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Series editor John Turner

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PJT 001 Miniature Quartet by Terence Greaves for SAAT recorders, £8.75

PJT 002 Warbeck Trio by Stephen Dodgson for recorder, bassoon and harpsichord, £10.50

PJT 003 Dialogue and Dance by Ian Parrot for treble recorder and organ, £7.25

PJT 004 High Barbaree: Capriccio in pursuit of an old Sea-Song by Stephen Dodgson: for tenor/descant recorder, guitar and harpsichord, £7.25

PJT 005 Duo by Ian Parrott for treble recorder and cello, £5.00

PJT 006 Trio by Nicholas Marshall for SAT recorders, £9.50

PJT 007 "To Music, to Becalm His Fever" by Sasha Johnson Manning for soprano voice,recorder, cello & piano, £7.25

PJT 008 Four Nursery Rhyme to texts by Thomas Pitfield by Robin Walker, for reciter, sopranino recorder and piano, £5.50

PJT 009 Sonatina by David Dubery for soprano & tenor recorder and piano, £7.50

PJT 010 A Rune for St Mary's by Robin Walker for solo descant, £4.00

PJT 011 Scherzo by Roy Heaton Smith for descant, treble 1, treble 2, £6.25

PJT 012 Sasha Johnson Manning - Sonatina for treble recorder and piano, £7.50

PJT 013 Mrs Harris in Paris by David Dubery for treble recorder and piano, £6.75

PJT 014 Sonatina by Roy Heaton Smith for descant recorder solo, £6.50

PJT 015 Brief Evocations by Anthony Hedges for sop voc, SAT recs and pno, £7.25

PJT 016 Partita by Philip Wood for descant recorder and cello, £7.25

PJT 017 Sonata for Three by Alan Bullard for descant rec/flute, bassoon/cello and harpsichord/pno, £9.50

PJT 018 Triptych by John Veale for treble recorder & string quartet, £8.50

PJT 019 Minuet for Stephen for treble recorder & piano, £4.50

PJT 020 Cantilena and Dance by Roy Heaton Smith for tenor/descant (oboe/trumpet) & pno, £6.50

PJT 021 Fred's Blue Ginger Staircase Music by David Ellis for rec & gtr/pno, £7.75

PJT 022 Trio for flute by Peter Crossley-Holland for flute/A, oboe & viola, £10.50

PJT 023 Risoluto by Jeffrey Lewis for recorder, oboe, bassoon & pno, £10.50

PJT 024 Quintet (The Gambian) by Richard Arnell for treble & string quartet, £12.50

PJT 025 Sonatina by Michael Hurd for treble and piano (originally written for flute) £7.75

PJT 026 Music for Hallowe'en by David Johnson for treble recorder solo, £3.75

PJT 027 John's Jig by Alan Bullard for treble or sopranino, £3.50

PJT 028 Flying Kites by Sasha Johnson Manning for treble & piano, £4.75

PJT 029 Two Celebrations: Bell Birds from Nelson (treble) & Tom's Twinkle (treble & piano) by John Manduell, £4.50

PJT 030 Four Scenes by Flora Natalie Willson for treble, £3.50

PJT 031 Sonata by David Beck, for treble, £5.50

PJT 032 Fipple-Baguette - three encores for solo recorder by David Ellis, for treble and descant, £5.00

PJT 033 Two Short Recorder Pieces - Encore V (Hexadvention) for treble & opt. pno and Karumi for sopranino by Richard Leigh Harris, £5.00

PJT 034 Three Gawthorpe Dances by William Blezard, arr Stephen Dodgson for treble & harpsichord, £7.75

PJT 035 The Rose is Shaken by the Wind Op. 37 by John Joubert for sop voc & treble, bass & sopranino recorder (1 player), £7.75

PJT 036 Garden of Eden by Nicholas Marshall for treble and descant & pno/hpscd, or string quartet, or guitar and hpschord, £7.75

PJT 037 Two Cuckoos by David Matthews for treble, £4.00

PJT 038 Fantasy and Fugue by Richard Busch, for two trebles and tenor, £7.50
Subtitled "A Major-Minor Amusement", reflecting its light-hearted spirit. The work is at the upper end of moderate difficulty and would make an impressive finish to a recorder trio recital.

PJT 039 Serenade from "Othello" by Kenneth Leighton, for two descants and tenor, £5.00

PJT 040 Impromptu by John Veale for solo treble recorder, £4.50

PJT 041 Into the Ark by John Manduell for voice, recorder and guitar, £8.50

PJT 042 Feste's Song by Howard Skempton, for voice, treble recorder & guitar, £6.75

PJT 043 Lizard by Alan Hoddinott, for treble, £4.50

PJT 044 Interludes from "Hamlet" by Alan Rawthorne,, arr. David Ellis for treble & descant & pno, £7.75

PJT 045 Romance by Edward Gregson for treble recorder & piano, £4.50

PJT 046 Romance by Edward Gregson for treble recorder & string quartet, £7.50

PJT 047 Overture to "The Rivals" by Peter Hope, for treble/descant/sopranino or oboe, bassoon/cello & Hpschd/pno/kb, £7.50

PJT 048 Lullaby & Dances by Peter Flinn for solo recorder (treble/tenor), £5.50

PJT 049 Three Songs to poems by Robert Graves - David Dubery for medium voice, recorder (S/A) and piano, £9.50

