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Published by Peacock Press

Music from Peacock Press

Peacock Early Music Series

Dolmetsch 20th Century Recorder Archive

The Contemporary Recorder Series, ed. John Turner

Contemporary Recorder Series (pdf)

Andrew Robinson Editions

Dolmetsch Library of recorder consort music,
ed. Brian Blood

Christopher Ball Recorder Music Catalogue

York Waits - Early Music edited by James Merryweather

Playford Collection


Recorder music publishers distributed by Recorder MusicMail

Alex Ayre Edition (CRCS)

Arcadian Press (pdf)

BONSORmusic (pdf)

Cheap Trills

Clark Collection (pdf)

Consort Music Inc

Green Man Editions

Jolly Robin

Loux Music Company

May Hill

Oriel Library

Orpheus Music
(list out of date but with descriptions)

Orpheus Music 2020

Polyphonic Publications (pdf)

Provincetown Bookshops Music Editions (pdf)

Recorder Music Direct

Sweet Pipes (pdf)