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The summer issue of Recorder Magazine, with another stunning cover from Lucia Tremonti, ranges from Elizabethan masques to neuro-inclusive teaching, and features Erik Bosgraaf, Jonathan Dove, Sebastian Meyer and Tom Ridout. We hear about MusicBabies and Play Recorder and the free Centrespread is Waltz for Beatrice by Matthew Mackerras.

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Scroll down for new music from Peacock Press, including Eric Haas's highly-praised collections of music from eight centuries for
Descant recorder,

Treble recorder
Bass recorder

Tenor recorder

And now
Alto Recorder Duet Books 1, 2 &3

"It is wonderful to have such a wide-ranging collection, ready on my music stand. Highly recommended and excellent value."

More highlights:

New music from Peacock Press

The Playford Collection - a brand new Peacock series based on folk melodies

Hugh Gorton's series of Celtic Airs and Dances for C instruments. -
1. Reels; 2. Jigs; 3. Hornpipes/Clog Dances;
4. Strathspeys, Highland Airs, Polkas

New pieces from May Hill

New pieces from Edition Tre Fontane

Moira Usher's Introductions to Unbarred and Consort Music from the Court of Maximilian I (PEMS)

Scroll down for additions from Orpheus, AK Music, Soeren Sieg, Loux, Walhall, Bardic & Prima La Musica

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Peacock Press now publish under licence and supply all May Hill titles.
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On Cedric Lee's retirement from publishing, Peacock Press have taken over Green Man Press. Cedric is to continue as the Editor in Chief for the series and should be contacted on editorial matters. Otherwise all enquiries and requests should be directed to Peacock Press.

Peacock Press have acquired the music and assets of Oriel Library. We are honoured to have the opportunity to continue the work of Theo, Cathy and Ian.

Peacock Press have purchased all publishing rights. Ruth is particularly pleased as she has very happy memories of music visits, over many years to Dr Joel Newman in Provincetown on Cape Cod. Click here for a full list in pdf.

All of the pieces published by Alex Ayre have now been typeset and are available under the code CRCS. They are sold as score and parts; extra parts are available on request. They are now listed on the Recordermail website and a list is available here. Congratulations to Moira Usher and her helpers for bringing this mighty undertaking to fruition.

Peacock Press now distribute Recorder Music Direct including Hugh Gorton's Recorder Practice series and a number of classical and light works edited for recorder and piano.

Peacock Press have taken on the distribution of Cheap Trills for England and large parts of the world, printing under licence here in the UK. Music in the Cheap Trills catalogue ranges from Baroque to Modern via folk and Spirituals. The arrangements and editions of Charles Nagel are of the highest quality.


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NEW from Peacock Press:

Octave Flutes in England during the Long Eighteenth Century by Douglas MacMillan, £22 (P-MACMILLAN-OFC)`
Music historian Douglas MacMillan outlines the history of the 'Octave flute' (those whose lowest note lies about an octave above middle C) from the Restoration in 1660 to the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. He covers the flageolet, small recorders, piccolo and fife, and in particular the popular soprano and sopranino recorder.


The Recorder by David Lasocki and Robert Ehrlich
The culmination of David Lasocki's lifelong researches into the history of the instrument and its music, with additional ground-breaking sections by Nikolaj Tarasov and Robert Ehrlich. Covers the period of the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Recorders, making an important distinction between landmarks of instrumental development and the traditional boundaries of musical period. “This is the most in-depth book on the recorder ever written, Highly recommended." - Thiemo Wind
Code: YALE8704
£35 + p&p £4.20 : phone 01422 882751


William Byrd: Consort Music by Anne Martin
A scholarly and detailed book offering great insight into William Byrd's 33 surviving pieces of consort music: a diverse body of work written over a span of about fifty years including five different musical forms. It explores the historical context, manuscript sources, and Byrd’s In Nomines, Fantasias and Pavans from early on to his mature consort works.
Paperback. £27.50 (Code: P-MARTIN)

“.. It is simply everything I wanted of a book about Byrd’s music for viols, being comprehensively informative and insightful as well as pleasantly readable. I am delighted to have it on my shelf beside those other classics of Byrd scholarship by Kerry McCarthy, Oliver Neighbour, Joseph Kerman and John Harley." - Richard Turbet.

Haas collections:

P 707 Soprano Recorder Solo Book - Misc. ed. Eric Haas, 1 S (or 1 T), £20.00
130 pages of music from from 13th to 21st Centuries. Plenty to keep people entertained in the lockdown. Spiral-bound to lie flat on the music stand, strong plastic cover for durability and very clear well-set-out print. Tenor recorder could also be appropriate for many of the pieces. Click here and here for contents.

P 714 Alto Recorder Solo Book - Misc. arr. Eric Haas for solo treble, £20.00
Music from from 13th to 21st Centuries. Spiral-bound to lie flat on the music stand, strong plastic cover for durability and very clear well-set-out print.

P 722 Bass Recorder Solo Book - ed. Eric Haas, £20.00
130 pages of music from from 13th to 21st Centuries. Spiral-bound to lie flat on the music stand, strong plastic cover for durability and very clear well-set-out print. Click here and here for contents.

P 749 Tenor Recorder Solo Book - selected, edited and arranged by Eric Haas, £20.00
Music from from 13th to 21st Centuries. Spiral-bound to lie flat on the music stand, strong plastic cover for durability and very clear well-set-out print. Click here and here for contents. This completes this very comprehensive series for the solo recorder.

Alto Duets

P 688 Alto Recorder Duet Book 1 - Selected. arranged and edited by Eric Haas, £20.00
P 784 Alto Recorder Duet Book 2 - Selected. arranged and edited by Eric Haas, £20.00
Music from the 13th to 21st centuries. 100 pieces in each volume including contemporary works written especially for these books.
P 792 Alto Recorder Duets Book 3 - Selected & edited by Eric Haas, £20.00
Even more duets to keep you happy. Same framework as the other volumes but no overlap of content.

New music from Peacock Press

P 141 Concerto in d min.TWV 52:e1 by Telemann, arr. Joanna Brown for AAATTBGbCb, £15.00

P 828 Exotic Birds by Sue Handscombe for 4 SATB 6.60
Four character pieces dedicated to Ruth and Jerry Burbidge and their peacocks who feature in the first piece: A Pride of Peacocks; The Bird of Paradise Waltz; Owls on the Prowl; Puffin Parade. These pieces are of moderate difficulty but with some tricky bits! The parts are all of interest and the set of pieces will be very enjoyable. 

P 833 Christmas Rhapsodies - Anon arr. Andy Meyers for for treble recorder and piano, £7.50
Three atmospheric and innovative arrangements. Away in a Manger, Silent Night & See amid the Winter Snow.
(Wrongly listed as arr. by Nicholas Wynne previously.)

From Nicholas Wynne
P 830 The Chromatic Recorder, for Soprano and Tenor, £6.00
27 Melodious scale exercises in all keys! They are written as duets but also designed for solo practice. A link to online audio files is included. The pieces are quite short and vary in difficulty.
P 831 The Chromatic Recorder, for Alto and Bass, £6.00
26 melodious scale exercises with links to audio files. Melodies are different from P 830 and vary in difficulty.
P 832 Two Characteristic Pieces for 5 SATBGb, £7.00
Professor Godbole's Flying Machine Takes to the Air and Nandy the Sleepy Cat. Very contrasting pieces full of interest and some tricky passages.
P 839 Three Characteristic Pieces for 6 SoSATBGb, £9.00
Beep Beep, Professor Godbole's Flying Machine, Whirley-Jig. A quirky and tricky set of pieces, very enjoyable.

