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A wide range of classical music for recorder at affordable prices, now being printed in the UK. All Polyphonic Publications editions feature either a score for each player or a score plus individual parts for each player. There are no difficult page turns to be found.

Instrumentation: Si - Sopranino; S - Soprano; A - Alto; T - Tenor; B - Bass; Gb - Great bass; Cb - Contrabass; Vi - Violin; V - Voice; C - Continuo; Pi - Piano; P - Percussion

Andresen, Ken

The Boxwood Bounce £5.75 - #64
SATB Difficult

Early American jazz stylings are evident in this original composition. Each instrument has an opportunity to "step out" a bit as this piece moves along in Dixieland fashion.

ed. - Crumhorn Collection £9.25 - #56
SATB Moderate

Seventeen of your favorite Renaissance dances, all of which are suitable for either crumhorn or recorder, will be found here. Included are: pavane, gaillarde, branle ronde, allemande, basse danse and tordion. But watch out for the hemiolas!


Bass Viol Bleu £4.75 - #8
ATTB Moderate

This blues oriented piece is wonderful for experiencing some of the rhythmic idioms of the jazz world. It also gives the bass recorder a chance to stretch out a bit, and is especially suitable for the addition of viol on the bass part, or all of the parts.

Mon Ami £4.75 - #29
SATB Difficult

Playing this piece is like going into a tight curve in a sports car. It's exciting, and gets increasingly rhythmic as it goes along. Fasten your neckstrap and take it for a ride.

Attaignant, Pierre

Dance Suite £6.00 - #52
SATB Moderate

This suite of five delightful French dances, including a pavenne, a gaillarde and three basse dances, will also work beautifully on crumhorns.

Auber, Daniel

Barcarole £5.25 - #107
SATB Moderate

From the opera known in England as Masaniello, the Barcarole is a chorus of fishermen who, in the early dawn, are contemplating the bloodthirsty mission to which Masaniello has roused them. But, shorn of its lurid operatic context, I hope recorder players will find in this little piece, arranged by Paul Clark, to be a charming Aubade.

Bach, Johann Christian

Sinfonia No. 3 £6.50 - #35
AATB Moderate

When you think of Bach, you probably think of J.S. You're in for a surprise with this wonderful piece by the youngest of his sons.

Bach, Johann Sebastian

Allegro from Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 £7.75 - #46
AAAB Very Difficult

The genius of Bach shines in this adaptation for recorder; evidence of how well his superbly constructed music works on instruments other than those for which it was conceived.

Andante from Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 £4.50 - #49
SAAB Moderate

The beautiful interweaving counterpoint of the upper three lines in this movement contrasts dramatically with the continuo style bass line. A perfect introduction to these concertos.

Aria from Orchestral Suite No. 3 £4.75 - #6
ATBB Moderate

This beautiful aria is wonderful to listen to and delightful to play. The second bass part is an excellent opportunity for gambas.

Badinerie £4.50 - #116
SAAB Moderate

Long one of the most delightful encore type pieces, this popular tune from the Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B minor is a tried and true crowd pleaser. The soprano (solo) part is a real flyer; you'll love it.

Brandenburg Concerto No. 6 £20.50 - #47
AATTBB Very Difficult

A tour de force for recorders, this concerto will be a challenge to any players wishing to experience its intricacies first hand. The second movement is scored AABB, giving additional ensemble and performance alternatives.

Canon £4.00 - #10

This short but perfect canon reveals the essence of Bach in crystalline form.

Contrapunctus IX £7.25 - #13
SATB Difficult

Bach the teacher is evidenced in his contrapuncti contained in the Art of Fugue. This is one of the most interesting.

Es woll' uns Gott genädig sein £3.75 - #18

Every music theory student studies the chorales of Bach when learning the basic rules of harmony. That they are also musical masterpieces is the bonus. This is a rarely heard example of the genre.

Fuga I from The Well-Tempered Clavier, vol. I £5.25 - #20
SATB Difficult

The Well-Tempered Clavier contains preludes and fugues intended to demonstrate the possibility of playing in tune in all keys. These fugues are examples of Bach's extraordinary creativity.

Fuga II from The Well-Tempered Clavier, vol. I £4.00 - #84
ATB Difficult

Arranged by Friedrich von Huene

Fuga V from The Well-Tempered Clavier, vol. I £5.25 - #21
SATB Difficult

Third in the series

Fuga V from The Well-Tempered Clavier, vol. II £5.25 - #22
SATB Difficult

Fourth in the series

Fuga VII from The Well-Tempered Clavier, vol. II £4.50 - #48
SAAB Moderate

Fifth in the series

Fuga XXI from The Well-Tempered Clavier, vol. I £4.00 - #89
ATGb Difficult

Arranged by Friedrich von Huene.

Fuge über ein Thema von Legrenzi £7.25 - #23
SATB Difficult

This seldom heard and complex fugue contains equal difficulty for the upper three voices while maintaining a relatively simple bass line.

Fugue in G minor £5.25 - #24
SATB Difficult

Perhaps the best known of the fugues, it is also one of the more melodic and relaxed examples.

Prelude & Fugue £6.75 - #173
ATBBCb Difficult

Brought to us by Norman Luff, this unusual prelude and fugue is beautifully arranged for low choir. You'll need a contrabass for this one.

Presto from Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 £8.75 - #59
AAATB Very Difficult

This very exciting movement contains the wonderful solo parts written especially for the recorder.