PJT 050 Wild Thyme: Five Short Pieces Op. 122 by Arthur Butterworth for four recorders, £9.50

PJT 051 Fantasia by Robin Walker for three Recorders S.A.T. £7.50

PJT 052 Sonata by Nicholas Marshall for recorder and piano (A&S), £7.75

PJT 053 Blind Cupid by Graham Waterhouse for Soprano, treble & harpsichord, £7.50

PJT 054 Three Concert Miniatures by Anthony Hedges for S/T/So (one player) & pno, £6.75

PJT 055 Strawberry Man by Robin Walker for Counter tenor voc, B & cello, £7.75

PJT 056 Sequela by John Paynter for solo B/A/So or recorder & optional instrument, £4.50

PJT 057 A Small Suite by Timothy Morgan, for solo bass, tenor & treble recorder and piano £5.50

PJT 058 Lament and Fugue by Dennis Bamforth for descant recorder and piano, £5.50

PJT 60 Elgar Tunes by Ian Parrott for 1 A & pno, £5.50

PJT 061 Back to Ground by Martin Butler for treble recorder, cello & harpsichord, £12.50

PJT 062 Duettino by John Joubert for recorder (flute/piccolo) & guitar, £6.50 (see PJT 095)

PJT 063 Recorder Concerto by Nicholas Marshall, for treble or descant recorder & pno, £8.25

PJT 063A Recorder Concerto by Nicholas Marshall, for treble or descant recorder & string quartet, £15.50

PJT 064 Scherzo: Carlow Fair by Arthur Butterworth for descant recorder, bassoon & pno, £7.40

PJT 065 Three Flower Songs by Arnold Cooke for sop voc and recorder, £5.50

PJT 066 Reflection by Robin Walker for sop voc, treble recorder and guitar, £5.50

PJT 067 Sicilienne and Dance by Ben Haigh Marshall for solo treble or descant recorder or flute, cello and piano, £6.50

PJT 068 Hymn to the Sun by Ellis Pehkonen, for solo treble recorder, £4.50

PJT 069 Dunham Pastorale by David Beck for treble recorder and piano, £5.50

PJT 070 Four Songs, Op. 235, to poems by Thomas Hardy, by John Gardner, for mixed voices, treble recorder and cello, £6.50

PJT 071 Udana by Duncan Druce for treble recorder and hpschd, £5.50

PJT 072 Ebenezer Steps - Gary Carpenter, solo treble and hpschd, £5.75
A funky and rhythmically teasing little number for virtuoso players - taking its title from a pathway that descends from Bridgnorth, Shropshire to the River Severn

PJT 073 Music for a Pied Piper - John Joubert, 1 So, counter-tenor, chamber organ, hps & cello, £11.50
A rumbustuous setting of well-known words by Robert Browning. The music is based on the Bergamask tune memorably used to introduce David Munrow's lecture recitals and radio programmes

PJT 074 Sonatina by William Eden, for recorder/flute/oboe, bassoon/bass clarinet/cello & hpschd/pno, £7.50

PJT 075 Herrick Garland by Peter Hope, 1 A, counter-tenor, hps/pno & cello, £9.75
This song cycle comprises "I Sing of Brooks", "The Night-piece to Julia", "Upon Julia's Voice", "To the Virgins to Make Much of Time" and "Delight in Disorder".

PJT 076 Rural Rondo by Christopher Cotton for descant or treble recorder and piano, £5.50

PJT 077 Capriccio Concertante No. 2 by Stephen Dodgson for harpsichord, solo treble & strings (score), £7.50

PJT 078 The Maze (four episodes in search of an exit) by Stephen Dodgson for solo treble recorder, £5.50

PJT 079 Reflections by Douglas Young for solo treble and piano, £4.50

PJT 080 Pas de Deux by Michael Berkeley, for solo treble and guitar, £7.50

PJT 081 Anima by Alan Brown, for 1 A & string quartet, £7.50
A gentle haunting and melodious meditation on Dufay's famous motet "Anima mea liquefacta est", the well-known and beautiful words words (from the Song of Songs) being printed in the music as a guide to expression for the performers.

PJT 082 Sonatina alla Fantasia by Roy Heaton Smith, 1 S & pno, £7.50

PJT 083 Spring Songs by George Nicholson, for solo treble, £5.50
A sequence of six virtuoso movements, alternating between the aggressively athletic and the gently reflective. The title refers not only to the season of the year, but also to the characteristic deftness of the instrument.

PJT 084 Nightingale (Fantasia on a Welsh Folk Song) by Nicholas Marshall, for 1 S & string quartet (pno reduction), £ 5.50
A skilfully woven fantasy, for descant recorder and piano, on a beautiful Welsh folksong, composed to celebrate the 90th birthday of composer Ian Parrott

PJT 085 Three Inventions by Christopher Brown for two treble recorders, £4.75

PJT 086 Caprice by Philip Cowlin for treble recorder & guitar, £5.75
Sadly, Philip Cowlin died while composing this piece and it was completed by Peter Hope

PJT 087 Fantasy, Fugue and Finale by Ian Parrott for treble recorder and marimba, £8.50
Given its first performance in 2006 to celebrate the composer's ninetieth birthday.