Bagatelles for Paul by Nicholas Wynne, £7.50 each
P 834 Ten Little Pieces for Guitar and Alto Recorder. This comes with score, recorder part and Guitar Tab.
P 835 For treble recorder and piano. Comes with score and recorder part.
P 836 For piano and bass recorder. Comes with score and recorder part.
P 837 for descant or tenor and piano. Comes with score and recorder part.

P 840 Eight Tuneful Duets by Richard Kershaw for descant or tenor recorders, £5.50 
Eight delightful collection of pieces especially for players of modest ability.

P 841 Quand la Mer Rouge Apparut - through the ages, arr. Helen-Jean Talbott for SATBGbCb, £8.50 
16th century French melody. The arrangement has distinct sections representing how this beautiful tune was used in three different time periods.   

P 842 Monmouth Gathering by John Hawkes for 5 SATTB Opt Gb, Cb, Welsh Harp, £12.00
Written specially for the 2024 SRP Festival. This two-movement piece will please everyone as it is not too difficult for more modest players but satisfying and full of interest for more advanced players. 

P 843 Airs for the Seasons - Autumn  by James Oswald (1710 - 1769) arr. by Sue Handscombe for descant or tenor recorder & piano, £6.50 
The Jasmine, The Ambrosia, The Scabious. 

P 844 Exotic Birds: Suite version by Sue Handscombe for solo descant and piano, £6.50
Four delightful character pieces: Peacocks, Bird of Paradise, Owls and Puffins. 

Click here for full Peacock series

The Playford Collection - a brand new Peacock series based on folk melodies

PCP R1 Dances & Divisions by M Barron, for 1 - 3 various, £10.00
Includes solos, duets and trios with various sizes of instruments.

PCP R2 Bittersweet Songs by M Barron, for 2 SA, £8.50
These 30 much-loved tunes with duet parts will give recorder players the opportunity to explore the expressiveness which can be found in the recorder.

PCP R3 Rainbow Recorders by M Barron, for 3 descants, £8.50
30 trios of traditional dance melodies for 3 equal instruments - either descants or tenors. They are mostly Playford dances.

John Turner's Contemporary Recorder Music series  

PJT 60 Elgar Tunes by Ian Parrott for 1 A & pno, £5.50

PJT 132 At the Grave of John O'Brien by Robin Walker for two treble recorders and guitar, £8.50

PJT 143. Introduction and Allegro by Michael Nuttall for treble recorder or flute & pno, £5.50

PJT 166. Elegy for Robin by Robert Crawford for solo tenor & organ, £5.00

PJT 199 Christopher Cotton - Overture for St Paul's for recorder/flute, oboe and keyboard, £6.00
A most interesting piece of majestic proportions and changing moods.

PJT 200 Nicholas Marshall - The Birds for High voice, recorder & piano, £10.50
The seven pieces are inspired by the poems of famous poets: 1. Proud Songsters - Thomas Hardy; 2. The Birds - Hilaire Belloc; 3. Leda and the Swan - W B Yeats; 4.Boys Then and Now - Thomas Hardy; 5. Snow - Edward Thomas; 6.The Owl - Tennyson; 7. The Swan - James Reeves. The recorder, as might be expected, often takes on the role of the bird.

PJT 201 Elizabeth Poston - Concertino da Camera on a theme of Martin Peerson, for 1 A, oboe or oboe d'amore, viola da gamba and harpsichord, £10.50
A wonderful work by the composer of the well-known carol "Jesus Christ the Apple Tree", who loved both the recorder and early music. The work is in a tuneful neo-Baroque style, and the composer herself thought it one of her very best works.

PJT 202 George Odam - Sonata Ecologica for recorder & piano, £6.50
A concern for the natural world and its ongoing destruction by man inspires this haunting work. The first movement, a prayerful and mystical introduction leading to an athletic leaping dance, is succeeded by a gentle lament for the leafy trees. The virtuosic finale, in which descant and sopranino recorders take over from treble, is a hectic and primitive-sounding dance for birds, in irregular and teasing rhythms.

PJT 206 Variations on an American Ditty by John Locke for 4 SATB, £8.00
This piece is on the harder side of moderate but well worth working at. All parts are interesting and make up an enjoyable and well-written addition to the quartet repertoire.

PJT 207 Three Cornish Scenes by William Learne Harris for 1 S,A,T & pno, £7.50
This piece uses S, A and T recorders. 1. The Passing of the Great Bird (A); 2. Madonna of Morgan Woods - Passacaglia (T); 3. Choral Prelude on 'Great Soul' (S). Each of these pieces tells a story (found in the preface to the music). Three quite short evocative pieces to be enjoyed by good to advanced players, written by a co-founder of the Cornish Music Guild.

PJT 208 Picnic by Michael Baron, for S&A & pno £6.00
This piece, marked Allegretto scherzoso, is a one-movement, energetic piece, with plenty of banter between the recorder and the piano: very much an equal partnership. It is half for descant and half for treble.

PJT 209 Her Rapture by Robin Walker for solo descant, £5.00
This significant piece, dedicated to Dorothy Pilling, is a very welcome addition to the solo descant repertoire. There are plenty of indications of mood, style and tempo throughout.

Click here for full series.

NEW in the York Waits Christmas Collection series:
English Christmas
, PTYW 105, £6.25
For 2-5 voices and instruments. Medieval and Renaissance Christmas music restored and arranged for instruments and voices.

Andrew Robinson Editions

The Solo Recorder, ed. Andrew Robinson
A beautifully produced two-volume set of solo recorder music to enhance the repertoire of any serious recorder player. It is clearly typeset and well laid out on larger than A4 paper, with strong laminated covers, Canadian bound: a spiral to open flat and a spine to stack neatly. The two volumes, each of 112 pages, represent some of the finest Baroque solo works ever written.

Book 1: Telemann Fantasias for flute, Quantz Pieces sans bass; Solo sonatas by J S and C P E Bach, PAR 108, £20
This core repertoire represents the major baroque works for solo flute, transposed for recorder with choices of transposition. Music you come back to again and again.

Book 2: Telemann Fantasias for violin; Marais Couplets de Folies (Les Folies d'Espagne); Six movements from Bach's solo violin partitas; Twenty-nine movements from Bach's cello suites, PAR 109, £20
Telemann's fantasias for violin are much less well known than his flute fantasiass but have music of the same quality and imagination. Marais' Couplets de Folies are full of ideas, adventure and beauty. Bach's cello suites must be the best music of the gentre, often difficult but supremely satisfying. A lifetime's study - in so few pages.

Click here for full series.

Early Music Series from Peacock Press

PEMS 075 Introduction to Unbarred Book 1 by Moira Usher for SATB, £10.50
PEMS 076 Introduction to Unbarred Book 2 by Moira Usher for SATTB, £12.50
Modern notation but no barlines help to bridge the gap between reading the modern notation and facsimile. Phrasing and expression is enhanced using these editions.