Sheep May Safely Graze £6.00 - #68
SAATTTB Difficult

This transcription leaves the original recorder duet intact while the soprano recorder plays the melody and the tenors and bass the string parts. It is a must for the church musician.

Two-Part Inventions £14.50 - #120
SB Difficult

These fifteen duets are arguably the finest examples of two part writing in western music. Presented here in their original keys, they represent the constant movement and perfect balance we have come to know as the hallmark of Bach's contrapuntal style. They will amaze and delight you.

Bateson, Thomas

Your Shining Eyes £4.50 - #65
SAT Moderate

The English madrigal is superbly represented here by one of the finest of its proponents. This trio is a delightful example of the genre.

Beethoven, Ludwig van

Allegretto from Symphony VII £5.00 - #81
SATB Moderate

The gentle beauty of Beethoven's symphony is superbly captured in this arrangement by David Goldstein.

Drei Equali £5.75 - #14

These unique quartets, originally written for trombone and played at Beethoven's funeral, are rarely heard delights which exemplify his choral style of composition.

Duet No. II £5.25 - #69
AT Difficult

Originally written for clarinet and bassoon, this fine three movement work is a delight for those looking for an alto-tenor duet. Arranged by John DeLucia, it is a marvelous representation of the classical style.

Bennet, John

All Creatures Now £5.75 - #3
SSATB Moderate

The flowering of the English madrigal is represented in this seldom heard piece. It is a song of shepherds, wood nymphs and all of nature's creations.

Weep, O mine eyes £5.75 - #172

Weep, O mine eyes, And cease not, Alas, these your springtides, Methinks, increase not. O when, begin you To swell so high That I may drown me in you?

Bevin, Elway

Browning £4.00 - #75
ATB Moderate

Some tunes seem to have attracted more than their share of attention from composers who enjoyed creating new settings on common themes. This is one of them. Arranged by a little known 16th century composer, it is full of the rhythmic intricacies and metric displacements we have come to associate with Browning.

Bizet, Georges

Galop from Jeux d'enfants, Opus 22 £7.00 - #141
SiSAATB Difficult

The genius of Bizet is well illustrated in this piece, from his suite, which has long delighted orchestral audiences.

Black, Johnny S.

Paper Doll £5.75 - #76
SATTBB(Gb) Moderate

This classic swing tune, written in 1915, has been set in a fine arrangement by Denis Bloodworth. It will make a great crowd pleasing encore at your next concert.

Bloodworth, Denis

arr. A Suite of Early English Keyboard Music £23.75 - #112

Denis Bloodworth has set his masterful hand to six familiar keyboard pieces for this superb addition to the recorder orchestra repertoire. Contained are March and Ayre by Jeremiah Clark, Gavotte by Samuel Arnold, Sarabande by Anthony Young, Rigadoon by Henry Purcell and Country Dance by Charles Dibdin.

arr. Renaissance Dance Suite No. 2 £20.00 - #179

Denis Bloodworth has brought us another wonderful collection of Renaissance dance pieces for recorder orchestra. The five movements are: Bergerette: Sans Roch, Pavane - Si par souffrir, Gaillarde: Le tout, Pavane: La Battaille, Passe et medio.

arr. Popular Renaissance Dances £23.00 - #138

These six Renaissance dances, two courantes, two pavanes, a galliard and a ronde are familiar to many players, but not set as they are here in eleven parts. Denis Bloodworth has given them new life along with their new sonorities and so this edition is a welcome addition to the growing recorder orchestra library.

Broege, Timothy

Meadows £9.25 - #83
SAATB Moderate

Wonderful expression and mixtures of moods in five movements mark this exciting new work by a rising composer. Hailed by numerous music associations for his compositional skills, Timothy Broege has turned here to the recorder for one of his finest musical statements.

Partita Marietta £12.00 - #159
SSAATTB Moderate

This marvelous new work, dedicated to the McCleskey Middle School Recorder Ensemble,Entry & Bergamasque; Chromatic Ground; High Dance; Low Dance; Diatonic Ground and Song With Variations.

Bruckner, Anton

Locus Iste £5.25- #176
SATB Moderate

Written by Bruckner for voices for the dedication of a chapel in Linz Cathedral. "This place was made by God, a pricelss mystery, it is without reproof. O God, before whom stands the choir of angels, give ear to the prayers of Thy servants. Alleluia. I will worship towards Thy holy temple: and I will give glory to Thy name. Alleluia."

Bull, John

Two Pavan and Galliard Pairs £6.25 - #111
SATB Moderate

What are given here, in this arrangement by Paul Clark, are the basic strains of each dance form, omitting the more ebullient variants with which the composer usually followed these simple statements to give each of the virginalist's hands the chance to dazzle with its dexterity (or surprise with its sinisterity!). Even so, the plainer strains given here show good examples of the briefer snatches of ornamentation common at the time.

Buxtehude, Dietrich

Canzona 10 £5.75 - #139
SATB Difficult

This beautiful canzona, arranged by Norman Luff, represents an important part of the German baroque tradition, this time portrayed by one of the lesser known but greatest organists of that period.

Wir Danken Dir, Herr Jesu Christ £5.75 - #168
SAAB Moderate

The German Lutheran organ stylings of Buxtehude ring through this gorgeous hymn tune. Arranged by Norman Luff, it is as satisfying on recorders as it is on keyboard.

