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12 Studies Treble Solo PCB 0001 £6.95

"... these studies are not just another set of exercises, but are melodious and user friendly and interspersed with a good crop of helpful instructions. You will enjoy playing these studies, and if you follow the author's injunctions, they will do your technique a power of good."

Pan Overheard Treble Recorder PCB 0002 £2.50

Pan Overheard Descant or Tenor PCB 0003 £2.50

" ... this happy evocative piece." "Pan shows off with plenty of pentatonic roulades."

Pagan Piper Tenor or Treble PCB 0004 £2.50

A haunting impressionistic piece, evoking the great god Pan and inspired by Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poem "A Musical Instrument".


Devienne Duos For 2 wind instruments. PCB 0005 £6.95

Each duo is in two movements (originally for two flutes) arranged for Treble and Tenor or Treble Recorder and Flute or Oboe: very melodious and rewarding to play (about Grade 5-6)

Locatelli Sonata in G Descant & Treble PCB 0006 £2.95

This charming sonata of medium difficulty was originally thought to be by Telemann

Sonatinas in the Classical Style, No.1 in F for 2 Trebles PCB 0007 £4.00

"The four cheery cheeky movements are easy and of equal interest to each player."

10 Easy Duets Des & Tr or Des & Ten PCB 0008 £4.50

The top line is taken by a descant recorder and the second line can be played either on a treble or tenor recorder, with equal interest in both parts. Composed in a traditional melodic style covering a variety of moods and both useful and entertaining for teachers and pupils alike.

Modal Airs & Dances 2 Treble Recorders PCB 0009 £5.75

"It is lively, tunely, inventive and invasion of the Ionian Dance by 'Sumer is icumen in' brings the group to a heartening conclusion."

Suite in the Baroque Style Des & Tr or Des & Ten PCB 0010 £5.75

"... shows a fertile mind with a strong sense of historical style and an unfailing inventiveness. The seven extensive movements that will give intermediate players plenty of enjoyable activity."

10 New English Country Dances 1-5 2 Trebles PCB 0011 £5.50

10 New English Country Dances 6-10 2 Trebles PCB 0012 £5.50

Duets for two treble recorders written in the English folk tune idiom with interesting parts for both players.

"The 10 Country Dances are packed full of good tunes. These have become some of my top favourite duets in the recorder repertoire." - Gill Foster, Guildford

Haydn Duo Sonata No.1 Descant & Treble PCB 0013 £3.75

Haydn Duo Sonata No.2 Descant & Treble PCB 0014 £3.75

"These charming works provide a most agreeable diversion for recorder-playing pairs ... and give the descant player plenty of exercise ... in all sorts of constantly changing configurations and groupings."

Cimarosa Sonatas Nos.1-4 Descant & Treble PCB 0015 £3.75

Cimarosa Sonatas Nos.5-9 Descant & Treble PCB 0016 £3.75

Cimarosa Sonatas Nos. 10-13 Descant & Treble PCB 0017 £4.25

"Christopher Ball has translated these enchanting works into eminently suitable wind-music shape ... Excellent as teaching material and as spielmusik."


5 Contrasts (SAT) Score PCB 0018 £3.80, Parts Set £6.00

"The opening number, 'Mock Baroque', is a lively ritornello movement with witty rhythmical twists. An expressive 'Carol' leads to a 'Miniature March' that makes engaging play with the bugle call 'Cookhouse'. A sultry, sinuous 'Spanish Nocturne' then introduces the finale, an 'Organ Grinder's Tune', which brings this attractive suite to a breezy conclusion."


Suite: Light and Shade (SATB) Score £4.00; Parts £6.00

"The five movements (Madrigal, Saraband, Nowell, Siciliano and Jig) are all carefully characterised ... great variety of articulation. .. an imaginative and lively Suite with interests in all the parts. Highly recommended!" - Helen Hooker

Sanz Spanish Airs & Dances (SATB ) Score PCB 0020 £3.75 Parts Set PCB 0020P (£1.70 each) £6.80, Complete £10.50

Three lively and rhythmic fast dances and two exceptionally beautiful slow airs make up this suite. The music has earned many admirers again in this century from its use by Rodrigo in his much played and often recorded "Fantasia para un Gentilhombre" for guitar and orchestra.