PJT 088 Domestic Life: vignettes for recorder & pno by John McCabe, 1 S & pno, £ 5.75
An arrangement of tunes from an entertainment based in Liverpool in 1969; the style of the music is very light and almost Merseybeat.

PJT 089 Contemplation by Anthony Hedges for tenor recorder and piano, £4.50
From the highly regarded and versatile composer and pianist. First performed last year. "His music has that indefinable quality that we call significance." (The Musical Times)

PJT 090 Petite Suite, Op. 245 by John Gardner for recorder and string orchestra (2 vns, vla, cello, double bass), £7.50 sc., pts £3 each. String parts also av. for hire.
1. Prélude; 2. Idée Fixe; 3. Marche Joyeuse; 4. Marche Funèbre; 5. Contredanse

PJT 091 Three Kipling Songs by Melvyn Burch for sop voc, 1 rec (So, S, T) & pno, £8.50
Smuggler's Song, Seal Lullaby, A Counting-Out Song

PJT 092 Robin Walker - Handel to his Soul, for sop voc, recorder & harpsichord, £7.00
This cantata is a tribute to the late Percy Young and imagines an anxious Handel appealing to his soul - the better half that he has lost - to comfort him. The Soul instead invokes destructive Proserpina who warns the composer to pull himself together and that he should live "for this glorious day".

PJT 093 Flûte-à-Beck by David Beck, for S/A/T (one player) & pno, £10.50
Employing four sizes of recorder, this piece was originally written for recorder, strings and harp.

PJT 094 Carolling by Ian Kemp for soprano voice, recorder and harpsichord, £7.50

PJT 095 Duettino by John Joubert for recorder (flute/piccolo) & pno, £6.50 (see PJT 062)

 PJT 096 A Poacher's Bag by Colin Hand for recorder (T, A, S, one player) & guitar, £7.50
The Lost Lady Found, A Fair Maid Walking in her Garden, Brigg Fair, Oats & Beans & Barley Grows

PJT 097 Away in a Manger (new tune) - a Carol by David Dubery for voice, recorder/flute & pno, £5.50

PJT 098 Summer in Winter - a Carol by Richard Crashaw, arr. Sasha Johnson Manning: for soprano, recorder/flute & pno, £5.50

PJT 099 Triptych by John Veale for solo treble and guitar, £5.50

PJT 100 The Christmas Life by Sasha Johnson Manning for chorus, descant recorder, drum & triangle, £5.75
A catchy and entrancing setting of a poem by Wendy Cope, with a flashy (but not difficult) obbligato for the descant recorder, and parts for a high drum and triangle. This carol is guaranteed to bring the house down!

PJT 101 - David Beck - Flute-a-Beck: concerto for recorder, strings and harp, full score, 1 T, harp, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass, £7.00
See PJT 93.

PJT 102 Expresso by Sergio Roberto de Oliveira for solo treble recorder, £4.50
Composed in 2006 in less than a month for Tom Moore. "Expresso" in Portuguese means a train that doesn't stop - but it also means a strong coffee, and the theme uses the notes C A F E (coffee in Portuguese).

PJT 103 Variations on a Ground by Robert Crawford for treble recorder & pno, £5.50
Written in 1993 for John Turner and Peter Lawson who performed it at the Cheltenham International Festival of Music, and recorded it on the CD "Aspects of Nature". The first six bars present the complete ground, a succession of six two-part chords on the piano, which contain all the notes of the chromatic scale in a specific order.

PJT 104 Spirit of the Dance by Christopher Wright for treble recorder/flute, violin, cello & harpsichord/pno, £10.50
The composer employs the 18th-century dance suite model of simple binary and ternary forms. The first three movements are in the style of Bach, Handel and Pergolesi respectively, and the frenetic last movement, Tarantella, refers to the legendary meaning of the dance to cure a spider's bite.

PJT 105 In the Main Sequence by David Forshaw for treble recorder and guitar, £7.50 (two copies)
Many of David Forshaw's compositions are inspired by astronomy, and this piece can refer to both astronomical and musical terminology.

PJT 106 Concerto by Peter Hope for solo recorder (So, S, A, T, B), string orchestra, harp and percussion (pno reduction), £11.25
Written as a present for John Turner in 2003 and recorded by him with the Manchester Camerata Ensemble, which recording has been broadcast worldwide. This is the piano reduction version.

PJT 107 Pastorale by Owen Swindale for treble recorder (flute) and piano, £5.50

PJT 108 Pieces of Eight by Anthony Hedges for treble recorder and piano, £5.75
Eight easy duos of Grade 3/5 standard.

PJT 109 Fantasia Concertante: concerto by Peter Aviss for tenor/descant recorder and strings, £7.00
Originally conceived for the descant recorder, but John Turner suggested some of the darker sections would suit the tenor. "The descant was chosen as it is such a maligned instrument, ... and therefore the true beauty of the instrument is often lost to concert-goers' ears!"

PJT 110 A Lonsdale Dance (Danse Champetre) by Philip Wood for solo descant recorder, £4.00

PJT 111 Five Odes anent Li Po by John Rose for soprano voice, recorder (descant, treble & tenor) and piano, £10.50
Li Po was possibly the greatest of the Tang Dynasty poets, with a reputation for improvising verses at any time on any subject, especially if fuelled by rice wine. John Rose wrote the music of the first ode to celebrate John Joubert's 80th birthday.