Byrd, William

Christ Rising Again £5.25 - #67
AAATTB Moderate

A master of six-part writing, William Byrd has created in this work a marvelous madrigal. It is eminently playable and very well suited to recorders.

This Sweet and Merry Month of May £5.75 - #70
SSATTB Moderate

We find in this madrigal the usual change in meter as well as the beautiful changes in rhythmic texture we associate with the madrigal. It is one of the works which places Byrd amongst the foremost English madrigalists.

Cavendish, Michael

Come, Gentle Swains £5.75- #170
SSATB Moderate

Come, gentle swains, and shepherds' dainty daughters, Adorned with courtesy and comely duties. Come, sing and joy And grace with lovely laughters, The birthday of the beautiest of beauties. Then sang the shepherds and nymphs of Diana: Long live fair Oriana.

Chopin, Frederic

Etude, Opus 10/3 £7.50 - #142
SiSAATTBGb Difficult

Paul Clark brings one of the great examples of romanticism to the recorder with this arrangement. It is lush and filled with the unique beauty of Chopin.

Preludes Nos. 4, 6, 7 & 10 £7.75 - #33
SATB Moderate

The preludes of Chopin represent the lyric qualities of romanticism. The keyboard roots are evident in these arrangements, but their melodic and ensemble opportunities are considerable. A first-hand journey into Chopin for non-keyboardists.

Clark, Paul

Many Happy Returns £6.25- #108
SATB Moderate

The unusual time signature (17/8) of this composition by Paul Clark is just one of the clever devices used in his melodically interesting and rhythmically active piece. If you enjoy exploring the intricacies of unusual meter, you will love this palindrome of music.

arr. Fire Down Below £5.75- #110
SATTB Moderate

This arrangement by Paul Clark was originally made for an evening of informal playing at a summer school where transcriptions of fire music by Haydn, Mendelssohn, Robert Schumann, Vaughan-Williams and even Wagner were thrust before the unsuspecting players. This one scrap is all that survived the conflagration.

arr. Riturinu £5.25 - #109
SSA Moderate

What is said to be America's first native folk ballad is about one Timothy Myrick of Springfield, Massachusetts who died of a rattlesnake bite on August 7th, 1761. The ballad, arranged here by Paul Clark, was itself serious but soon got transformed into a comic music-hall song, in which form it rapidly spread across the nation on the wings of this jaunty little tune.

Courtois, Jean

Petit Jacquet £4.75- #32
SATB(opt.V) Moderate

An earthy vocal piece from the 16th century, the works are contained in all of the parts for those who would venture into singing.

Creamer, Henry and Turner Layton

After You've Gone £9.25 - #117


From the arranging pen of Denis Bloodworth comes this great old standard which is designed to turn your next big bash into a swinging dance band. If you haven't personally experienced the pleasure of the pop side of life, let this be your introduction.

Crequillon, Thomas

Four Chansons £7.50 - #152
SATB Moderate

Paul Clark has arranged four beautiful songs for us by this little known composer. They are: Fortune hellas que te peult profiter, Ton gentil corps, D'un petit mot en deux lettres compris and Tiens nos deux coeurs par un voloir unis.

D'Ayer, Nat

Oh! You Beautiful Doll £6.75 - #123
SATTBB Moderate

Everyone knows this classic from the flapper era, and it's as much fun as ever. Arranged by Denis Bloodworth, this addition to the "pops" literature is bound to delight players and audiences alike.

Debussy, Claude

Fanfare for a Procession £3.75 - #114

This short quartet arranged for basses is a delightful representation of the lighter side of Debussy. Used as an opener for a concert or just an enjoyable diversion, it cannot fail to please player and listener alike.

Dornel, Antoine

Sonate en Quatuor £10.00 - #38
AATB Difficult

This most unusual composition is a full four movement work written for recorder quartet. It contains all of the opportunities of a solo sonata for ornamentation and expression with good equality between the parts.

Dowland, John

Come Again £4.00 - #11
SAATB(opt.V) Easy

We have, in this song, written for voice and lute, a real treasure of melody and emotion. The inclusion of the words makes it most useful as a vocal solo with recorder accompaniment.

East, Michael

No haste but good! £5.75 - #103
SSATTB Moderate

The joy of being joined in love is the theme of this second of two matched madrigals by Michael East, the first being Quick, quick, away, dispatch! Enjoy them both.

Poor is the life £5.75 - #134
SSATTB Moderate

Poor is the life that misses the lover's greatest treasure. What is that treasure? Michael East tells all in this delightful madrigal, but you must try it to find out.

Quick, quick, away, dispatch! £5.75 - #102
SSATTB Moderate

The lure of the holiday! The eagerness to be off is the theme of this first of two matched madrigals by Michael East, the second being "No haste but good!"

Farmer, John

Fair Phyllis I saw £4.75 - #127
SATB Moderate

This gem of a madrigal by the little known English madrigalist John Farmer should be in everyone's repertoire. It sparkles at every turn and represents the very best of the genre.

Farnaby, Giles

A Giles Farnaby Suite £9.25 - #157
SATTB Moderate

The five movements in this wonderful arrangement by Denis Bloodworth are: His Humor, Farnabye's Conceit, A Toy, Giles Farnaby's Dream and His Rest.. They exemplify the beauty the Renaissance and demonstrate the genius of Giles Farnaby.