PEMS 077 This is the Day which the Lord hath Made by Samuel Howard (?1710 - 1782): Anthem for soprano, alto and bass soloists, chorus and orchestra, edited by Alan Howard, £27.50

PEMS 078 G P Telemann: Nine Sonatas TWV 40: 141-149 edited by Eric Haas for two trebles, £12.00
These are the sonatas rediscovered and sent back to Berlin in 1999 from Kiev where they were kept during World War II. A new edition - if you have not made their acquaintance, you should try them. They are very good.

PEMS 079 Thalia: A Collection of Six Favourite Songs, composed by Boyce, Arne, Smith, Battishill and Barthlemon with words by David Garrick. Edited by Simon Fleming, £13.50
Written for 2 violins, cello and bc.

PEMS 080 Corelli - Concerto Grosso Op 6 No 2 for SATBGb & opt Cb, £9.00
Another lovely Corelli Concerto Grosso. Lots of contrast and interest in all parts. Energetic but not too hard. The contra is optional but very desirable so if you have one in the group it will add richness to the sound.

PEMS 101 Tribus Miraculis by Palestrina arr. Moira Usher for 4 SATB, £7.50
Another beautiful piece in Moira's series of pieces "Introduction to Unbarred" music. Freedom from bar lines gives the natural expressions of the words and music to emerge and is the nearest we get to the original composition without learning a whole new musical notation.

PEMS 102 Vigilate by William Byrd, arr. Terry Smurthwaite for 5 ATTBB, £7.75
"Vigilate" was published in the Cantiones Sacre of 1589 and is a setting of the words in Mark chapter 13, verses 35-37.
"Keep awake, then, for you do not know when the master of the house is coming." It was written in the first half of Byrd's career and is a piece full of madrigal-like text painting.

PEMS 103 Dixit Maria by Hans Leo Hassler edited by Terry Smurthwaite for SATB, £6.50
PEMS 104 Missa: Mille Regretz (Kyrie) by Christobal de Morales for SSATTB, £6.50
PEMS 105 Ultimi miei sospiri by Philippe Verdelot ed. Terry Smurthwaite for SAATBB,  £6.50

Consort Music from the Court of Maximilian I for recorders, viols and other instruments

PEMS 081 Vol. 1, 1-20 for 3, 4 and 5 parts - £20.00
PEMS 082 Vol. 2, 21-40 for 4 and 5 parts - £22.50
PEMS 083 Vol. 3, 41-60 for 3 and 4 parts £22.50
PEMS 084 Vol. 4, 61-86 for 4, 5 and 6 parts £25.00

Edited by viol and recorder player David Hatcher.All four volumes may be purchased for £75.00
Each volume is supplied with a set of parts and extra parts may be purchased separately

This scholarly and beautifully presented music makes a wonderful library of varied secular instrumental music typical of the court of Maximilian and his successor Charles V. Although the manuscript has been available until recently in the Alamire facsimile, errors and anomalies in the part-books mean that a number of the pieces are difficult to perform directly from the original notation. The editor believes that this new edition, published in four volumes, will provide viol and recorder players with a varied collection of secular instrumental music typical of the court of Maximilian and his successor Charles V.

PEMS 085 Introduction to Unbarred - Mass in 3 voices by William Byrd, edited by Moira Usher for ATT, £10.50
This series allows players to read modern notation but, as in the original, to play the music without bar lines. This gives the music its true emphasis and expression. Moira has set the pieces so that everyone starts each line of music at the same time to help rehearsal problems.

PEMS 086 Introduction to Unbarred, Book 3, edited by Moira Usher for ATB, £8.80
A selection of early trios by Agricola, Byrd, Deprez and Brummel.

PEMS 087 Introduction to Unbarred: Fantasia a 6 No.1 by Orlando Gibbons for SSATBB, edited by Moira Usher, £7.00
Playing the piece unbarred gives a new dimension to this intricate music.

PEMS 088 Introduction to Unbarred: Amavi by Michael East for SSATB or AATBGb, edited by Moira Usher, £8.80
A beautiful 5-part Fantasy presented here in two keys for flexibility of orchestration.

PEMS 089 Introduction to Unbarred: Ricercare in C by G.P. da Palestrina, edited by Moira Usher for SATB, £5.00

PEMS 090 Concerto Grosso in F by James Nares edited by Simon Fleming: score and set of parts, £12.00
This piece is for strings. Violin 1 & 2 concertino and cello, violin 1 & 2 Ripieno and BC
The original is bound into volumes primarily containing concertos and overtures by Handel, Geminiani Festing and others.
Some reconstruction  was undertaken by Simon Fleming so that a piece which has lain dormant for so many years is once again available.

PEMS 091 Gems of the Spanish Renaissance arranged for recorder trio by Susan Iadone: for 3 instruments using combinations of SATB. Playing score £5.00. Set of 3 £12.00

PEMS 093 Couranten Lustgartlein Vol. 1, 1-15 by Christian Roth, ed. George Simmons & Philip Neuman for 5 SSATB/Cb £18.00

PEMS 106 Couranten Lustgärtlein Vol. 2 by Christian Roth, ed. George Simmons & Philip Neuman, for 5 SSATB/Cb, £18.00
Buy both Vol. 1, PEMS 093, and Vol. 2 for £30.00!

For complete PEMS list, click here

EBBS Bart Spanhove: Practise practising, £25.00 
Learn to practise efficiently using 30 practice recipes, deliciously seasoned with tips, quotations, tasks and testimonials.

From Richard Siegel

RSC 004 Le Coucou by Louis-Claude Daquin, arr. for treble recorder, bass & harpsichord, £5.50
This is an arrangement of the well-known keyboard piece by Daquin for treble recorder, bass and harpsichord. Although the harpsichord takes the biggest role, the overall effect is charming.
P-RSC 005 Sonata in Bb by Guiseppe Sammartini (figured bass realised by Richard Siegel) for flute, or treble recorder and harpsichord, £7.50
P-RSC 006 Marche des Marsellois et l’Air Ça-Ira by Claude-Bénigne Balbastre, arr. Siegel for recorder, violin & figured bass, £7.50
P-RSC 009 Trio in A minor TWV 42:a1 by G P Telemann arr. Siegel for Recorder, violin & figured bass, £9.00
P-RSC 017a Suite by Henry Purcell, arr. R. Siegel for treble instrument & keyboard, £6.50
P-RSC 023 Eccho Catch by William Herschel, arr. R. Siegel for 2 AA, contrabass & harpsichord, £6.50

Tom Sears Music
These pieces, printed under licence, are sure to be welcomed by small groups and SRP meetings in particular.
All for SATB and £6.50 unless stated otherwise.
TSM 101 Pavane’s Delight
TSM 102 Something’s Calling for ATTB
TSM 103 Serenade for ATTB
TSM 104 Salt and Pepper
TSM 105 Blue Boat Home
TSM 106 Dance of the Forest Sprites
TSM 107 The Wind Stirs for ATTB
TSM 108 Intermezzo
TSM 109 3 Early American Songs for A, Cello and Piano £ 6.50
TSM 110 Honey Bee Jig: Short duet for AT, £5.00

Dolmetsch Library - £7.50 each
PDL 68 Gabrieli - Canzon 5 a 7 for 7 AAATTBGb
PDL 69 Boismortier - Sonata in g min Op.34 No 1 for 4 AA/TTB
PDL 70 Boismortier - Sonata in G maj Op.34 No 2 for 4 ATTB
PDL 71 Boismortier - Sonata in e min Op.34 No 3 for 4 AA/TTGb
PDL 72 Boismortier - Sonata in D maj Op.34 No 4 for 4 ATTB
PDL 73 Boismortier - Sonata in d min Op.34 No 5 for 4 AA/TTGb
PDL 74 Boismortier - Sonata in a min Op.34 No 6 for 4 AA/TGb
PDL 75 Bach - St Anne's Fugue for 5 SATBGb
PDL 76 Lully - Chaconne des Africain for 5 AATBGb

Click here for complete list.

