Peacock Press : Books

ed. Gifford, Dolmetsch & Mezger - The Compleat Flute Master,

ed. & arr. James Merryweather - Dr Merryweather's Song-Booke, £22.50 (MERRYWEATHER)

Tim Cranmore - Obedience Training for Recorders, £13.00 (OTR)

Edgar Hunt - The Recorder and its Music, £14.45 (HUNT TRAM)

Francis Knights - Studying music without going to university: an alternative education, £11.95 (P-KNIGHTS1)
This short book suggests an alternative model of private study to academic music degrees, both flexible and economical, but sufficiently rigorous and comprehensive to give the student a thorough education in music. The method describes a syllabus designed for classical music, but it could easily be adapted for the study of any other style of music, such as jazz or pop.

Douglas Macmillan - The Small Flute Concerto in Early Eighteenth-Century London, £11.95 (P-Macmillan-SFC)
The use of fifth flute in c" (now known as the descant recorder) and sixth flute in d" was a peculiarly English phenomenon. This book presents Douglas's findings and places them in a historical perspective.

Douglas Macmillan - The Recorder in the Nineteenth Century Book, £16.00 (MACMILLAN)

Anne Martin - Musician for a While: a biography of Walter Bergmann, £17.95 (BERGMANNMFAW)

Andrew Mayes - Carl Dolmetsch and the Recorder Repertoire of the 20th Century, £30
Revised and updated. Explores in depth the repertoire chosen by recorder virtuoso Carl Dolmetsch for his concerts at the Wigmore Hall in London, 1939-89, including works by Lennox Berkeley, York Bowen, Arnold Cooke, Gordon Jacob and Edmund Rubbra. Andrew Mayes draws on correspondence and MS scores in the Dolmetsch Archive in Haslemere, places the music in context and surveys its influence.

Anthony Rowland-Jones - A Practice Book for the Treble Recorder, £8.00 (ROWLAND-JONES)

Anthony Rowland-Jones - Recorder Technique, £14.00 (ROWLANDJONESTECH)

Anthony Rowland-Jones - Introduction to the Recorder, £9.95 (ROWLANDJONESITTR)

Robert Salkeld - Teach the Recorder, £12.95 (RSTR)
A companion to his classic "Play the Recorder" series. Covers fingering, tonguing, articulation, breathing, playing in tune, tone and vibrato, plus beginner faults and a discussion of piano, guitar and percussion accompaniment. 69 pages.

John Turner - Composing for the Solo Recorder, £12.00 (TURNERCSR)

Kenneth Wollitz - The Recorder Book, £22.00 (WOLLITZ)
An inspiring and instructive guide for everyone who plays the recorder and who wants to play more beautifully and skilfully. From selecting a recorder to making it sing, from practising effectively to playing ensemble and enriching your repertoire, here is everything you need. To use this book is to have a uniquely gifted teacher at your side, encouraging you, providing you with specific help, and delighting you with his lively knowledge of the art of making music.