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 The Solo Recorder

ed. Andrew Robinson

This beautifully produced two-volume set of solo recorder music will enhance the repertoire of any serious recorder player. It is clearly typeset and well laid out on larger than A4 paper, with strong laminated covers, Canadian bound: a spiral to open flat and a spine to stack neatly. The two volumes, each of 112 pages, represent some of the finest Baroque solo works ever written.
Book 1: Telemann Fantasias for flute, Quantz Pieces sans bass; Solo sonatas by J S and C P E Bach, PAR 108, £20.00
This core repertoire represents the major baroque works for solo flute, transposed for recorder with choices of transposition. Music you come back to again and again.

Book 2: Telemann Fantasias for violin; Marais Couplets de Folies (Les Folies d'Espagne); Six movements from Bach's solo violin partitas; Twenty-nine movements from Bach's cello suites, PAR 109, £20.00

Telemann's fantasias for violin are much less well known than his flute fantasias but have music of the same quality and imagination. Marais' Couplets de Folies are full of ideas, adventure and beauty. Bach's cello suites must be the best music of the genre, often difficult but supremely satisfying. A lifetime's study - in so few pages.

PAR 101 Traditional Irish Music for the Recorder, 1 A, £4.75

PAR 420 An Italian Ground (Anon) for SATB, £5.75

PAR 247 An Anthology of French Baroque Music (Misc.), for solo treble & keyboard inst, £10.50

C P E Bach

PAR 310 Sonata in F (after the Trio for viola, bass recorder & harpsichord, H588) for bass or treble recorder & keyboard instrument, £8.00

J S Bach

PAR 001 Concerto (No 1) in F major arr. from concerto for harpsichord in A major BWV1055, for treble recorder & keyboard instrument, £9.50

PAR 002 Concerto No 2  for T/S & kbd, £9.00
For tenor or descant recorder. Reconstructed from cantata movements and the harpsichord concerto in E major BWV 1056/2 This will be a very welcome addition to the tenor repertoire in particular with not only a rewarding solo part but also an obligato keyboard part.

PAR 425 Suite No 2, BWV 1067, arranged for AATB, £8.50

PAR 007 Suite No 2, the seven dances of BWV 1067, arranged for for treble recorder & keyboard instrument, £5.50

PAR 008 Suite No. 2 (Version 2): the seven dances of BWV 1067 for 1 S/T & keyboard, £5.50

PAR 320 Sonata in C (BWV 1028) for 1 S/T & pno, £4.50

PAR 326 Sonata 6 from organ trio BWV 530 arranged for for treble recorder & keyboard instrument, £8.50

Joseph Bodin de Boismortier

PAR 246 - Don Quichotte: eight dances from Don Quichotte chez la Duchesse for descant recorder and keyboard instrument, £4.50

Girolamo dalla Casa

PAR 501 - Simple divisions in quavers, £12.50
from Il Vero Modo di Diminuir Venice 1484 on four madrigals by Cipriano de Rore: Io canto d'Amor, Non e ch'il duol mi scemi, La Bella netta ignuda e bianca mano, Beato mi direi. This edition aims to make dalla Casa's simple divisions in quavers available to players and singers for the same purpose that he intended them: as a musical introduction to the art of ornamentation. In this edition, for convenience, the music is presented for solo instrument and keyboard. There are editorial notes on background and performance and full texts of the madrigals with translation.

Michel-Richard Delalande

PAR 411 Chacone fr the Ballet de Jeunesse for 5 SAT/ATB in F/C, £8.75

Robert de Visee

PAR 258   Two Suites: D minor  & G Major for Melody Instrument and Bass, £8.75
These pieces are taken from a large collection of the composers own arrangements of his quitare, lute and theorbo music for solo and BC. These were published in 1716, the originals dating back to the 1680s. There are informative & interesting notes accompanying these beautiful pieces.

G F Handel

PAR 106 Music for the Ballet at the Theatre, Covent Garden for descant recorder and keyboard instrument, £9.50

PAR 124 Music for the Royal Fireworks, for treble recorder and keyboard instrument, £5.25

PAR 201 Sonata in G major (flute sonata) for S/T & bc, £6.00

PAR 421 Covent Garden Trios, arranged for SAB, £8.75

PAR 204 Sonata in D minor after HWV 366, transposed from C minor for descant or tenor recorder & continuo, £5.75

PAR 434 Water Music 1 for SAATB, £9.50

PAR 435 Water Music 2 for SSATB and SATB, £9.50

Scott Joplin

PAR 131 Rags 1, arr. for descant recorder & pno, £7.50

PAR 132 Rags 1, arr. for treble recorder & pno, £7.50

Ernst Kramer

PAR 460 Ten Duets for two equal recorders ( SS, TT ), £6.50
"Zweyte Sammlung" opus 25, Vienna 1830 originally written for two Csakans. Ten charming duets of moderate difficulty.