Click here & here for the latest re-set Alex Ayre Editions (CRCS) and here for a complete list

New from Cheap Trills

TR099 Thomas Luis Victoria ed. Charles Nagel: Motets for 4 voices Vol. 1 (ATTB) £7.50

New from May Hill Editions

MHE 10323 The Cranbourne Suite by Steve and Ann Marshall for 6 SATBGbCb, £18.00
Herne the Hunter; Galliard; Windsor Great Park; Legoland. Commissioned by for Cranbourne Arts Week and inspired by Windsor and its near surroundings. Playing time is about ten minutes.

MHE 11023 A Masque for Midsummer by Rosemary Robinson, for 6 SATBGbCb,£15.00
Procession; Divertimento; Barcarolle; Nocturne; Round Dance. Written for Bristol SRP branch, which celebrated its 75th Anniversary in 2023. The total playing time is about eight minutes.

By and arranged by Ann Marshall
MHE 40224 Juan Vasquez - Three Pieces for 4 SATB £8.00
Vasquez, a priest, wrote a great deal of varied and well-written music. These secular villancicos deal with love. c.6 mins.

MHE 40324 Thomas Tallis - Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis for 4 SATB £7.50
From the Short Service in the Dorian mode. Elegant and straightforward. c.5 mins.

MHE 80224 Michael East - Five Fantasies for 4 ATTB £13.00
East’s fantasias for viols are highly regarded. This set comprises Ann’s arrangements for recorder of his 4-part fantasies. c.16 mins.

MHE 80324 Jean Guyot - Three Chansons for 4 ATTB £15.00``
Franco-Flemish composer. The rich arrangements of these three chansons are particularly suited to large forces. c.10 mins in total. Click here for a translation of the words.

MHE 20224 Shifting Sands for 5 SAATB £7.50
A quiet beach in the late afternoon. A rather mysterious beginning changes to an unsettled mood, and then returns to the first mood. c.6 mins.

MHE 10424 John Coprario - Three Fantasias for 6 SSATTB £12.50
These pieces were composed for viols. c.8 mins

MHE 30324 Longhope Suite for 6 AATBGbCb £12.00``
Written for the Rural Recorder Course; a little advanced. The four movements are varied. c.6 mins.

MHE 90324 Josquin des Prez - Three Chansons for 6 SAATTB £6.00
Sample words: 1. You will not have it if I can help it; 2. My only wish is for health and a long life; 3. I have good reason to lament and to abandon all hope and joy. c.5 mins.

MHE 10623 Ann Marshall - Cave of the Black Spring for 7 SATTBGbCb £11.00
Called after a Welsh cave where water passes through black limestone, sometimes slowly, sometimes faster moving. This eight-minute piece is not particularly difficult, but concentration is required because of the length of the piece, and because the speeds change frequently requiring attention to the conductor.

By and arranged by Steve Marshall
MHE 30424 Anon - Welsh Folk Songs Set 1 for 4 SATB £10.00`
Arranged by Holst in 1932 with English translations, and now arranged for recorders. Quite difficult. c.8 mins.

MHE 30224 Giovanni Bononcini - Love leads to battle for 4 ATTB £5.00
A pleasant instrumental piece from one of Bononcini’s 30 operas. c.3 mins.

MHE 60324 Trad. - My Love’s an Arbutus for 5 SATTB £5.50
A touching traditional Irish love song, rearranged for recorders from Stanford’s version. Clever and gorgeous harmonies. An arbutus is a slow-growing strawberry tree. c.3 mins.

MHE 70224 Feline Adventures for 5 SSATB £14.00
Conjures up the behaviours of cats in the evening, with fast music in 5/4, jazz with crotchet triples and brisk dissonances and a bit of staccato. Really quite difficult! c.8 mins.

MHE 10224 Hugh Roberton - All in the April Evening for 6 SATBGbCb £6.00
Scottish composer and leading choral-master Sir Hugh Stevenson was particularly interested in folksong, publishing over 300 of his own works. This is the best known.

MHE 50324 Fred. E Ahlert - Mean to Me for 6 SATBGbCb £8.50
American composer Ahlert’s first hit song was in 1920. This jazzy one from 1929 is one of his best known. c. 3 mins.

MHE 60224 John Dunstable - Quam Pulcra Es for 6 ATBBGbCb £6.00
Dunstable’s sensuous setting of the Song of Songs in three parts, with three lower recorder parts added by Steve.

MHE 90224 Valentin Haussmann - Fuga Prima for 6 SATBGbCb £9.50
This 4-part fugue was written for viols but works well on recorders, especially with the addition of great bass and contrabass (though they can be omitted). Haussman travelled throughout Germany, composing as he went, and was evidently popular. c.5 mins.

MHE 20324 León for 7 TTBBGbGbCb £11.00
Inspired by the city in Spain with its ever-present Spanish music and gradually subsiding heat. An offering to Helen Hooker’s METRO orchestra. c.6 mins.

MHE 20424 John Wilbye - Three Madrigals for 8 SATTBBGbCb £13.00
Wilbye’s sometimes tart approach to love can be heard in his music. c.8 mins

MHE 50224 Thomas Tomkins - Music Divine for SSAATBGbCb £7.00
Steve has added two big bass parts to give a pleasing richness. c.4 mins.

For complete May Hill Editions list, click here and for more recent May Hill music, click here

New from Dolce Edition, edited and arranged by Bernard Thomas

DOL 151 The Renaissance Duet Book for mixed combinations of two recorders, SA, AT, ST, AA, £20.00
Over 20 Renaissance composers.

DOL 153 The Renaissance Trio Book for mixed combinations of three recorders, 3 S/A/T/B various, £20.00

From Dohr Editions

Dohr 26336 Bernard Wayne Sanders - Suite for recorder and organ (1 S & T, organ) £21.95

New from Prima la Musica

By Brian Clark:
La Follia
for 4 SAAA, PLM CLA006, £7.50
Composer's comment: "Works based on a known sequence of chords are a challenge to any composer, but I hope I have at least succeeded in exploring part of La Follia's mad side."

Tango for 4 STTB, PLMBC2103, £6.00
A fun piece very suitable for an encore.

