All composed or arranged by David Moses

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TBO0009 Five Strong Colours for 1 S & pno, £6.50
Encourages players to explore the more lyrical & emotional aspects of their instrument through the 5 contrasted pieces.
TB00010 Three Piece Suite for 1 S & pno, £6.50
For more advanced descant recorder and piano players. It utilises the whole range of the descant recorder.
TBRG0002 Poios den exei agapesei for 8 SoSATTBBGb, £8.50
Greek folk dance - "who has not loved". ach bar is subdivided into 2 2 2 3 beats to facilitate the short short short long pattern of dance steps. Once you get the hang of the rhythm, it's very jolly and not too challenging.
TBRG0003 Portative Parallels for 6 AATTBB, £5.00
David's use of parallel fifths and C14th cadences evokes the sound of portative organ. Although this is an entirely original piece, lovers of Early Music will feel completely at home.
TBRG0004 QuintEssentials for 7 SAATTBGb, £12.00
The music for Balkan & Greek folk dance commonly uses uneven meters like 5, 7, 9 and 10 time. A stimulating, challenging and rewarding exploration of some different ways in which quintuple metre is used in Balkan music. The variety is surprising, ranging from wild and frenetic through sedate and folksy to graceful and stately.
TBRG0005 Twilight Garden for 6 AATTBB, £6.00
A musical vignette. The mood is calm and warm. Melodies and harmonies are soft and inviting.
TBRG0008 Theodorakis - Vraho vraho for 4 SATB, £4.50
“Rock, rock”. A lively and popular Greek folk song.
TBRG0009 Kalamatianoi & Syrtoi for 4 SATB, £6.50
Two of the most common types of circular folk dance found throughout the Greek Islands and mainland. Each dance is based on a three step pattern. The 7/4 meter of Kalamatianoi suggests two short and one long step. This pattern is reversed for the calypso-like 4/4 rhythm of Syrtoi.
TBRG0010 Phrygian Fandango for 4 SATB, £5.00
The grandeur and passion of Flamenco dance are captured by the stately and hypnotic rhythm of a fandango written in the Phrygian mode. All parts sit comfortably within range and the slow tempo means that semiquavers move precisely, but at a steady pace.
TBRG0011 Rocky Road to Dublin for 4 SATB, £5.50
This boisterous traditional slip jig (in 9/8 as opposed to the 6/8 meter of an ordinary Irish jig), has lyrics which relate the adventures of a country lad whose journey southwards to Dublin ends up in Liverpool.
TBRG0012 Waltz for a Quadruped for 4 SATB, £6.00
The most obvious rhythmical feature of a waltz is that every bar contains one more beat than each dancer has legs. This haunting and lyrical piece is no different to any other waltz in that respect.
TBRG0013 Ambling for 5 AATTB, £6.50
Ambling is a process of setting out on a leisurely journey with no very clear idea of one's destination, but with the intention of being delighted with whatever one finds. This journey is unmistakably through parts of rural England.
TBRG0014 Only Joe King for 5 SATBGb, £7.50
The best remembered compositions of New Orleans cornet player Joe 'King' Oliver are Chimes Blues and Doctor Jazz. This arrangement has optional parts for contra bass recorder and ukelele.
TBRG0015 Jonesville Jump for 5 SATTB(Opt.Gb), £7.50