Lully, Jean-Baptiste

PAR 410 Chaconne, L'Amour Medecin 1665 for 5 S S/A T/A T B in F or C;

A/S T/A B in F/T B in F B in C/Cb, £8.50

Michel Pignolet Monteclair

PAR 102 Les Agréments - French baroque ornamentation trans. Gilles Aufray, £13.00. Monteclair's descriptions of the ornaments taken from his Principes de Musique 1839, with several appendixes concerning notes inegal, tonguing, Hotteterre's table of ornaments and the tempos of the different time-signatures.

PAR 103 Airs de Danse, 1 S or T, £7.75

PAR 248 Menuets et Contre-Dances, 1 A & kb, £7.75

Jean-Philippe Rameau

PAR 271 Air & Dances Vol. 1 for 1 A & keyboard, £11.75
PAR 272 Air & Dances Vol. 2 for 1 A & keyboard, £11.75

PAR 464 Rameau Duets - Vol. 1 for AA & SA, £8.75
PAR 465 Rameau Duets - Vol. 2 for AA & SA, £8.50
PAR 466 Rameau Duets - Vol. 3 for AA & SA, £8.50

Giuseppe Sammartini, 1 A & bc, £6.00 each

PAR 202 Sonata in G major

PAR 203 Sonata in Bb major

Domenico Scarlatti:

PAR 112 Sonatas for descant or tenor recorder & keyboard instrument, arr. Robinson, £6.00

Tielman Susato:

PAR 128 Danserye - selected dances transcribed from the original 4-part pieces for treble recorder & keyboard with some playable on tenor or descant, £7.50

PAR 620  Danserye. 32 dances from "Het Derd e Musyck Boexken" 1551in four parts, suitable for all musical instruments. For A.A.T.B. recorder quartet with many dances playable in other combinations - ATBB, TTTB, TTBB, TBBB, etc. A second tenor part in bass clef is provided. Most bass parts also fit C-bass recorder. 
The score can be be used as a playing score but there are also separate parts.
Score and full set of parts  £20.00  Single score  £6.50     Set of 4 scores   £20.00 

PAR 620 has all dances in their original keys. PAR 621 will be published later with the same dances transposed for SATB

G P Telemann:

PAR 012 Concerto in F,TWV51:F1, 1 A & kb reduction, £7.75

PAR 014 Concerto di Camera (Concerto in G minor), TWV42:g3, 1 A & kb reduction, £7.75

PAR 116 Miscellaneous dances from Telemann's Overtures Book 1 arranged for descant or tenor recorder and keyboard £7.50

PAR 117 Miscellaneous dances from Telemann's Overtures Book 2 arranged for treble recorder and keyboard £7.50

The treble book does not contain the same pieces as book 1. These are delightful, short pieces of roughly grade 3-4 standard but enjoyable for all.

PAR 401 Partitas in Four Parts 1, SATB, £8.75

PAR 402 Partitas in Four Parts 2, SATB, £8.75

PAR 403 - Concerto for Four Treble Recorders without bass, arranged from the concerto for 4 violins, TWV 40:202, £8.50

A Vivaldi

PAR 016 Concerto in A minor, RV 108 for 1 A & kb reduction, £7.75

PAR 018 Concerto for Recorder "Il Gardellino" (The Goldfinch), for treble recorder and keyboard, £8.50

PAR 105 Slow movements for recorder for treble or sopranino recorder and keyboard inst., £6.50

PAR 426 Concerto a quattro (RV 153) for SATB, £7.50

PAR 427 Concerto a quattro (RV 110) for SSAB or SSTB, £7.50

PAR 432 Sinfonia and Suonata al Santissimo Sepolcro for SATB, £7.50

PAR 450 Spring - La Primaverafor 2 SS/TT, £4.75

PAR 452 Concerto in F major RV442for 2 AA, £4.75

PAR 453 Tempesta di Mare fr. concerto for flute and string orch. RV433 for 2 AA, £5.50

PAR 456 Concerto in F major for 2 AA, £6.50

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