PJT 112 Six by Four by John Gardner for countertenor, treble recorder, cello and harpsichord, £13.50
Six lyrics from the plays of William Shakespeare: 1. "Lawn as white as driven snow" - The Winter's Tale; 2. "When icicles hang by the wall" - Love's Labours Lost; 3. "Over hill, over dale" - A Midsummer Night's Dream; 4. "Come away, come away, death" - Twelfth Night; 5. "When daisies pied and violets blue" - Love's Labours Lost; 6. "When that I was and a little tiny boy" - Twelfth Night

PJT113 Dances from The Bells of Blue Island by Robin Walker for 1 So, violin and cello, £13.75

PJT 114 A Prayer and a Dance of Two Spirits by Robin Walker : concerto for solo violin, solo recorder and string orchestra
Commissioned by Carlisle International Summer Festival and first performed in Carlisle Cathedral, July 2007 by John Turner, Emma Hancock and Manchester Camerata, conducted by Richard Howarth. Performed on the Divine Art CD Turning Towards You by John Turner and Emma McGrath, reviewed by Geoff Brown in The Times, 21 June 2019: "Robin Walker ... experiencing nature in the raw, writing music from intuition, not intellect; magical, indeed spiritual music ... A Prayer and a Dance of Two Spirits is immediately moving, ... shaded by the deaths of Walker's parents, where grief is eventually transformed into Nature's universal dance."   

PJT 115 Elegiac Variations by David Ellis for bass recorder, viola and cello, £5.75
Composed for the CD "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird" and subsequently broadcast on Radio 3 and at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

PJT 116 Frevo by Sergio Roberto de Oliveira for treble recorder and guitar, £7.95
A deft carnival dance from Pernamuco in Brazil, which will keep both performers on their toes as it is rhythmically quite tricky!

PJT 117 Soliloquy Op 3 No 2 by David Wright for solo S & A (one player), £4.75
Wide-ranging piece from 1961, lasting about four minutes.

PJT 118 - Recorder Concerto by Alan Bullard for recorder & piano - T, A, S & So (one player) & piano. £10.50
An eagerly awaited Concerto from one of the best-loved composers for the recorder. The work, though not impossibly difficult, is a sheer delight to play, its sharply differentiated moods varying from the playful to the darkly mysterious, and ending in a blaze of virtuosity on the sopranino recorder. For the version with string orchestra, please apply to the publishers.

P 120 Sonatina by Mervyn Burtch for recorder (treble and sopranino) & piano or harpsichord, £7.50
Music to get the audience smiling! A sparkling and rhythmic Prelude and a poised Intermezzo, both for treble recorder, are followed by a brilliant and bustling Moto Perpetuo for sopranino.

PJT 121 Memento, Mary Magdalene, Op. 84 by Richard Stoker for recorder & string quartet, £7.50
A sustained and elegiac meditation on the biblical story of Mary Magdalene, inspired by the composer's experience of taking part as an actor in the filming of "The Da Vinci Code", in the magical setting of Rosslyn Chapel in the Scottish Pentland Hills. The deeply-felt music is strongly tonal, and marked religioso throughout.

PJT 122 Elegiac Quintet by Robert Crawford for recorder (A, S & T or flute - 1 player) & string quartet , £14.50
This substantial work was composed in memory of Robin Orr, the composer's father-in-law. The middle movement is a haunting elegy, but Robin Orr's well-known wit and sense of fun are beautifully captured in the sparkling (if wistful) finale.

PJT 123 The Firs, The Firs by Stephen Hough for two equal recorders (tenor or treble), £4.50
A short and haunting lyrical duet for two equal recorders (tenors or trebles) by one of the world's most famous pianists, whose compositions are now becoming widely performed.

PJT 124 Rosy Apple : Three Children's Songs arr. Raymond Warren for soprano voice with recorder (or flute) and piano, £6.50
Fresh and new-minted settings of three well-known children's songs, which will raise a smile from any audience. They are not at all difficult to perform.

PJT 125 Flights of Fancy by David Beck for descant and treble recorder (one player) and harpsichord, £7.50
Three delightful portraits of winged creatures - a jolly baroque woodpecker, a fantastical butterfly, and an angry but determined (fluttertonguing!) bluebottle. These pieces are rhythmically tricky, but most rewarding to play.

PJT 126 A Gallery of Cats: concertino for recorder & piano by Philip Spratley for descant, treble & tenor recorder (one player), & piano, £9.25
Inspired by the antics of a succession of family cats! Has been recorded by John Turner with the Manchester Chamber Ensemble, on the Toccata label. For the version with string orchestra, please apply to the publishers.