The Lord Zouche's Maske £11.00 - #93

Male chauvinism is a long time dying! This familiar and well loved tune has always been billed as The Lord Zouche's Maske. Surprise! The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book lists it as The Lady Zouche's Maske! Whatever its title, this wonderful arrangement by Paul Clark is a great addition to the recorder orchestra library for all to enjoy.

Fattorini, Gabriel

Ricercare £5.25 - #34
SATB Moderate

The word ricercare was used for various types of instrumental styles during the 16th and 17th centuries. This imitative example is a beautiful representation of the work of one of the lesser known composers.

Franck, Melchior

Du bist aller Dinge Schön £6.00 - #15
SSATB Moderate

From the German tradition known as lied, this song, Thou Art All Fair, is by one of the last of the masters.

Frescobaldi, Girolamo

Ricercare Nono £5.00 - #115
SAAB Moderate

From the fine arranging pen of Norman Luff, this work, by the great Italian organist of the 17th century, exemplifies the kind of thematic styling which later came to be known as the fugue.

Ricercare Primo £5.00 - #90
SAAB Moderate

This is a second in a series arranged by Norman Luff.

Ricercare Quinto £5.75 - #91
SATB Moderate

This ricercare, arranged by Paul Clark, is a wonderful complement to the other Ricercares of Frescobaldi. The styling is similar, but the material is completely different.

Ricercare Secondo £5.25 - #121
SATB Moderate

This is a third in a series arranged by Norman Luff.

Gibbons, Orlando

Dainty Fine Bird £4.75 - #50

Gibbons was one of the major composers of English madrigals. This lesser known example tells of the pain of that eternal theme of love.

O that the learned poets £5.75 - #133

Although a musician, Gibbons was not without an opinion when it came to poetry. That he was so well able combine the two arts is what lifted his work to the top.

The Silver Swan £6.00 - #41

As an example of the marriage of words and music, this madrigal is unsurpassed.

Trust Not Too Much, Fair Youth £4.75 - #66

Once again we find the eternal warning against vanity, this time in a madrigal full of warmth and humor.

What is our life? £5.25 - #171
SATTB Moderate

What is our life? A play of passion, Our mirth the music of division, Our mothers' wombs the tiringhouses be, Where we are dressed for this short comedy. Heaven the judicious sharp spectator is, That sits and marks still who doth act amiss, Our graves, that hide us from the searching sun Are like drawn curtains when the play is done, Thus march we, playing, to our latest rest, Only we die in earnest, that's no jest.

Gilbert, Ray & Edward "Kid" Ory

Muskrat Ramble £5.75 - #119
SATB Difficult

If ever there were a piece which exemplified Dixieland music, it is Muskrat Ramble. The "down home" bass line and the "tailgate" trombone/tenor part will make this arrangement a delight to your swinging nature. You'll feel like you're steaming down the Mississippi on a riverboat with Kid Ory when you play this tune.

Glinka, Michail

Overture to Russlan and Ludmila £28.75 - #106
SiSiSSAATTBGbCb Difficult

This wonderful romantic overture, arranged for recorder orchestra by Paul Clark, brings to us many of the exciting aspects of the romantic period which recorder players so frequently miss. You will find here the exciting rhythmic drive, colorful harmonies and modulations to remote keys which Glinka so masterfully created.

Gluck, Christoph

Dance of the Blessed Spirits £5.25 - #77

This is the perfect arrangement if you want your spirits raised. From the opera Orfeo ed Euridice, it is a great crowd pleaser.

Goldstein, David

Goodbye, Sweetheart £4.50 - #155
SA Moderate

Wherein thoughts and music concerning the realization of the half-century mark are proffered by the poet/composer David Goldstein. If you've already hit 50, you must play this piece. If you're hoping to hit 50 you'd better play it.

Isaiah 2:2-5 £4.75 - #125
SiSATBGbCbV Moderate

The unique compositional hand of David Goldstein has produced this most unusual work for recorder orchestra, including narrator and just a bit of unison singing. Taken from the Biblical text, it is a moving and inspirational piece, designed for the large group experience.

The Thirteen Colonies £17.25 - #149
SATB (recorders and/or viols) Moderate

With an overture, a departure, and a movement for each of the original colonies, this remarkable edition for recorders or viols by David Goldstein will be a centerpiece in your programme repertoire. David's special touch weaves a wonderful thread throughout the fabric of the music.

arr. Duets for Basses £8.00 - #61
BB Easy to Moderate

We have in this collection an intriguing set of twelve duets, including "Simple Gifts"," Adeste Fidelis" and "Battle Hymn of the Republic" arranged especially for bass recorders. David Goldstein has had many compositions and arrangements published, and this edition is a superb addition.

arr. Quartets for Basses £17.25 - #88
BBBB or TBBB Easy to Moderate

If you liked David's duets and trios, you will love his quartets. Ten more wonderful tunes, including "Now the Day is Over", "All Through the Night" and "Come, Thou Almighty King" for your bass quartet, with the option of substituting tenor on the top line. If you haven't tried this combination yet, it's time you did.

arr. Trios for Basses £8.75 - #62
BBB Easy to Moderate

Like the duet collection, these trios are eminently playable, and a delight to bass players everywhere. These ten hymns and traditional tunes, such as "Shenandoah", "Chester" and "America the Beautiful", will be enjoyed over and over.