Waltz for Michelene for SATTB, PLM CLA005, £9.00

New from PRB Music

PRBCC036 Suite on Early Carol Tunes by Peter Seibert for SATB, £12.75
PRBCC094 Suite on Piae Cantiones Carol Tunes by Peter Seibert for SATB, £16.80

AK Music, arranged by Annabel Knight

Thomas Arne:
AK-SE10 Under the Greenwood Tree for 4 SATB, £6.80
AK-SE12 When Daisies Pied for 4 SATB, £6.80
George Gershwin
AK-LP03 They all laughed for 3 SS/AT £8.50
AK-SE13 Love is here to stay for 4 SATB £9.20

New from Soren Sieg

Cadiz - Suite for Recorder and piano for 1 A/T & pno, £18.30, code SIEGCAD
5 Movements - The Flight of the Seagull, The Wind from the Sea, Alone on the Shore, The Mermaid's Bath, Carnaval of Cadiz
Ukuvalelisa: Ten Miniatures for Recorder Solo, £13.80, code SIEGUKU
An Alto and a Tenor version is included.
Uxolo for 8 players, SoSATTBGbCb, £23.40, code SIEGUXO

Suite Siciliano
for Recorder, cello and piano (using alto and tenor recorder) £19.50 - code SIEGSS
Score & 3 parts. 1. Dance with Lumière 2. Silver Linings 3. Running through the fields
The Dervish and the Devil for alto & tenor recorder and percussion, £19.50 - code SIEGDD
A fast-paced concert piece, with the irrepressible energy of the dervish dance. The meter constantly shortens from 4/4 to 6/8, 5/8 up to 2/4, so the piece races towards its climax. Passages in which a solo recorder is accompanied by a cajon alternate with passages in which both play the recorder and stamp their feet.Written for Tom and Jori for their new duo.

Karungi - 10 Easier Pieces for solo tenor or descant recorder and keyboard, £23.00 - code SIEG-KARUNGI
A cross-section of his work - 1. Karungi 2. Kinyongo 3. Kuagana 4. Die Begrüßung in Djaboué 5. Das Tal von Djaboué 6. Valse Triste 7. Siko siyo mbali 8. Sula inyembezi 9. The Invitation 10. Starry Sky

African Suite No. 15 by Soren Sieg for SATB, £18.00 - code SIEGAS15

New from Nimbus

NMP 1023 Concerto Incantato by Richard Harvey for one player (modern or baroque sopranino, soprano, alto and tenor recorder) & piano, £8.70

DVD from Zen-on
ZD985253 Sound & Soul: The Recorder Collection of Frans Bruggen - DVD, £49.99
The sound and image of 17 historical masterpieces by 17th-18th recorder makers captured on film. Kees Boeke & Walter van Hauwe perform preludes by Jacques Hotteterre le Romain. A film by Daniel Bruggen

New from Greenblatt & Seay

GS 11 Klezmer Fiddle Tunes for Two Alto Recorders, £14.75
Contains 33 tunes and some programme notes.

Bardic Edition

Alan Gibbs:
BDE 207 Harlequinade for 3 SSS (or more), £11.95
BDE 519 Pipes for 3 SSS (or more), £11.95`
BDE 817 Blithe Spirit for solo treble & pno, £6.95

Thomas Pitfield
BDE 768 Tunes from Down Under for 4 SSAA, £10.95
BDE 915 Rondo alla tarantella for treble, sopranino & pno, £6.95
BDE 1216 Lyric Waltz for soprano or tenor & pno, £5.95

BDE 974 Notturni by Eric Hudes for 1 A & gtr, £12.95
BDE 1217 5 Descant Duets by Christopher Headington, £5.95
BDE 1158 A Wee Holiday Suite by Ronald Stevenson for solo descant & pno, £5.95

BDE 208 Glimpses of a Garden by Malcolm Hawkins for solo treble or flute & piano, £16.50
BDE 649 Tiger-Tiger by P A Grainger for 5 SSSAT, £5.95
BDE 1215 Beata Viscera arr. Grainger for 3 descant recorders, £3.95

New from Moeck
EM 3359 Sortie by L J Alfred Lefebure-Wely, arr Beutler for SoSATTBBGbCb, £26.00
EM 3360 Passacaglia BWV 582 by J S Bach, arr. Sylvia C Rosin for SATTBGbSb, £27.00
EM 1145 Sonata Settima by J Rosenmuller, ed. Gundlach for 4 AATB & bc, £18.50
EM 2131 Quartettsatze nach Stucken by Joseph Haydn, arr Autenrieth for 4 SATB, £13.20

ZFS 845/6 Zwei Vokalisen On Preludes by J S Bach, arr. Martin Nitz for 1 A & hpschd/pno, £6.00
ZFS 849/50 Drei Stücke by Andreas Schmidt for 1 S & pno, £8.00

New from Saraband, Australia

SAR 70 Duets for Bass Recorders Vol. 2 £16.00
Music of Lassus, Gibbons, Thomas Morley and Anon. Six Fantasias and three Ricercari.

New from Arcadian, arr. Stan Davis, £6.95

AP 232 Taking a Chance on Love - Duke, Latouche & Fetter - SATB
AP 233 Forty-Second Street - Warren & Dubin - AATB
AP 234 Blues in the Night - Arlen & Mercer - ATTB
AP 235 Chattanooga Choochoo - Harry Warren - AATB
AP 236 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - Raye & Prince - ATTB

New from Athem Music
AM 1137 The Elf Lord’s Lament by Elizabeth King for 6 TTBGBCBSGtB, 12.00
AM 1139 A Prayer to St Cecilia by Elizabeth King for 4 SATB, £8.00 

New from Dovehouse, Canada

BCMS 3 - Charles Dollé - Six Sonatas Op 1 Nos 5 & 6 for 2 trebles & bc, £20.00
Early intermediate.

BCMS 21 Marin Marais, ed. Beecher, cont. realisation Mageau - La Sonnerie de Sainte-Genevieve du Mont de Paris for treble recorder, bass viol/cello & bc £14.40

BCMS 22 G P Telemann,ed. Kinney & Beecher - Sonata a 3 for treble recorder, viola da gamba & bc £20.80

New from Loux.

LMP 132 Canonesque for Two C Recorders by James Oppenheimer, £6.80
A lively piece in the style of a jig.

LMP 195 A Night in Barcelona by Joseph Loux for recorder quintet, SAATB, £12.00
A leisurely Tango to blow away the epidemic blues.

LMP 201 Ferrabosco II - Pavan for 5 SATTB, £6.00

LMP 222 Godfrey Finger - Divisions on Two Grounds for Treble recorder and continuo, £8.50
The continuo is given the Ground with suggested chords. The player can elaborate at will. There are two copies the melody with the ground so that the accompanist can follow what the  soloist is doing.

LMP 223 St Paul's Steeple from The Division Flute part 1 (1706): anonymous variations upon a ground for 1 A & continuo, £7.90
The continuo is given the Ground with suggested chords. The player can elaborate at will. There are two copies the melody with the ground so that the accompanist can follow what the soloist is doing.

LMP 79 Encino, Paix, Corteccia arr. Loux - Three Hits of the Renaissance for 4 SATB & percussion, £6.50

LMP 228 The Accelerator by Joseph Loux for 5 recorders, SAATB, £11.50.
This is an encore piece; as the tempo revs up, it is bright, cheerful and fast.

LCC33 What Strangers are These? for SoSATB or Voice + pno/organ, £12.50
Old Irish song of the Nativity.

LMP 217 'Sonata in Little G for ABC' by Glen Shannon for SATB & bc, £28.00
The ABC referred to is the dedication 'for the Adirondack Baroque Consort on the occasion of their 55th Anniversary'. This four movement, substantial work is a Baroque-inspired piece, though not entirely free of 20th century influence in both rhythm and harmony. "Little g" refers to to its key, that of g minor.