PJT 127 Hymn to Apollo at Delphi by Richard Steinitz for Countertenor, 1 So & S & A & T& B, & hpscd, £10.50

PJT 128 Concerto Chacony by Stephen Dodgson for 1 A & string orchestra, £6.00

PJT 128a Concerto Chacony by Stephen Dodgson for 1 A & pno, £1.50

PJT 129 Three Two-Part Inventions by Robert Crawford for tenor, treble & soprano recorder (one player) & viola, £4.50

PJT 130 Alan Gibbs - Fire of Pale Desire for high voice, treble recorder & pno, £10.50

PJT 131 Venus to the Muses by Stephen Dodgson for soprano voice, treble recorder, bassoon & harpsichord, £8.50

PJT132 At the Grave of John O'Brien by Robin Walker for two treble recorders and guitar, £8.50

PJT 133 Three Two-Part Inventions by Robert Crawford for tenor, treble & descant recorder (one player) and clarinet in Bflat, £5.00

PJT 134 Dunedin Pictures by John Drummond for soprano voice, descant recorder & piano, £7.50

PJT 135 Little Suite by Thomas Muir for treble recorder & pno, £5.50

PJT 136 Divertimento by Christopher Wright for treble recorder & pno, £7.50

PJT 137 Four French Folksongs arr. Nicholas Marshall for medium voice or countertenor, recorder, cello & hpschd/pno, £7.50
1. Rossignolet du Bois; 2. Sarabande; 3. Hans de Schnockeloch; 4. Berceuse.

PJT 138 Lines from In Memoriam by Alan Brown for countertenor or contralto, tenor recorder, cello & harpsichord, £8.50

PJT 139 Robin Walker - At the Grave of John O’Brien for treble recorder & guitar, £6.75

PJT 141 A Memory by Gordon Grosse for oboe and bass recorder, £4.25
This tiny piece attempts to capture the memory of an exceptionally happy afternoon during the Edinburgh Festival in 1978, when the composer went for a walk with Lady Barbirolli and Janet Craxton who discussed his previous work Ariadne written for Sarah Francis.

PJT 142 Sasha Johnson Manning - The Merry Cuckoo for countertenor, treble recorder, harpsichord & cello, £7.50

PJT 143 Introduction and Allegro by Michael Nuttall for treble recorder/flute & piano, £5.50

PJT 144 A Bran Tub by David Dubery for descant recorder and piano, £6.75
1. Spick and Span; 2. Valse du jour; 3. Counting Song; 4. Tune for Linda; 5. Idyll; 6. Bran Tub Rag; 7. Merry-Go-Round; 8. Racing Blue

PJT 145 Two Songs to Poems by William Alwyn for soprano voice and bass recorder, £6.00
1. Lament of the Tall Tree; 2. Wood Magic

PJT 146 Impromptus on Old Scottish Songs by Karel Janovicky for treble recorder and harpsichord, £7.75
Taken from a mid-19th century book of Scottish songs, selecting those that are faithful to the ancient Scottish traditions of Scottish ballads, elegies and dances: reels and strathspeys.

PJT 147 Tinker Tailor Song Cycle by Terence Greaves for soprano, treble, sopranino, tenor and descant recorder (1 player) and guitar, £6.00 score, £12.00 complete (3 scores), extra scores £3.00 each
A song cycle to words by the poet Jacqueline Froom, based on the well-known counting rhyme

PJT 148 Four Miniatures by Philip Cowlin for treble and sopranino recorder (1 player) & piano, £6.50

PJT 149 Peter Hope - Two Pastoral Songs for soprano voc and treble recorder or oboe, £5.00
The first song is a setting of Thomas Hardy's "Weathers"; the second of Sir Philip Sidney's "The Bargain". Peter Hope's music is extensively reviewed by John Turner in the Winter issue of "The Recorder Magazine".

PJT 150 Christopher Wright - Sonata for treble recorder & pno, £11.50
A substantial addition to the sparse repertoire of recorder sonatas, this exciting and rhythmically testing work, with its haunting Cantilena and jazzy finale, will appeal to advanced players.

PJT 151 Dick Blackford - Concerto for treble recorder & string quartet, £18.50 complete

PJT 152 Dick Blackford - Concerto for treble recorder & pno reduction, £9.75

PJT 153 David Dubery - Harlequinade for treble and descant recorder (one player) & gtr/pno, £10.50
A suite of subtle and colourful portraits of characters from the Italian commedia dell'arte - the lecherous and scheming Pantalone (who is given an elaborate and courtly Minuet), the flighty Colombina (her intrigues and her heart-on-sleeve romances) and the clowning and insolant Arlecchino (who has a high-spirited and very agile moto perpetuo, with an inebriated hiccuping interlude).

PJT 154 Robert Simpson - Variations and Fugue (in memoriam Horace Dann) for treble & sopranino recorder (1 player) + string quartet, £18.00

PJT 155 William Eden - Scenes from Nature for sop voc, treble recorder & harpsichord, £10.50

PJT 156 Philip Cowlin - Concertino for treble & sopranino recorder (1 player) + pno, £9.50

PJT 157 Philip Cowlin - Concertino for treble & sopranino recorder (1 player) + string quartet, £18.00 PJT 158 Andrew Mayes - Sonatina for treble recorder & harpsichord, £5.50
Composed in 2009 and first performed by John Turner and Ian Thompson at St Bartholomew's Church, Wilmslow in May 2010.

PJT 159 Sonatina by Elizabeth Cooper, for descant or tenor recorder & piano, £5.50
1. Capriccioso; 2. Siciliana; 3. Rondo. Originally written for her own enjoyment but subsequently performed by Carl Dolmetsch and Joseph Saxby.

PJT 160 Dances on My Grave by Beth Wiseman for recorder (T,A,So,B) and string quartet, £25.00
This piece was composed for John Turner and the Camerata Quartet in 2000 in response to a period of serious illness. "A series of little movements reflects a curiosity about the idea of becoming non-corporeal. Angels, ghosts, minor devils and birds are each engaged in a brief conversation on the subject." "Both the harsh and the soft, the bold and the gentle dance in reconciliation." Beth Wiseman died aged 55 in 2007. The piece is included on the CD "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird" by John Turner and the Camerata Quartet.