Tony Dorsey was a famous trombonist and band leader whose music was popular during the 1940s. One night he came to David Moses in a dream and dropped this big band swing tune into his head.
TBRG0016 Three Gardens for 8 SAATTBGbCb, £9.00
Giverny (Monet's garden), Sissinghurst (created by Vita Sackville-West in Kent) and Ninfa in the province of Latina, south of Rome, provide the inspiration for these three pieces which attempt to capture the essence of these beautiful but wildly different gardens.
TBRG0017 Dune Tune for 4 SATB, £3.00
A piece inspired by music of the Mande people from West Africa and written at the suggestion of Steve Marshall. It had to be short and simple enough for inclusion in the Recorder Magazine centre spread.
TBRG0018 Lavinha for 4 SATB, £5.00
A charming and romantic piece reflecting the subject’s changing moods.
TBRG0019 Nomads’ Land for 4 SATB, £5.00
The Borroro people traditionally herd their cattle in the arid semi desert of Northern Nigeria. This hypnotic piece captures the slow, steady rhythm of feet and hooves.
TBRG0020 Bee Bop Cubana for 6 SAATTB, £7.50
A Latin Jazz piece, based on a song about some very hip, cool bees.
TBRG0021 Seven Shades of Blue for 2 AT, £4.50
Seven jazz duets written in the form of a twelve bar blues with contrasting styles that provide a wide range of melodic, harmonic and rhythmic variety.
TBRG0022 Swamp Stomp for 2 TB or Gb/Cb, £4.50
The funky rhythms will benefit from a flamboyant and aggressive playing style.
TBRG0023 Faure, Gabriel - Ce N’est Pas Vin 4a for 1 A & double bass (or Cb/B) opt pno, £6.00
A bebop riff on a work by Gabriel Fauré.
TBRG0024 ProMo MoDulations MoBility for 3 ATB, £4.50
Three jazz trios for Mo Robinson.
TBRG0025 Ayos Vasilis Erxete - Kali Xronia for 5 SAATB, £4.00
Two Greek songs celebrating the coming of New Year (Kali Xronia) and St.Basil (Ayos Vasilis) who comes to bring presents.
TBRG0026 Anon - J’ay Prins Amour for 4 SATB, £3.00
An anonymous song which appears in several of the Loire Valley chansonniers, and almost certainly dates back to the first half of C15th.
TBRG0027 Anon - Veni Virgo Beatissima for 4 ATTB, £3.50
An anonymous motet which appears in the Montpellier codex containing compositions thought to have been written between 1250 - 1300.
TBRG0028 Machaut - Douce Dame Jolie for 5 SoSATB opt Cb, lute, dulcimer, percussion, £5.00
A virelai by Guillaume de Machaut.
TBRG0029 Bal au Bassin for 4 SATB, £6.50
A suite of 5 dances to be performed at the grand ball in honour of the garden pond residents.
TBRG0030 Anon - Frere Jacques Fantasia for 4 SATB, £3.00
Starts off as a round, but the counterpoint becomes more dense and convoluted as the piece develops.
TBRG0031 Christmas Tree for 4 SATB opt percuss, voc, £6.00
A rousing arrangement of a very jolly wassailing song from North Yorkshire with strong Morris Dance rhythms.
TBRG0032 Anon - Coventry Carol for 4 SATB, £3.00
This ancient carol is one of the loveliest pieces of Christmas music.
TBRG0033 Anon - Moulins de Paris for 4 SATB, £5.00
The hurdy-gurdy-like rhythm evokes the sound of turning windmills as they might have been in medieval Paris. 13th C.
TBRG0034 Anon - Sussex Carol for 4 SATB, £3.00
A simple but bright arrangement of this morris-like tune.
TBRG0036 Jessel - Parade of the Tin Soldiers for 5 SoSATB, £6.00