Gossec, François

Joseph Tambourin £4.50 - #140

APi Moderate

If you're looking for something delightful, fun to play and easy to listen (and who isn't?) your search has ended. But beware, you'll probably wind up humming and whistling it also. This piece has been recorder by Michala Petri on her CD Greensleeves.

Gottschalk, Louis M.

Polka de Concert: Ses Yeux £8.50 - #144

SiSATB Difficult

An American composer during the Romantic period, Gottschalk made his mark on Europe as a pianist. This wonderful example of his work, which bears a considerable similarity of what later became known as ragtime, is arranged for us by Paul Clark.

Greaves, Thomas

Come away, sweet love £4.75 - #85
SSATB Moderate

This English madrigal, by a relatively unknown composer, is a wonderful example of the genre. It is full of delightful twists and turns, ins and outs and fa la las. You are invited to join with the nymphs in play and sport.

Green, Edward

Through the Seasons, with Persephone £34.75 - #154

This original composition by Edward Green, a professor of music at the Manhattan School of Music, is for an orchestra of at least 20 players. It expresses the great adventure of the earth and sky in the course of a year&emdash;how stillness and activity change places; how opulence gives way to starkness and how the seasons return in their ceaseless cycles.

Grieg, Edvard

Ave Maris Stella £5.25 - #147

A perfect piece for a workshop or society meeting, this meditative septet written by the leading Norwegian composer and arranged by Englishman Norman Luff will be easily learned and much enjoyed.

Ballad, Opus 65 £5.75 - #166

Another arrangement from the pen of Norman Luff, this exquisite ballad bears the unmistakable stamp of the Norwegian master.

Hjertesår - Elegiac Melody No. 1 £8.50 - #160

This eleven part recorder orchestra edition by Norman Luff will involve a large ensemble as you delve into the musical feelings evoked by such Nordic images as fjords, glacier capped cliffs and trolls.

Jeg Elsker Dig £6.75 - #161
AAATTBGbCb Moderate

Guaranteed to bring tears to the eyes of your Norwegian friends who hear it, this song, arranged by Norman Luff, has a title near and dear to our hearts. It means "I love You.".

Våren - Elegiac Melody No. 2 £8.50 - #150
SiSAAATTBGbCb Moderate

The haunting beauty of this recorder orchestra edition by Norman Luff will capture your hearts, especially those of you who remember I Remember Mama.

Händel, Georg Friedrich

Four Sonatas £5.75 - #19
A Difficult

These sonatas are amongst the best known of all the recorder sonatas, and are a must for developing players. This edition contains just the recorder parts, and is a companion to the CD which is also available.

Music Minus You - Four Recorder Sonatas £15.00 - #CD-1
Compact Disc

This accompaniment CD contains harpsichord alone on the left channel and recorder alone on the right. You will have three options in using it as you can listen to both parts together or each part individually. The recorder part has been kept very basic for reference purposes and the tempos conservative for practice purposes.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Fugue in A minor (G 194) £5.25 - #95
ATBCb Difficult

These six great keyboard fugues have been arranged for us by Friedrich von Huene. As you will see, they make use of the larger members of the recorder consort, thus bringing with them the rich depth of sound which these fugues seem to demand. Enjoy your great bass and contrabass as you experience these marvelous pieces.

Fugue in D minor (G 17) £5.75 - #96
ATBGb Difficult

Second in the series.

Fugue in D minor (G 27) £6.25 - #97
ATBCb Difficult

Third in the series.

Fugue in D minor (G 163) £6.25- #94
SATGb Difficult

Fourth in the series.

Fugue in D minor (G 264) £5.25 - #98
ATBGb Difficult

Fifth in the series.

Fugue in F (G 178) £5.75 - #99
SATB Difficult

Sixth in the series.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Pastoral Symphony from Messiah £4.50 - #31
AAB Moderate

The orchestral ensemble style of Händel is beautifully represented in this flowing pastoral.

Sonata in A minor £7.25 - #54
AC Difficult

This edition contains a wonderful new continuo realization by Barbara Kupferberg.

The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba £14.50 - #87
SiSSAATTTBGbCb Difficult

The Queen does not arrive without a flourish, and you will find her arrival exciting as you play through this terrific arrangement by Englishman Paul Clark. It is one of the growing number of pieces which calls for the full spectrum of the recorder range, creating a rich orchestral effect that you will love.

Three Fugues £9.25 - #80
ATGb; ABGb Difficult

These rarely heard fugues have been masterfully set by Friedrich von Huene. They are intended for low choirs, and have those correspondingly rich and wonderful sonorities. Not for the faint of heart, but well worth the effort.

Hilling, Lyndon

Midsummer Meadow Suite £18.00 - #63
SiSAATTBGbCb Moderate

Written in 1988 by this English composer, we have here a tour de force for large recorder ensemble. It is evocative, thoughtful, fun to play and eminently listenable. It is a real centerpiece for any recorder concert.

Holborne, Anthony

Three Galliards £5.25 - #71
SAATB Moderate

These are three delightful galliards that you haven't seen before by one of the greatest writers of the Renaissance period.

Ippolitov-Ivanov, Michail

Bless the Lord, O my soul £5.25 - #9

This classic choral benediction, a favorite piece for many years amongst church choristers, works beautifully on recorders.

Joplin, Scott

Pine Apple Rag £4.00 - #78

SATB Moderate

Talk about early music; this piece represents the roots of early jazz. Joplin was one of our greatest American composers, and this is a terrific example of his work.