PJT 161 Three Complaints by Nicholas Marshall, for soprano voice, solo treble & pno, £5.50

PJT 162 The Falling of the Leaves by Nicholas Marshall for High voc, A/flute, cello, harpsichord, £9.75
A song-cycle to words by WB Yeats.

PJT 163 Quartet No 1 by Karel Janovicky for SATB, £11.50
"This engaging work fully exploits the technical brilliance and youthful élan of the players" [i Flautisti].] - Gregory Terian

PJT 164 Suite for four recorders or pipes  by William Lloyd Webber for SATB, £7.25
William Lloyd Webber, father of Julian and Andrew, wrote this Suite originally for Pipes. It fits perfectly on recorders and is accessible to players of intermediate level. It comprises Prelude, Fugue, Air and Jig. 

PJT 165  Sonata for Treble recorder and piano by Derek Bourgeois, £7.50
The movements are "Prelude, Sicilienne and Ecossaise " This sonata is technically demanding ( for both performers) but full of beguiling tunes, and ending with an inebriated Scottish romp.  A substantial and very welcome addition to the recorder repertoire.

PJT 166 Elegy for Robin by Robert Crawford for tenor recorder & organ, £5.00

PJT 167  Raymond Dodd  Three Dances and an Air for four recorders SATB, £9.50
A very welcome addition to the contemporary quartet repertoire. Four delightful and melodious pieces, of only moderate difficulty  
PJT 168 Dick Blackford - Sonata alla Danza for recorder (treble/bass/descant/sopranino) & piano, £7.50
Movements: Alla Bourèe, Alla Sarabande, Alla Jig. The composer uses the style of the Baroque name sakes in this accessible and enjoyable piece.  Both the Recorder and Keyboard player have plenty to work at but they are not too difficult. The bass section is also shown for treble recorder, if that is preferred.  

PJT 169 Nicholas Scott-Burt - Rosewood Sonata for treble recorder and piano, £12.00
Premiered by Caroline Jones in 2007. “The musical language is essentially Romantic, with elements of jazz hinted at, both in the harmony and in the rhythm. Time changes and complicated cross-rhythms abound, but despite the complexities, a gentle pastoral expressiveness is always to the fore.” Be prepared for a challenge!

PJT 170 Anthony Halstead - Three Shakespeare Songs (Sop voc, 1 A & pno), £7.00
"Where the Bee Sucks" for recorder and soprano; "Tell Me, Where is Fancy Bred?" for soprano and piano; "If We Shadows Have Offended" for recorder, soprano and piano. Three highly characterful songs with lots of variety.

PJT 171 Robert Still - Scherzo and Canzona (recorder, horn in F and pno), £6.50
Two pieces for the unusual combination of recorder, horn and piano, which would form an ideal foil to the well known Telemann Concerto for recorder, horn and continuo.  A sparkling scherzo, showing off the characteristics of both solo instruments, is followed by a wistful and gentle Canzona.

PJT 173 Bridget Fry - Birds: 3 Songs for soprano and recorder or flute, £5.50
Three delightful songs depicting nightingales, doves and robins. The accompaniment is equally suited to recorder or flute.

PJT 174 Gwilym Beechey- Airs and Dances for recorder quartet, S.A.T.B.,  £6.50
A delightful suite of six easy pieces for four solo players or a group, paying deft homage to seventeenth-century styles.

PJT 175 William Eden - Pieces for Munrow and Hogwood for recorder, harpsichord and cello, £12.00
A suite of eight virtuosic pieces, with a linking and varied ritornello, written for and performed by David Munrow and Christopher Hogwood in their student days. The pieces express the ebullience of both original performers and David Munrow's growing interest in medieval music. The exciting finale is a swirling estampie accompanied by rhythmic drumming on the cello.

PJT 176 Burlesca by Stuart Scott for two treble recorders - AA,  £4.50
Written in 2001, this is a challenging but exciting dialogue in a single movement for two advanced players

PJT 177 Canonic Proverbs by Alan Bullard for soprano or tenor voice & B,T,A,S recorders (one player), £4.50

PJT 178 Richard Whalley - Kokopelli, for descant and prepared piano, £5.50
Composed in celebration of John Turner’s 70th birthday. Kokopelli is a fertility deity, venerated by some Native American cultures in the south western USA. He is said to carry unborn children to women on his distinctive humped back, and also, through his music, to chase away winter and bring about spring.

PJT 179 Intermezzo for Recorder and Piano by Stuart Scott - 1 A, £5.50
Stuart Scott studied composition with Lennox Berkeley and at the age of 21 was awarded a prize at the Stroud Festival International Composers Competition. Other works of his in John Turner’s series are Rondo Lirico for treble recorder and piano and Burlesca, for two treble recorders. Intermezzo is about grade 7 or 8, very accessible, full of contrast and excitement for recorder and accompaniment.

PJT 180 Nothing is Enough by Alan Gibbs for solo treble recorder, £4.00
Written for John Turner for his 70th birthday. A short and fairly challenging piece which was inspired by a poem by Lancastrian Laurence Binyon which is to be read aloud before performance.