Joseph A Loux Jr:
LMP 165 Sir Roger de Coverley Suite (score & parts) for 5 SAA(T)TB, £21.00
LMP 227 Tango Tambien (score & parts) for 5 SATTB & opt percussion, £15.00
LMP 229 De Gospel Train for 4 SATB & opt. whistle, £11.95

LMP 196 Sacred Song Sampler by William Billings, (1746-1800) for SATB, £11.00

Recorder Music Direct

Hugh Gorton's Recorder Practice Books

RMD 556 Waltz No.2 from Jazz Suite No.2 by Shostakovich, S/AAATB, £8.00
RMD 502 Elizabethan Serenade by Ronald Binge for SAATB, £8.00
RMD 115 Sicilienne from Peleas and Melisande by Gabrel Faure for S + piano, £6.00
RMD 413 Stabat Mater Dolorosa by Giovanni Pergolesi for SATB, £5.00
RMD 559 When the Red, Red Robin by Harry Woods for SAATB, & optional piano, £8.00
Hugh Gorton has tried to bring out the big band element of close harmony, 4-note chords and jazzy rhythms

RMD 617 J S Bach - Motet no. 1 Singet Dem Herrn ein Neues Lied for SATB/SATB, £10

RMD 621 J S Bach arr. Hugh Gorton - Motet no 7 "Ich Lasse dich nicht, du segnest mich denn" (Motet of doubtful authenticity) for two choir SATB/SATB, £10.00
RMD 622 J S Bach arr. Hugh Gorton - Motet no. 8  "Jauchzet dem Herrn, alle Welt" (Motet of doubtful authenticity) for two choir SATB/SATB, £10.00
RMD 623 J S Bach arr. Hugh Gorton - Motet no. 9 "O Jesu Christ, Mein's Lebens Licht" for 10 players SATB/SA/SATB, £10.00

RMD 417 J S Bach arr. Hugh Gorton - Motet no. 10 "Sei Lob und Preis mit Ehren" for SATB, £10.00

RMD 418 Johann Ernst Bach arr. Hugh Gorton - Motet 11 "Unser Wandel ist im Himmel" for SATB, £10.00

RMD 508 Nun Danket alle Gott by Johann Christoph Altnickol for SSATB, £10.00
The composer was a close colleague and family friend of J S Bach. This Allegro and Chorale have interesting parts and are of moderate difficulty.

RMD 129 Six Treble Solos - Misc. arr. Hugh Gorton for 1 A & pno £7.00

RMD 406 Favourite Ayres & Dances from the 16th Century for SATB various, arr. Hugh Gorton, £9.00
Arranged for SATB - instrumentation varies between descant and bass. Pieces of approx. Grade 1 to 4 level. A really good introduction to playing Renaissance consort music.

Celtic Dances for all C instruments: Trad. arr. Hugh Gorton
for solo descant or tenor recorder, garklein, oboe, violin or C clarinet

RMD 028 Celtic Dances for all C instruments, Book 1: Reels: Over 300 Scotch and Irish reels. Click here for sample titles. (£15.00)

RMD 029 Celtic Dances for all C instruments, Book 2: Jigs (£18.00)

RMD 030 Celtic Airs and Dances for all C instruments, Book 3: Hornpipes, Clog Dances, etc. Click here for sample titles. (£15.00)

RMD 031 Celtic Dances for all C instruments, Book 4: Strathspeys, Highland Airs, Polkas, etc. (£18.00)

For the complete RMD series click here.

From Ut Orpheus

HS 302 Danseries: Progressive Anthology of Dances from the French Renaissance, Vol. 1, ed. Nicola Sansome for 1 S (opt. A/T) & keyboard, £25.50
HS 303 Danseries: Progressive Anthology of Dances from the French Renaissance, Vol. 2, ed. Nicola Sansome for 1 S (opt. A/T) & keyboard, £25.50

From Girolamo
"Bingham Reloaded"
Franz Muller-Busch presents the results of three years' work on George Bingham's Airs Anglois, produced 1702-1705.
G 12045 English Airs Vol. 1 for 1 A (1-20), 2 AA (21-30) & 1 A & bc (31-50), £17.00
G 12046 English Airs Vol. 2 for 1 A & bc (2 AA - 41 & 42), £19.80
G 12047 English Airs Vol. 3 for 1 A & bc , £17.00
G 12048 English Airs Vol. 4 for 1 A & bc, £17.00

G 12.037 Rainer Lischka: In a Good Mood for two trebles, £13.50
G 12.038 Rainer Lischka: The Pleasure of Dancing for three recorders (various), £14.40
G 21.007 Rainer Lischka - In a Groovy Mood for 1 S & pno, £16.00

G12.040 Giuseppe Sammartini - Noch 3 Sonaten (Ms. Parma 2, 6, 14) for 1 A & b. c., ed. Laura Dalla Libera, bc realization Yo Hirano.
Three more sonatas for recorder from the Parma manuscript. The Sonata Parma no. 2 in F Major is one of its few four-movement sonatas. £24.50

Tommaso Albinoni - 12 Sonatas for AAT, bass recorder ad lib. & b. c., ed. Peter Thalheimer.
Sonatas 1-4: G12.039, £28.00
Sonatas 5-8: G12.043, £28.00
Albinoni's 12 sonatas or balletti for two violins, viola and b. c. were composed before 1728. By 1740 they had been adapted by an unknown arranger for three recorders and bass instrument by transposing them upwards, some by a minor third, some by a fourth. This edition adds the original basso continuo part with the original figures, which offers several and colourful combination of instruments for performance.

G12.041 Gioachino Rossini - Opera Melodies, arr. for 2 flageolets (SS) by C. Eugene Roy, ed. Franz Muller-Busch. £17.50
Rossini's melodies from The Barber of Seville, Othello, The Thieving Magpie, etc.: great Italian opera worth discovering: here in arrangements for two flageolets published in Paris ca. 1819.

New from Montem

By Andrew Challinger:
MON 165 Three Autumn Pieces by Andrew Challinger for SA, £6.00
MON 166 J S Bach - Eight Canons from Goldberg Variations arr. Challinger for 3 SAT, £7.20
MON 167 Three Winter Pieces by Andrew Challinger for AB, £6.00

From Orpheus, Australia
Two new pieces from Lance Eccles:
OMP 322 Five Psalms from the Genevan Psalter of 1565 arranged for for 4 ATTB, £13.50
Psalms 7, 10, 25, 27, and 33.
OMP 341 Across the Sky for 4 SATB, £13.50
1. Flock of Pigeons; 2. In a Balloon; 3. Flying Foxes