Weeping Willow £7.00 - #169

ATTBBGb Moderate

This edition represents a combination of the compositional skill of Scott Joplin and the arranging skill of John Nelson. It is ragtime at its very best.

Kirbye, George

See what a maze of error £5.25 - #129
SSATB Moderate

The error in this wonderful madrigal by George Kirbye (not the ghost) is, like many of its contemporaries, about the fortunes and misfortunes of love. Regardless of your love life, however, you will love this little labyrinth.

Lasso, Orlando di

Echo Song (Ola! o che bon echo) £6.50 - #16
SATBSATB(Double Choir) Moderate

If you have been looking for a double choir piece, this is a fine one. The second choir is a duplicate of choir one, but displaced by a half measure. It is delightful programming, and makes for some real rhythmic interest and fun.

Le Jeune, Claude

Revecy £5.75- #175
SAATB Difficult

This very early and exciting rondo alternates between 6/8 and 3/4 time, a rhythmic idea reprised many years later by Leonard Bernstein in "I want to be in America".

Liadov, Anatoli

Six Russian Folksongs £14.50 - #86
SSAAATTBCb(SiP) Moderate

The beauty and depth of Russian choral music is represented in this excellent arrangement by the master recorder maker Friedrich von Huene. The expansiveness of the music is expressed through the diverse instrumentation. A wonderful journey into little explored literature for recorders.

MacDowell, Edward

Midsummer £7.50 - #145
SiSAATTBGbCb Moderate

MacDowell was an American composer, pianist and teacher, considered by many to be the most original and gifted of his day. This melodic beauty, arranged by Paul Clark, is a most welcome addition to the recorder orchestra repertoire.

Massenet, Jules

Meditation from Thaïs £4.75 - #148
AC Moderate

This is one of those beautiful, haunting melodies which has enriched the world by its very presence. You will leave your audience spellbound with this piece at your next performance.

Werther's Aria £6.75 - #162
SAATTB Moderate

The drama of this beautiful aria is exquisitely expressed in Paul Clark's arrangement for recorder orchestra.

Mendelssohn, Felix

"Lift Thine Eyes" from Elijah £3.25 - #57
SAA Easy

Although not well known, this trio from the oratorio is a beautiful delight for everyone, and very accessible to younger players. It also works beautifully on TTB

Nocturne from A Midsummer Night's Dream £3.25 - #30
SAA Easy

This is another very beautiful trio, slow and emotive, which works well for low choir.

Pilgrims' Chorus from Italian Symphony, Opus 90 £7.50 - #153
SiSATTB Difficult

This arrangement by Paul Clark is a compelling addition to the romantic repertoire for recorder. The great bass and contrabass can be added for great depth of sound.

Morley, Thomas

Fyer, fyer! £6.00 - #174
SSTTB Moderate

Fyer, fyer! My heart! O help! Alas! O Help! I sit and cry me, And call for help, alas, But none comes nigh me! O, I burn me! Alas! I burn! Ay me! Will none come quench me? O cast water on, Alas, and drench me.

Hard by a crystal fountain £6.50 - #100
SSATTB Moderate

This wonderful madrigal by one of the greatest madrigalists brings us the singing of the birds, the nymphs and even Diana in praise of the fair Orianna as she lies sleeping.

My bonny lass she smileth £4.75 - #132
SATTB Moderate

Ah, the cruel fate of a beguiled lad when the smile of his bonny lass works its magic on him. Let the beauty of Morley's music work its magic on you.

Sing we and chant it £4.00 - #45
SSATB Moderate

Singers know this madrigal well. It speaks of the fading of youth and invites us to live in pleasure. Don't try to resist this one.

Though Philomela lost her love £4.50 - #42
TTB Moderate

Philomela's lover has been lost and lives in pain! Oh what a fool he is!

Whither away so fast £4.50 - #136
SSA Moderate

It seems Morley's lover would run away, or would she? Will he catch her? Will she not stop and wait one last time? Ah, romance!

Morton, Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll Blues £5.75 - #73
SSATB Difficult

This arrangement is faithful in every possible way to the early performances of jazz roots. It's not quite Dixieland and it's not quite ragtime. You'll have to discover it for yourself. This is definitely one for you jazz lovers out there.

Milenberg Joys £6.00 - #122
SATTB Moderate

If you like Dixieland music you will love this standard by Jelly Roll. Everyone gets a piece of the action and it just rolls along to the finish. It's sure to bring you joy.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Allegro Molto from Divertimento No. 14, K270 £7.25 - #5
SAATB Moderate

In a vein quite similar to Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, this is a wonderful example of the beauty of Mozart's classical style.

Ave Verum Corpus £5.25 - #7
AATB Moderate

This is arranged from a most beautiful vocal quartet. It is a very moving programme piece for concert or church work.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Dona Nobis Pacem £4.50 - #60
AATB Moderate

Another of Mozart's great choral works, this piece will grace any concert and is a superb addition to the sacred repertoire as well.

Divertimento No. 8, K213 £18.50 - #177
SSAATBGb Difficult

Arranged for us by Peter Seibert, this extended work would be an excellent choice as a feature piece in your next recorder orchestra concert

Fugue in G minor, K401 £5.25 - #25
SATB Difficult

Although not known for fugues, this work by Mozart is very interesting and fun to play.

