Sky Lark; Starling; Bull Finch
OMP296 - Duets for Lorraine, for AT, £15.00
Based on folk/traditional songs: Bavarian Maid; At the Beemster Fair; Yellow Rose of Texas; She moved through the fair; Isa Lei; Aloha ~~~~~oe - Queen Lili~; Narva March of Charles XII of Sweden; Londonderry Air; How culd I leave you?; Let us with a Gladsome Mind
OMP297 - The Sleeping Princess for ATB, £14.00
A musical story of Sleeping Beauty.
OMP298 - Night Sky for ATB, £12.70
Moonrise; Southern Cross; Day Break
OMP299 - 4 German Maytime Songs for SATTB, £16.90
Der Mai ist gekommen (May has arrived); Lustiger Mai (Joyful May); Wie schon bluht uns der Maien (How lovely the Maytime blooms); Komm, lieber Mai (Come Sweet May)
OMP300 - At the Royal Ball for SATB, £14.00
Entry of the Lords and Ladies; Entry of the Royal Princesses; Entry of the Celebrated Courtesan; Entry of the King and QueenOMP302 - Protest March for ATTB, £13.60
March to the Town Hall; Sit-in; Street Battle
OMP294 - Phoebe by Rupert Kirby and Don Quixote/Allin a' Dale by Benjamin Thorn, both for 1 S & pno, £11.00
OMP301 - Broken Landscape by Ryan Williams for Sopranino solo, £8.00
Broken Landscape began as a musical reflection on the Black Saturday bushfires (2009), one of the worst bushfires to occur in Australia, and its impact on local wildlife. Whilst I was composing the piece in 2019, devastating fires began in New South Wales and Queensland killing a massive population of native wildlife and burning more than 3.1 million hectares of bushland. This piece comprises many notated sounds of Australian animals, usually making alert or alarm calls.
This work was comissioned by Zana Clarke to celebrate 25 years of Orpheus Music and 20 years if them publishing Australian Music.

Lance Eccles:
OMP 303 Three Little Tardigrades for 4 ATTB £14.00
OMP 305 Boats on the Lake for 3 ATB £14.00
OMP 306 Winter in the Forest for 3 ATB £13.80
OMP 307 Beneath the Sea for 4 SATB £13.80
OMP 310 Gregorian Fantasy: Rorate Caeli (Rain Down Dew O Heavens) for 5 SATTB £13.80
OMP 311 Six Melodies from Der Fluyten Lusthof for 2 AT £13.80
OMP 313 Wetlands for 2 AT £16.50
OMP 314 In the Eucalyptus Forest for 2 AT £14.80

Benjamin Thorn:
OMP 304 Birds for C for 2 AT £11.00
OMP 308 Travellers for 3 SAB £16.50
OMP 309 Dancing with a Cabbage for 3 SAT & harp (or harpsichord or piano) £14.80

OMP 312 Ros Bandt: Frangipani Walk and Back to Ubud for recorder in F (1 A) £11.00
OMP 315 David Hamilton: Whirligig for 4 ATBGb £17.50
(Winner of the Orpheus Music Composition Competition 2020)
OMP 316 Marty Pervan: Hindsight for 4 SATB £17.50
OMP 317 Fiona Loader: Rose Garden Suite for 4 SATB £13.80
OMP 318 Kym Dillon: Sketches of White Wings for 4 A/S A/S A/B A.Gb £17.50
OMP 319 Katia Geha: Imploding Mango for 4 SATB £14.50
OMP 320 Chris Adams: Fugue & Dance: MMXX for 4 SATB £27.00

From Annabel Knight

Recorder player Annabel Knight has launched her own range of recorder arrangements for ensembles at three different levels, Launchpad, Music-Makers and Small Ensemble. They are all arranged by herself:


AK-LP01 M Simons - The Peanut Vendor for 5-6 SSAA/TTB (opt) £10.00
Small Ensemble
AK-SE01 J Kosma - Autumn Leaves for 5 AATBGb £11.50
AK-SE02 Anon - Green Sleeves to a Ground (from The Division Flute 1706) for 5 AATBGb £12.00
AK-SE03 J Bratton - The Teddy Bears' Picnic for 5 SATBGb doubling GkSoSAT £10.00
AK-SE07 Anon - English Nightingale for 5 SATBGb £10.00
AK-MM03 Anon - Circus Passamezzo for 7 S S/A AT T/B B Gb (opt) Cb (opt) £14.50
AK-MM01 Anon - Medieval Christmas Triptych for 7 S+So S/A ATT B B Gb Cb (opt) £13.50
AK-MM02 J B de Boismortier - Menuets from Sixieme Suite, op. 35 for 5 S S/A (opt) A A/T TB Gb (opt) Cb (opt) £10