And number of pieces from the 2021 Orpheus Music Composition Competition:
OMP 323 Balkan Sketches by Zachariah Jones for 6 SAATBGb, £17.50
Inspired by the rhythmic virtuosity and modal harmony of traditional Balkan music. Three contrasting sections reappear in a pseudo-circular structure, all sharing and developing the same melodic material – based on the idea of folk musicians improvising around the same theme.
OMP 324 Shepherd’s Song by Matthew Minter for 6 SSAABGb, £17.00
A Renaissance-inspired polyphony in a slow tempo establishes a peaceful pastoral scene; then a lively allegro section with Baroque style motor rhythms becomes increasingly exciting until a more contemporary style emerges. The vibrant and energetic rhythms and the interplay between the players are both features of the work.
OMP 325 Sinfonia by Connor Pendlebury for 6 SSATBGB, £19.00
"A short satirical parody of baroque music. ... My primary goal was to see how much counterpoint could I conceivably squeeze into five minutes of music. I managed to put quite a lot in there! ... hopefully something juicy for performers to get their musical teeth stuck into ... Enjoy!"
OMP 326 Child’s Play by Andrew Ball for 6 descants, £18.75
Inspired by the imaginative nature of young children at play. Simple minimalistic patterns develop in each movement of this suite of short vignettes. The work explores relatively unconventional techniques of layering and sequencing in the orchestration of six equal and similar instruments.
OMP 327 Concertante by Andrei Hadap for 6 SSATBGb, £18.00
Revives the musical language of the past in a modern context. The work combines many genres from the common practice period such as the concertante, overture, gigue and the learned style.
OMP 328 Kabul by Fran Griffin for So/B S/T S/Gb AAT, £16.00
What maniacal misinterpretation of religious texts can be used to justify violence, killing and outright cruelty to innocent citizens, and to glorify those who inflict it, as the Taliban has done? Honours those who have had to flee Afghanistan, and those who have been unable to do so.
OMP 329 Three Vignettes by Richard Percival, Richard for So/BS/TATTB, £24.00
1. Celebration [energetic and diverse]; 2. Lament [Celtic influences, lower recorders]; 3. Frolic [short, energetic, agile]. The three short pieces that make up this suite are designed to provide an enjoyable challenge for the ensemble and an equally enjoyable experience for the listener. They can be performed as a suite or as individual pieces.
OMP 340 Beyond Motion Lies The Moment by Ade Vincent, for 6 S/AAA/TTTB/Cb, £22.00
Much is revealed when we slow down. The four movements reflect the work’s title: 1. Beyond; 2. Motion; 3. Lies; 4. The Moment. They are playable either as a continuous piece of music, without breaks, or as a four-movement work with breaks. 2 and 4 in particular can be performed in isolation.

From Flautando

Fulvio Caldini:
FEA107 Steinbock Fantasien, Op. 116/A for 1 S/T £8.50
FEA208 Sonatina for 1 S/T & pno, £12.00
FEA069 16 Letters for 4 SATB £23.50
FEA037 Due Canoni, op. 42/4 for SSA £3.80
FEB043 Tenebrae Factae sunt Op.98B for 6 SATTBB £11.50

FEA084 Autumn Leaves by Umberto Bombardelli, for 2-3 SS/S, £6.00
FEA178 Auf, Seele, Gott zu loben by Johann Steuerlein, for 2 SA, oboe/T & bc, £10.00

FEM032 Water Music Suite No 2, HWV 349 by G F Handel, arr. Gesell for SSATBSb/Gb, £17.50
FEM008 Anitra’s Dance from Peer Gynt Suite 1, op 46 by Edvard Grieg, arr Gesell for SSAATTBBBSb/Gb, £16.00
FEM090 Arabesque 2 by Claude Debussy, arr Klaus Miehling for 4 SATB, £10.90
FEM305 Polish Christmas Carols 1 - Trad. arr Wilbert for 4 SATB, £10.00
FEM344 Variations on “Amarilli mia bella” by Giulio Caccini op. 143/1 by Klaus Miehling, for 2-4 recorders, AT, ATB, SATB, £18.00
FEM047 Irmtraud Geywitz-Zauberwald: Für Kinderensembles for 3-4 SSA SSSA SAT, £13.80

FEA028 Michael Tonsor, arr. Wehlte - Four sacred Songs for 5 TTBGbCb or SSATB, £19.80
FEM227 Johann Joseph Fux, arr. Wehlte - 6 Fugues from Gradus ad Parnassum for 3 SAT or TBGb £12.80

FEM240 W A Mozart, arr. Wehlte - Andante KV 616 for 4 AATB £14.80
The original of this arrangement was composed for "mechanisches Pfeifenwerk" in the year of Mozart's death.

FEM248 Giacomo Puccini arr. Wehlte - Crisantemi for 5 ATBBCb £13.80
"The Chrysanthemums", an elegiac piece composed in one night to lament the sudden death of Puccini's friend, Amadeo di Savoia, Duke of Aosta. 
FEM343 G F Handel, arr Gesell - Water Music Suite No. 1 HWV 348 for 5 TTBGbCb or SSATB £19.80

From Instant Harmony

IH 26 - 49 Preludes, Fantaisies, and Caprices for solo treble, collected by Charles Babel, ed. David Lasocki, £21.00
Never published before, not even in the Baroque period! An excellent and fun collection of Baroque pieces: fine practice material, also useful as models for writing or improvising your own preludes, fantaisies, and caprices. The manuscript is preserved in the British Library in London.

Not Just the Alto by David Lasocki, £18.50 (NJAL)
Sizes and Types of Recorder in the Baroque and Classical Periods. A new view of recorder history, recognising that between 1600 and 1800 many sizes of recorder were employed in a rich and broad repertoire of instrumental and vocal music.

From Edition Tre Fontane

ETF 3051 Kopf-Stucke by Agnes Dorwath for headjoint of S, A or T £11.50
New playing techniques on headjoints.

ETF 3138 Klabautermann by Irmhild Beutler for SSAATTBBGbSb, £24.00
Comes with a CD of parts. A Klabautermann is a mythical ship’s goblin who brings protection and good luck.

ETF 3148 I fiori avvelenati (Die schönen Blumen) op. 163 by Fulvio Caldini for 1 T/A & pno, £17.00
Existing compositions rearranged for different instrumentations. The pieces are named after poisonous plants. 1. Daphne Cneorum; 2. Colchicum Autuunale; 3. Conitum Napellum; 4. Datura Stramonium (Alto); 5. Anemone Coronaria (Alt).

ETF 3149 Klezmer Sonatina by Bobby Rootveld for 2 SA & harp/pno/accordion, £17.00
1. Chutzpah Freilach, based upon an old Jewish klezmer theme. Played with confidence! 2. Eishes Chayil, a special tribute to the Jewish woman. 3. New fast klezmer melody. Feel free to add your own dynamics and there is space for improvisation, both recorders taking turns to improvise while the other plays the steady accompaniment.

ETF 3153 Points de Mire (Focal points) by Jean Boisvert for 4 SATGb, £17.00
3 pieces: Point d'equilibre, Point de Vue, Point de non Retour.

ETF 3154 Episoden by René Kuwan for 1 B, £11.00
Based on the Japanese concept of kigo, words associated with different seasons, the piece moves through the entire year, beginning and ending again in winter.

ETF 3157 5 Register by Norbert Laufer for solo player on T S So A B, £15.00
Referring to members of the recorder family: one instrument is used in each of the five movements: I. tenor recorder, II. sopranino, III. alto, IV. soprano and V. bass recorder. In the fifth movement, the alto and soprano recorders are added again. At the end they are played simultaneously. In the course of the piece, noisy elements and humming are used, mostly as a transition between the movements. About 13 minutes.

ETF 3159 Rituals by Matthias Heep for solo player on B T A So S Gb, £16.50
Inspired by the eight Orixá sculptures in the lake in in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. This was the centre of the slave trade, and Orixás are all-pervading gods of nature in Afro-Brazilian religions.

ETF 3165 Concerto No. 6 in D Major by Francesco Mancini, arr Kinga Lutvai for 4 AATB £23.00
From a Neapolitan collection of 1725, containing 24 compositions by various composers. The movements are Amoroso, Allegro, Largo, Allegro.

ETF 2189 Musica liquida by Victor Fortin, for 5 SAATB, £14.65

ETF 3149 Klezmer Sonatina by Bobby Rootveld for 2 SA & harp/pno/accordeon, £17.00

From Jolly Robin

JRMM 001 The Charlton Method: A Manual for the Advenced Recorder Player by Andrew Charlton
This amazing book has been reprinted. 180 pages of information and music. The Contents listing takes up two whole pages! Andrew covers every aspect of technique and provides a wealth of music to put those techniques into practice. There are studies and duos from J S Bach, Characteristic Etudes - 22 extended pieces for various recorders and 15 duos by composers from over three centuries.