Minuet from Serenade for Thirteen Wind Instruments K361 £8.75 - #82
SiSSAATTBBGbCb Difficult

This is a thorough recorder orchestra arrangement by Denis Bloodworth. It runs the gamut of the recorder family, and shows the rich color variations of which the recorder is capable, but which are so seldom heard.

Rondo - Sonata No. 1 £5.25 - #37
AAAT Difficult

Taken from a piano sonata, this lively work is pure joy both for playing and listening.

Trio in C K229 £8.75 - #43
ATB Difficult

If you are looking for a work with depth for trio, this piece, arranged by Roy Westerman, is perfect. It contains the best of Mozart's instrumental writing style.

Mussorgsky, Modest

Gopak from Sorochintsy Fair £8.50 - #92
SiSAATTBGb Difficult

This bright and breezy dance movement by one of the greats of the Romantic period will delight your audiences. Arranged by Paul Clark, it calls for the expanded ensemble, or recorder orchestra. Go with it.

Pachelbel, Johann

Gigue £5.25 - #26
SATB Moderate

By the composer of the famous Canon, this delightful dance-like piece deserves to known in its own right.

Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da

Adoramus te £3.75 - #2
TTBGb Easy

This beautiful tone poem is a great warm-up and performance piece. Your low choir will sound great as you work your way through this most sensitive of chord progressions.


Il est bel et bon £5.75 - #165
SATB Moderate

Don't pass up Passereau in this wonderfully rhythmic edition. It is beautiful and good and has something in it to keep everyone busy.

Porpora, Nicola

Sinfonia £5.75 - #104
AC Moderate

This sonata, which was written in the middle of the 18th century, Is a wonderful example of elegant baroque beauty. It is presented here with a beautiful new realization by Barbara Kupferberg and will be a welcome addition to your solo library.

Praetorius, Hieronymous

Alleluia £17.75 - #163

This arrangement is especially for those of you who delight in multiple choir works. Four choirs of five, twenty parts in all, will keep players and audiences very happy.

Prez, Josquin des

El Grillo £4.75 - #17
SATB Moderate

Whether or not you agree with Josquin as to the relative merits of the singing of the crickets versus that of the birds, on one thing you will agree - this wonderful madrigal is enormous fun to play.

Prokofiev, Serge

Marche from The Love for Three Oranges £3.75 - #105
TTB Moderate

If you're a fan of old-time radio, you'll recognize this theme from the FBI show. Its sinister quality is well displayed by the tenors and bass. Don't miss this short rhythmic favorite.

Purcell, Henry

A Viol Round £3.25 - #1
SSS(opt.V) Easy

You don't need to be a viol player to enjoy this clever round. It suits recorders of any pitch, and you will find the words to be delightful to sing as well.

Chaconne from Dioclesian £5.75 - #151
AATTB Moderate

Rediscover the beauty of this English composer in an arrangement by Denis Bloodworth. This early baroque masterpiece will be a pleasure to play.

Rimsky-Korsakov, N.

Dance of the Tumblers £15.50 - #146
SiSAATTBGb(opt.Cb) Very Difficult

Musical images and the stories which go with them were the stock and trade of this great Russian Composer. This wonderful dance brings with it all of the life and energy which we have come to associate with the height of Romanticism. Arranged by Paul Clark, it is a tour de force for the recorder orchestra.

Rore, Cipriano de Da

Le Belle Contrade £5.25 - #55
SATTB Moderate

This is a superb example of the early Italian madrigal movement. It is exciting in its uses of changing harmonies and chromaticism.

Saint-Saëns, Camille

Praise Ye The Lord Of Hosts £5.25 - #167

This is a beautiful and short hymn from the French master.

Scandello. Antonio

The Little White Hen £4.75 - #40
SATB Moderate

Singers know this popular madrigal very well. But be aware that when you play it someone will get to lay the egg.

Schmelzer, Johann Heinrich

Sonata ad tabulam £7.75 - #72
SSATB Moderate

We have here a marvelous three movement work which was originally written for recorders, violins and continuo. It is a piece which beautifully captures the rhythmic intensity and melodic gift of this seldom heard composer.

Schubert, Franz

In Memoriam £3.75 - #27

A student of Schubert discovered this piece amongst some unpublished works after the master's death. It is a short but beautiful tribute.

Waltz, Opus 9/1 £8.75 - #156
SSAATTBBGbCb Easy-Moderate

This delightful addition to the recorder orchestra repertoire, arranged by Denis Bloodworth, is perfect for any large group recorder session. Although it is scored for great bass and contrabass it will work beautifully without them. Your players will love it!

Schwartz, Jean

Chinatown £9.75 - #79

Dating back to 1910, this early American swing tune is beautifully and stylistically arranged for recorders by Denis Bloodworth. Guaranteed to bring down the house.

Simpson, Thomas

Mascarada £6.00 - #28
SSATB Moderate

Simpson was one of the finest of the 17th century composers of ensemble music, and this work demonstrates well his art. It is beautifully melodic, imitative and contains a most delightful metric change.

St. Pierre, Anthony

A Thom Tallis Fancy £4.00 #178
S(Si)T Moderate

Some may know the theme, composed by Tallis in 1567 for a metrical psalter compiled by the Archbishop of Canterbury, as a hymn to the words, I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say. This duet in the phrygian mode calls for both alto and sopranino in the top voice as well as tenor in the lower voice. It was arranged for us by Anthony St. Pierre.