Leon Jessel wrote the music which introduced Toy Town, a regular feature of the BBC radio programme Children's Hour.
TBRG0037 Dark Eyed Grecian Beauties for 6 SATBGbCb, £7.00
When the lyrics of a Greek folk song refer to a beautiful woman, she is often described as being "dark eyed". Both the songs arranged here are in cut common time.
TBRG0038 Cornelius - Three Kings from Persian Lands Afar for A & B solo, SATBGbCb, £5.00
A Christmas piece by the Victorian composer Peter Cornelius for choir and 2 solo voices, arranged for recorders.
TBRG0039 Bolivian Bolero for 7 SATTBGbCb, £7.50
A piece that evokes the sound of quena flutes and harp from villages high in the Andes.
TBRG0041 Rumba en Siete Latidos for 4 TTBGb, £4.00
A rumba in the Cuban style but with seven beats to the bar instead of eight. Shouldn't work, but amazingly it does without losing that relaxed Latin feel.
TBRG0042 Antimacassar for 3 ATB, £5.00
Conjures up images of afternoon tea in a Victorian drawing room.
TBRG0043 Three Madrigals for 4 SATB, £4.00
In Sherwood Lived Stout Robin Hood - Robert Jones, Away with these Self Loving Lads - John Dowland, Tobacco is Like Love - Tobias Hume.
TBRG0044 Charles O’Connor for 3 AAA, £4.00
Arrangement of a lively Irish jig based on several different versions of this tune including one by O'Carolan.
TBRG0045 Clockwork Cloggies for 3 SAT, £4.00
This simple piece needs to be played with the same clockwork precision necessary for a clog dancer to fit their fancy footwork to the music.
TBRG0046 Eine Kleine Nachmittag Music for 4 AATB £4.00
An attempt to find out how it might feel to be a composer in the 2nd half of the C18th.
TBRG0047 Archway to Paradise for 7 SATTBGbCb, £8.00
The underlying reggae beat of this piece links Archway in North London with the Caribbean and a TV programme.
TBRG0048 Jazz Divertimento no.1 for 4 ATBCb, £7.00
A blend of classical form and bebop swing for advanced players.
TBRG0049 Pedal Power for 3 ATB, £4.00
You won't fall off as long as you keep pedalling at a nice steady pace. No racing.
TBRG0050 Puppies in the Park for 2 AA, £2.00
The two treble recorders chase around after each other like a couple of puppies suddenly let off the lead.
TBRG0051 Boat Boys Round for 4 SATB, £2.00
Score only. A straightforward round.
TBRG0052 Elegy for 6 ATTBGbCb, £7.00
Mellow and reflective.
TBRG0055 Dance Away the Shortest Day for 3 ATB, £6.00
Four dances to celebrate the Winter Solstice.
TBRG0057 Bright and Breezy for 3 STB, £4.50
Old time sea-side fun.
TBRG0058 Fishtails, Nubbins and Sad Meg for 4 SATB, £6.50
A set of three dances suitable for a country house dance evening during the early C19th.
TBRG0059 Lazy Maisie for 4 SATB, £6.50
1940s-style small combo swing jazz.
TBRG0060 Walk in the Woods for 6 SAATBB, £7.50
Describes scenes encountered during a leisurely day's ramble through the woods.
TBRG0061 The Storyteller for Narrator & SATB, £6.50
A musical fairy tale in which the music is the storyteller. For public performance, a narrator can announce each “signpost”.
TBRG0062 Havana Hip Flip for 5 AATTB, £7.50
Experience the hip swinging dance rhythms of Cuban Son and Salsa.
TBRG0063 Balafon for 6 SATBGbCb, £7.50
This hypnotic piece is based around repeating interlocking phrases typical of those played by West African balafon groups.