This volume is very good value for money at £26.00

New from Peters

Light Dance by Jonathan Dove for SnoSAATBGbCb
P 72408 score, £4.95
P 72408 set of parts, £14.95
The piece was commissioned by the SRP to celebrate the Society's 75th birthday.

New from Con Moto

CMT7706 Theo and Edward Richens: Recorder Rocks for solo descant and piano, £9.95
Fun pieces for the intermediate player.

New from Schott

ED 23043 Easy Concert Pieces 1: 30 pieces from 5 centuries, with CD, for 1 S & pno, Misc/ ed. Kretschmann, £14.99
30 easy pieces by composers from Renaissance to the present day. The pieces are short and range from bottom c to e an octave and 2 above using b flat and f sharp. Some have a smaller range. The CD provides a version with recorder and accompaniment and also the accompaniment on its own.

ED 23044 Easy Concert Pieces 2, with CD, for 1 S & pno, Misc/ ed. Kretschmann, £15.99
24 pieces from five centuries with slightly extended range and more complex rhythms and melodic expression. There are some quite challenging pieces such as the Greensleeves Variations. The CD provides a version with recorder and accompaniment and also the accompaniment on its own.

ED 23162 Easy Concert Pieces 3, with CD, for 1 S & pno, Misc/ ed. Kretschmann, £15.99
21 pieces from five centuries using the full range of notes and longer pieces allowing for more detailed musical phrasing and scope for interpretation and expression. The CD provides a version with recorder and accompaniment and also the accompaniment on its own.

ED 23243 New Klezmer Tunes by Joachim Johow, for 1 A & pno, £16.99
16 pieces for treble recorder and piano. Audio files are downloadable.

SE 1056 Susato Tilman, arr. Dieterich & Hintermeier - 12 Easy Dances (Schott student edition) for 1 S & pno, £10.99
12 easy dances from Danserye, all within the range d' to e" with semitones f sharp' and b flat'

ED 22946 Renaissance Recorder Anthology No. 4 with CD ed Bennetts & Bowman for 1 A & pno, £16.99
The fourth and final volume with standard Renaissance works and lesser-known ones. Intermediate to advanced level.

New from Edition Walhall
EW 1170 ?J S Bach - Sonata in A minor BWV 1020 for 2 AA, £14.90
EW 1168 Johann Gottlieb Janitsch - Trio in C major for solo treble, violin/oboe & bc, £16.50
EW 1020 Rainer Lischka - Tanzteufel (Dance Devil) for solo descant & pno, £14.90
EW 1143 G P da Palestrina - Zwei Diminutionen fur Sopran & Bass for solo descant & organ/harpsichord, £13.40
EW 1134 Marco Uccellini - Aria sopra La Bergamasca for solo descant & organ/harpsichord, £12.80
EW 1019 J S Bach - Exercitium BWV 598 for solo treble, £10.00
EW 1015 Johann Ernst Galliard - How sweet the warbling linnet sings for Mezzosoprano voice, solo descant recorder, Violin, Viola, Bc, £17.80
EW 1053 Flauto e Voce 14 - Misc. arr. Thalheimer for Sop or tenor voc, 2-3 recorders, bc, £22.35
EW 1204 J B de Boismortier Sonate in Bb major (AAA & bc) £14.90
EW 1258 Flauto e Voce 21 - Misc. arr Hofmann & Thalheimer for sop or tenor voc, 2-3 recorders, bc, £25.00
EW 1253 Concerto in A minor 1 by G P Telemann, ed. Klaus Hofmann for A/oboe, violin & bc, £18.00
EW 1256 Pastorale und Rondeau by Giovanni Battista Martini, ed Hofmann for 2 AA & bc, £12.20
EW 1259 Zwei Sonaten by Giovanni Battista Martini, ed Hofmann for 2 AA & bc 12.00

EW 1264 G P Telemann arr. Hofman - Concerto G-Dur TWV43:G6 for 1 A, oboe, violin & bc, £17.80
It may be helpful to imagine that the programme of the whole is the emulation of a “conversation galante et amusante” between three people.

New from Universal

UE 31482 Ensemble Dreiklang Berlin Recorder - Trios a la Carte: Irish Tunes for 3 SAB, £13.50

UE38077 Misc. arr. Beutler and Rosin : Lieblingsduette for SA or ST, £15.99
UE38101 Misc. arr. Beutler and Rosin : Lieblingsduette for TB or SB, £15.99
Duets from the 16th to 19th centuries.

UE 38022 World Music: Celtic arr Martin Tourish for solo S, A or T with piano, £14.85
A collection from the Celtic tradition. The accompanying CD includes traditional Celtic instrument sounds.

Fantasias by John Coprario (1575 - 1626) for Viols adapted for Recorders

ECR 01 Six Two Part Fantasias, £7.50
This edition is an arrangement for recorders of Coprario's six part fantasias that he may have composed for his tuition of William Lawes. Four have been arranged for either descant & treble or tenor and bass and two are for treble and tenor. Two playing scores + bass clef part are included.

ECR 02 Five Four Part Fantasias, £8.50
Arranged for SATB Coprario was employed by the courts of James I and Charles I and had the reputation of being one of the leading instrumental composers. His works enjoyed considerable popularity in the early to mid-17th century.

ECR 03 Five Consort Songs by William Byrd, £9.50
William Byrd composed over 100 consort songs, both sacred and secular. Although viols would have been a common choice for the instrumental accompaniment, recorders are also well suited. The five songs in this edition have been taken from a manuscript in the British Library and have been selected so that the top line can either be sung or played on a descant recorder:
My mistress had a little dog; O Lord, how vain; In angel's weed; Out of the orient crystal skies; Ye Sacred Muses

ECR 04 Six Three Part Fantasias, £9.50
A lovely clear edition of these wonderful pieces. All the parts you need in the appropriate clefs to play these fantasias on S.A.B or T.B.Gb (Gb in treble and bass clef)

About Fretwork Editions

This purpose of this series is to make available to recorder players some of the finest English consort music of the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Fretwork Editions has been publishing large bodies of this repertoire for viol players in authoritative editions since 1990, and now has a substantial catalogue of music by the greatest composers of the period: Byrd, Dowland, Coprario, Gibbons, Lupo, Jenkins and William Lawes. In our new series of recorder consort music we aim to select pieces from several of our published collections, having regard to range and key, and produce new editions suited to recorder consort with appropriate clefs and, where necessary, alternative parts for high and low consort. The first publications in this series are of consort music by John Coprario in 2, 3 and 4 parts, and of consort songs by William Byrd for voice and 4-part consort.

This is all great music, and recorder players deserve to enjoy it as much as viol players, so don't miss out - there is much more where this came from! - William Hunt



Summer 2024, Vol. 44, No. 2


Contents include: 

Erik Bosgraaf & LIFEM

Neuro Inclusive Teaching

Jonathan Dove’s Guilty Secret

Sebastian Meyer

The Queen’s Masque: Metamorphoses of Power


Waltz for Beatrice by Matthew Mackerras

SRP news from the branches

Tom Ridout & UFO

News & reviews

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