Staeps, Hans Ulrich

Cantus Serius £9.25 - #158
SATBV Moderate

This piece was discovered after the death of Staeps and is a marvelous song of life. Its four movements, the second and fourth of which include a vocal solo, are Prelude; Declamation; Duo and Dance; Invocation.

Steele, Porter and Walter Melrose

High Society £6.50 - #113
SATB Moderate

This early jazz piece has been a mainstay of the Dixieland repertoire ever since it was written. Arranged by Ken Andresen, it maintains the flavor of its roots, and gives you a chance to stretch out a bit.

Sweelinck, Jan Pieterszoon

Diligam Domine £8.50 - #137
SATBSATB(Double Choir) Moderate

When looking for something new in the field of double choir, this marvelous piece of rhythmic writing by the little known 16th century German composer will be a very welcome addition. It was originally written for performance at a wedding and is beautifully arranged for us by Norman Luff.

Szriftgiser, Susana Plotquin

arr. Argentinean Suite £10.25 - #126
SATB Moderate

Three dances from the pampas, Duermo Negrito, Bailecito de Procesión and Por Una Cabeza, are brought to you in this marvelous suite by an arranger who knows them first hand. You will even have the option of adding some guitar, perhaps maracas and even, if you dare, the guiros. Go ahead; be daring!

arr. Latin American Suite £8.50 - #74
SATB Moderate

For those of you who are looking for authentic arrangements of Latin American dances, this is just the thing. It includes a carnavalito, a huayno, a ranchera and a tango. Get out your maracas and have a ball.

Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyitch

Waltz of the Flowers £7.25 - #44
AATB Difficult

This sparkling waltz from The Nutcracker Suite uses some of the extended range of the alto recorder. It is a real crowd pleasing favorite at holiday time.

Telemann, Georg Philipp

Duet in G £5.25 - #58
SVi Difficult

Telemann did not often write duets for mixed instruments without continuo. This example shows excellent use of the individual capabilities of each instrument.

Sonata in Bb £9.25 - #36
AC Difficult

This beautiful sonata was written for flute in the key of G major. It makes an outstanding addition to the repertoire for recorder, here with an all new harpsichord realization by Barbara Kupferberg.

Tomkins, Thomas

Adieu, ye city-prisoning towers £5.25 - #101
SSATB Moderate

The beckoning of the countryside, away from torments of the big city, is not new to the 20th century. This 17th century madrigal uses the birds and trees of country bowers for musical inspiration.

Music Divine £6.50 - #131
SSATTB Moderate

Both love and music have their concords and discords, and as such are faithfully represented in this gem by Tomkins. But, like music, ain't love divine?

See, see the shepherds' queen £6.00 - #135
SSATB Moderate

This madrigal is hard to beat for its pure, crisp and driving rhythm and melody. It is a sleeper which will keep everyone wide awake, alert and entertained.

Vauter, Thomas

Sweet Suffolk Owl £5.25 - #39
SSATB Moderate

One of the lesser known English madrigalists, Vauter has created here a work with enchanting textural and rhythmic changes, guaranteed to maintain fun and interest.

Vivaldi, Antonio

Allegro from Opus 3/11 £5.25 - #4
SAAB Difficult

This dynamic fugue by Vivaldi rivals any of the great fugues for development and complexity. The four parts are very equal and interesting to play.

Allegro from Opus 3/12 £6.50 - #118
AATB Moderate

The sparkling textures which characterize so much of Vivaldi's work are evident in this lively selection. The upper three voices are very equal while the bass provides most of the continuo.

Largo from Concerto in F minor £5.25 - #12
SiATB Moderate

This largo from The Four Seasons is one of the most beautiful and recognizable works by Vivaldi.

Warlock, Peter

Capriol Suite £29.00 - #124

Arranged by Denis Bloodworth, this well known suite is presented here for the full recorder orchestra. The movements are Basse-Dance, Pavane, Tordion, Bransles, Pieds-en-l'air and Mattachins. It is a work which truly shows the various tonal colors of the recorder.

Weelkes, Thomas

Come, Sirrah Jack, Ho! £3.25 - #51
TTB Moderate

One of the fine things about this piece is how full the trio is made to sound through the wonderful use of counterpoint and rhythm. It is great fun for playing and listening.

Hark, all ye lovely saints £5.75 - #143
SSATB (Opt.V) Moderate

In which we find that Diana hath agreed with love, and who are we to disagree. You can even sing this one if you've a mind. Fa, la, la.

Since Robin Hood £3.75 - #128
SAT Easy

This trio by Weelkes is about one of the famous personages of legend. Like the great oak tree of Sherwood Forest, it remains a testament to a bygone era. Travel back in time as you play this marvellous bit of history.

Wilbye, John

Flora gave me fairest flowers £4.75 - #53
SSATB Moderate

This is a delectable madrigal by one of the greatest but not so well known madrigalists. This work is an exquisite introduction into the art of John Wilbye.

Lady, when I behold £4.75 - #130
SSTB Moderate

Courtly love is expounded in this wonderful example of fine English musical craft. You will come to love it even as he loved the Lady.

Williams, Ralph Vaughan

Come Away, Death £6.50 - #164

William Shakespeare wrote the words and Ralph Vaughan Williams set them to music in this moving madrigal. A fine English pair of Williams indeed.


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