TBRS0001 Touching Bass for 1 B & gtr, £6.50
A suite in five movements for advanced bass recorder & classical guitar. Each successive piece adds 1 beat to the bar length.
TBRS0002 Memories that Might Have Been for 1 A & pno, chord symbols for gtr/B, £5.00
A bossa nova in the Brazilian style.

For recorder orchestra

TBRO0001 Rigs, Jigs and Reels (revised 2009) for SoSSAATTBBGbCb, £22.00
An arrangement in three movements of Irish traditional music written for the first London recorder orchestra. The piece lasts for approximately fifteen minutes with lively jigs, reels and hornpipes weaving in and out of beautiful ballads and laments.
TBRO0002 Latin American Suite (2010) for SoSSAATTBBGbCbSCb, £15.00
Milonga, Songo and Samba for recorder orchestra. Passionate and highly rhythmic pieces that encapsulate musical styles associated with Argentina, Cuba and Brazil.
TBRO0003 Joplin - Gladiolus Rag for SoSSAATTBBGbCb, £12.00
TBRO0003a Joplin - Gladiolus Rag for SoSSAATTBBGb, £12.00`
Joplin at his most refined and melodic. Surely one of the most attractive of all his ragtime compositions.
TBRO0004 Five Strong Colours (2010) for SoSSAATTBBGbCb, £15.00
Lush harmonies and poignant melodies intermingle with wild and jaunty dance tunes to evoke the earlier part of the 20th century.
TBRO0005 Block Out for SoSSAATTBBGbCb, £12.00
A piece of big band 'modern jazz' for recorders.
TBRO0006 Toot'n the Blooz for SoSSAATTBBGbCbSCb, £10.00
A medium tempo 12 bar blues with a good time 'trad jazz' vibe.
TBRO0007 Glory Days & Hallelujah Nights for SoSSAATTBBGbCb, £14.00
Let the recorder orchestra sing and shout. A celebration of the many diverse styles which get grouped together under the heading of African American Gospel Music.
TBRO0008 Khayelitsha Sunrise for SoSAATTBBGbCbSCb, £12.50
Khayelitsha is one of South Africa's fastest growing townships, home to people from different cultural backgrounds. This music reflects the tensions, vitality and hopefulness of this dynamic community.
TBRO0009 EDGE for SopSSAATTBBGbCb, £15.00
A tone poem in three movements inspired by a visit to the Victoria falls.
TBRO0010 LYROtronics for SoSSSAAATTTBBCbCb, £16.00
Groove suite for the London Youth Recorder Orchestra. Accommodates players of varying abilities.
TBRO0011 Stream for SoSSAATTBBCbCb, £15.00
Follows a stream's journey from isolated drops in an underground cavern to a broad, smooth flowing river.
TBRO0012 Summertime’s Been & Gone for SoSSAATTBBCbCb, £14.00
A gentle jazz tribute to one of the greatest pieces of popular music ever written
TBRO0013 Sub Sahara Suite for SoSSAATTBBCbCb, £15.00
Pays homage to just some of the wonderful and stylistically diverse music of Sub Saharan Africa.
TBRO0014 Horos for Recorder chamber orchestra, £15.00
Reflects both simple and complex dance rhythms common in Greek folk music and rembetica. Starting with a jolly 2 beats per bar, each movement adds a beat progressing to a frenetic 10 beats.

TBRG0006 Ravel - String Quartet in F for SoSAATTBBGbCbSCb, £15.00
1st movement only. Written for the Phoenix Chamber Recorder Orchestra.
TBRG0007 Hubble Bubble Blues for SoSAATTBBGbCbSCb, £7.50
A 12 bar blues for recorder chamber orchestra, with a loping 7 beats to the bar. Melodic references to Arabic music suggest that a dhow might have strayed onto the Mississippi.
TBRG0040 Cousin Ceri’s Calliope for 10 SSAATTBBGbCb, £8.50
Childhood memories of holidays in North Wales, being kept awake by the sound of a fairground organ.

All SATB unless stated

FSS0001 Arthur McBride £3.00
FSS0002 Blue Ridge and Rocky Shore £5.00
FSS0003 Makin’ a Mane £5.00
FSS0004 Morris Medley £5.00
FSS0005 Pepper’s Black £3.00
FSS0006 Sleep Bonnie Baby £5.00
FSS0007 Spanish Lady £3.00
FSS0008 The Boatie Rows £4.00
FSS0009 The False Bride £3.00
FSS0010 Three Boat Songs £5.00
FSS0011 Wild Mountain Thyme £3.00
FSS0012 Cockney Classics £5.00
FSS0013 County Kildare £5.00
FSS0014 Sailor Songs £5.00
FSS0015 African Song Set £5.00
FSS0016 Bear Dance £3.00
FSS0017 Hunsdon House £3.00
FSS0018 Lumps of Plum Pudding for 4 ATTB £3.00
FSS0019 Two Irish Harp Tunes £5.00
FSS0020 Blow the Candles Out £3.00
FSS0021 French Traditional Carols for 5 SATTB £5.00
FSS0022 Christmas Come £3.00
FSS0023 Leitrim Fancy £5.00
FSS0025 Afro-Caribbean Folk Songs £5.00