Country Fairs (SSAT ) Score PCB 0021 £3.50 Parts Set ( £1.70 each) PCB 0021 P £6.80, comp. £10

"These five pieces (Trottin' to the Fair, Scarborough, Brigg & Strawberry Fairs and Come to the Fair) group together excellently and their different moods set each other off perfectly. These pieces are certainly easy on the ear and easy on the players too."

Mozart 5 Country Dances ( SATB ) Score PCB 0022 £1.50, Parts Set PCB 0022P £3.75 - being reset

Humperdinck Hansel & Gretel's Dance (SATB) PCB 0023 Score £1.50 Parts Set PCB 0023P £4.50

"Ten nicely contrasted tuneful pieces in easy keys and straightforward rhythms but with teasing twists now and then to keep you on the watch."

A Purcell Suite (SATB ) Score PCB 0024 £1.80, Parts Set PCB 0024P £4.80 - being reset

"I have always regretted the apparent lack of a good recorder arrangement of 'Fairest Isle': here that want is graciously supplied, along with effective settings of 'Nymphs & Shepherds', 'Hark! The Echoing Air' and 'Man is for the Woman Made'."

The Fairground Organ (SSAT) or (SSTT) Score PCB 0025 £3.50 Parts Set PCB 0025P £7.00

"This immediately attractive suite ... My morning class were captivated ... should be particularly enjoyed by consorts who cannot muster a bass."

"My young consort has enjoyed 'The Fairground Organ' more than anything I can remember." - G. Dinneen, London

Lambranzi Tunes from the Dancing School (SATB) Score PCB 0026 £3.95 Parts (2 double Parts) PCB 0026P £4.50

Lambranzi 2nd Suite (SATB ) Score PCB 0027 £3.50, Parts Set PCB 0027P £4.00

"Sheer quality of the music ..." - S. Wood, Leeds

Divertimento (SATB ) Score PCB 0028 £3.50 Parts Set PCB 0028P £7.00

"This composer can turn a nice tune, spicing his music with frequent sparks of wit. The whole five-movement piece is all most diverting and takes just over ten minutes to perform."


Schein Banchetto Musicale ( SSATB ) Score PCB 0029 £1.95 Parts Set PCB 0029P £2.75 - being reset

Music for a Banquet ( Sopr. SATB ) Score PCB 0030 £3.75 Parts Set PCB 0030P £7.00

"Three movements of this suite were written for a BBC commission, and have received more than a hundred broadcasts ... combination of Elizabethan harmony with modern rhythmic figures. ... Audiences will love this suite, which plays for about eleven minutes."

Recorder & Piano

A Summer Day Treble Recorder & Piano PCB 0031 £3.95

"Originally an orchestral piece commissioned by the BBC, in which version it received over 100 broadcasts. The quiet pastoral tune transcribes perfectly for treble recorder and piano."

Music for a Festival Descant Recorder & Piano PCB 0032 £7.95

"Five nicely contrasted pieces make up this eleven-minute suite. The recorder part lies well and presents lots of tiny performance details for a keen player to relish. The Calypso is one unrelenting frolic."

From the Hebrides Treble Recorder & Piano PCB 0034 £8.75

Spinning Croon; Island Longing; Hebridean Lilt; The Deep Blue Sky; Piper's Skirl - five original tunes composed in the style of Hebridean folk song.

Recorder and String Orchestra

 Concerto Score PCB 0033 £14.50 Parts (ed.) PCB 0033P £3.00

" ... a sheer joy throughout, by turns dreamy and pensive, playful and mildly ironic. Above all it is superbly crafted, as well as being highly attractive and entertaining. You will end up whistling the tunes." - Classical Record Review

" ... well cr