PJT 181 Rondo Lirico by Stuart Scott for treble recorder and piano, £5.00
A short and lyrical concert piece, of only moderate difficulty, written in memory of the composer’s friend and colleague Thomas Pitfield.

PJT 182 Cornish Carol Suite by Inglis Gundry for SAT, £8.00
There are 5 movements based on Cornish carol tunes. A very welcome addition to the Christmas repertoire. They stand as interesting little pieces in their own right, despite the Christmas theme, and could be played at any time.

PJT 183 Regumar by Stephen Dodgson for recorder, guitar and marimba, £9.50
A remarkable and beguiling work, exploiting the tone colours and characters of the individual instruments. He uses the bass recorder for the scherzo.

PJT 184 An Interrupted Waltz by Robin Stevens for descant recorder & piano, £4.50
A gracious and beguiling waltz in ternary form, with a spikier central section. The work requires a fairly assured technique, and needs subtle interplay between the two performers.

PJT 185 Quintet for treble recorder and string quartet by William Lewarne Harris, £12.50.
A colourful and alluring quintet in five short movements by a Cornish composer, a Bard of the Gorseth, with allusions to Celtic mythology, Breton folk music and James Joyce!

PJT 187 Us Two by George Herbert for treble recorder & harpsichord, £4.50
A delightful short set of variations, inspired by the well-known A. A. Milne poem. "Us Two" are of course Christopher Robin and Pooh. George is 14 and studying at Chethams.

PJT 188 Forlana by Philip Wood for descant recorder & harpsichord, £4.50
A graceful and tuneful, yet exuberant dance of only moderate difficulty for both players.

PJT 189 Suite Ecossaise by Robin Stevens for descant recorder & piano or guitar, £7.50
A cornucopia of catchy tunes in the Scottish idiom. guaranteed to bring the house down and of only moderate difficulty.

PJT 190 Harlequinade: Suite for five recorders by Raymond Warren, SATTB £11.00
Harlequinade takes the form of a short dramatic sequence with dances for traditional characters from the Comedia del arte - perhaps for a puppet theatre. Characters appearing in this suite are Pierrot, Harlequin and Columbine,and Pantaloon.

PJT 191 A Most Eloquent Music - from the incidental music to "Hamlet" by Alan Rawsthorne, for two recorders and harpsichord or lute.  £4.75
This short piece was intended for on-stage performance in Act 3 Scene 2 " Re-enter players with recorders"

PJT 192 Petite Suite by John Turner, & R Stevens for 1 A/So & keyboard, £6.50
Written for John Turner, this small suite consists of six short pieces with a combined length of five minutes. The first four pieces are mere Bagatelles, each sketching a mood. The fifth, the longest and most serious, depicts a solemn public ceremony. The final piece is chirpy and spirited.

PJT 193 Interrupted Melody and Breathless Scherzo by John Turner & R Keeley, for solo A and S, £5.00
Two short but fairly demanding solo pieces. Interrupted Melody is for treble and juxtaposes a gentle yet teasing melody with muscular rhythmic interruptions. Breathless Scherzo (for descant) employs flutter-tonguing as the hectic sprint gradually winds down to a calm but exhausted ending.

PJT 194 Gary Higginson - Cornucopia - five pieces for two recorders using des-bass, £5.50
Five diverse and entertaining pieces for two recorders of various sizes.

PJT 195 William Marshall - Little Passacaglia for 1 A & pno £6.00
An intricate and moving tribute to the late John McCabe, using material from one of the composer's early piano works. This rewarding piece is by a young multi-award-winning composer who currently teaches at Wells Cathedral School.

PJT 196 Roy Heaton Smith - Three Bagatelles for recorder, clarinet and viola £7.00
Probably written to play with friends by the composer, himself a clarinettist. The short and bubbling Scherzo is following by a graceful and stately Dance, and the final movement, Capriccio, has knockabout humour and catchy tunes.

PJT 197 Charles Paterson - Concertino - full score and set of parts for descant recorder & string orchestra £10.50
PJT 198  Charles Paterson - Concertino for descant recorder with piano accompaniment £5.50
A real earworm! This delightfully tuned and moderately easy concerto for descant recorder, in three short movements, is suitable for players of Grade 5 standard. It is playable either with piano accompaniment or with string orchestra.

PJT 199 Christopher Cotton - Overture for St Paul's for recorder/flute, oboe and keyboard, £6.00
A most interesting piece of majestic proportions and changing moods.

PJT 200 Nicholas Marshall - The Birds for High voice, recorder & piano, £10.50
The seven pieces are inspired by the poems of famous poets: 1. Proud Songsters - Thomas Hardy; 2. The Birds - Hilaire Belloc; 3. Leda and the Swan - W B Yeats; 4.Boys Then and Now - Thomas Hardy; 5. Snow - Edward Thomas; 6.The Owl - Tennyson; 7. The Swan - James Reeves. The recorder, as might be expected, often takes on the role of the bird

PJT 201 Elizabeth Poston - Concertino da Camera on a theme of Martin Peerson, for 1 A, oboe or oboe d'amore, viola da gamba and harpsichord, £10.50
A wonderful work by the composer of the well-known carol "Jesus Christ the Apple Tree", who loved both the recorder and early music. The work is in a tuneful neo-Baroque style, and the composer herself thought it one of her very best works.

PJT 202 George Odam - Sonata Ecologica for recorder & piano, £6.50
A concern for the natural world and its ongoing destruction by man inspires this haunting work. The first movement, a prayerful and mystical introduction leading to an athletic leaping dance, is succeeded by a gentle lament for the leafy trees. The virtuosic finale, in which descant and sopranino recorders take over from treble, is a hectic and primitive-sounding dance for birds, in irregular and teasing rhythms.

PJT 203 David Benger - A Bowland Fancy for 1 A & pno £4.50
A gentle evocation for treble recorder and piano of the beautiful Trough of Bowland area in North Lancashire. The music is pastoral and melodic in style, and about Grade 6 standard.

PJT 204 Suite by John Locke for flute and tenor recorder, £6.00

PJT 205 Four Pieces for Four Recorders by John Locke, for 4 SATB, £11.00
Invention, Mainly Phrygian, Fitful March, Travel by Ricercar. Suitable for advanced players and moderate players who enjoy a challenge.

PJT 206 Variations on an American Ditty by John Locke for 4 SATB, £8.00
This piece is on the harder side of moderate but well worth working at. All parts are interesting and make up an enjoyable and well-written addition to the quartet repertoire.

PJT 207 Three Cornish Scenes by William Learne Harris for 1 S,A,T & pno, £7.50
This piece uses S, A and T recorders. 1. The Passing of the Great Bird (A); 2. Madonna of Morgan Woods - Passacaglia (T); 3. Choral Prelude on 'Great Soul' (S). Each of these pieces tells a story (found in the preface to the music). Three quite short evocative pieces to be enjoyed by good to advanced players, written by a co-founder of the Cornish Music Guild.

PJT 208 Picnic by Michael Baron, for 2 S&A & pno £6.00
This piece, marked Allegretto scherzoso, is a one-movement, energetic piece, with plenty of banter between the recorder and the piano: very much an equal partnership. It is half for descant and half for treble.

PJT 209 Her Rapture by Robin Walker for solo descant, £5.00
This significant piece, dedicated to Dorothy Pilling, is a very welcome addition to the solo descant repertoire. There are plenty of indications of mood, style and tempo throughout.

New series from John Turner: A Recorder Miscellany

PRM 001 Nightingale Rondo by John Parry (Bard Allaw) for descant recorder (originally octave flageolet) & pno, £7.50
An entertaining account of the provenance of this nineteenth-century concert piece appeared in the Spring 2005 edition of Recorder Magazine

PRM 002 Elgar Tunes arranged for treble recorder & piano by Ian Parrott, £5.50 (previously PJT 060)

PRM 003 The Merry Flageolet by John Barnet for soprano, descant recorder (octave flageolet) and piano, £4.50

PRM 004 Duet by Imogen Holst for 2 treble recorders, £4.50

PRM 005 Charles Proctor - Winter Gavotte & Carol, and March Hares (Giddy Spring Waltz) for treble recorder and keyboard
Charles Proctor (1906-1996) was a prolific composer and influential teacher, lecturer, writer, examiner and adjudicator, working for Trinity College of Music.

PRM 006 John Turner: Rain Song for descant recorder and piano, £5.00
From the editor and mastermind of this series and the Contemporary Recorder Series and dedicated to Ruth Burbidge, an expressive and beautiful recorder melody above a piano part evocative of falling rain.

PRM 007 Owen Swindale: Johnson's Ground for descant and treble recorders and keyboard, £4.50
Owen Swindale studied composition with Hans Gal at Edinburgh University, taught theory for 15 years at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and published the standard textbook on Palestrina counterpoint, "Polyphonic Composition" (OUP) in 1962. He later became a gold- and silversmith in Malvern, and now lives on Årran with his family. This piece was written as a birthday present for his friends Sir Ronald and Elizabeth Johnson.

PRM 008 Robin Milford: Suite in D for SATB, £8.75
Originally written for bamboo pipes, this piece consists of seven movements, of which the first two and last two are performed attacca. Movement 5 takes the form of a recitativo for the descant player. Milford studied composition under Holst and Vaughan Williams.

PRM 009 Greensleeves Fantasy by Anthony St Pierre for treble recorder & piano or harpsichord, £5.00
Early sources for Greensleeves present it in both the melodic minor and the Dorian mode. The present fantasy was composed for Scott Paterson in 2006 and is based on the latter. The Romanesca ground supports the tune once for the verse and then for the refrain: thus the fantasy comprises variations within variations.

PRM 010  Rain Dance by John Turner for descant recorder and piano, £5.00
A companion piece to the delightful Rain Song. It is very fast - full of energy, cross rhythms and interplay between solo and accompaniment.

PRM 011 Sir John Stevenson & George Nicks: Two Flageolet Songs for Soprano, descant recorder (Flageolet)  and piano, £7.00
Another discovery of flageolet music suitable for the descant recorder, by two composers well known in their day but long forgotten. The simple tunes are beguiling, and both imitate birdsong.

PRM 012 Romance by Douglas Steele for descant recorder or flute & piano, and Womack Waltz by John Turner, for descant recorder or oboeoe & pno, £5.00
Two very simple and tuneful tunes for the beginner and intermediate student respectively. The Romance can also be played on the flute, and Womack Waltz on the oboe.

Drawing by Dorothy Bradford of John Turner playing Alun Hoddinott's "Lizard" at the Bridgewater Hall.

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